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I’ll tell you how I got to the place of including this picture in this post and writing what I’m about to write.  I was first debating about doing a mini-review about one of our favourite places to eat in Saskatoon, Park Cafe.  And then I was going to title the post Park Squared, because after Park Cafe we went to the dog park (as per the last eight days), and so I felt I was on a theme of doing a review of the ‘parks.’  And then I got thinking about how we’ve been going to the dog park so much due to the amazingly spring-like weather this January has been blessed with.  That got me thinking about my moods in spring/summer as opposed to winter (hopeful/motivated as opposed to dreary/dark/depressed).  I then was going through old pictures, to find an appropriate one for this post.  I should mention that because I have been slacking big-time in the photography department, the pictures I use are not always new or relative to what I may have to say.

So moving on.  Thinking about my seasonal moods, I got thinking about my moods throughout the month.  Clearly this in-depth journaling I’ve been doing has been entirely beneficial and helpful to seeing patterns, and one of the neatest things I’ve noticed thus far in my journaling has been that the beginning of my cycle this month was exactly in line with the new moon.  It was only about three to four years ago that I learned about the (average) menstrual cycle being pretty well the same as the lunar cycle and that in certain First Nations cultures, when women are on their Moon Time, they are considered extremely powerful, radiant, and traditionally were housed in separate dwellings when they were menstruating.  I’ve never taken the time to establish how my own cycle is in line with the lunar cycle, or what this means as far as taking on new projects, reflecting, listening closely to my intuition (which I do anyway), or how my energy levels may be affected.

I have noticed this month that I have been increasingly introverted since the new moon/start of my cycle.  I do know there are always certain times during each month where I yearn for more alone time, and sometimes having to talk to people and engage creates a sense of irritability, which in turn sometimes creates guilt.  I’ve been doing some reading lately on the lunar cycle, women’s bodies, the menstrual cycles, how the moon affects our moods.  There’s a lot of contradictory information out there.  For example, one article says that the beginning of the cycle creates a sense of exploration, outgoing, energetic.  Another article says women are more intuitive and reflective during this time.  I haven’t been closely following my own patterns enough to know what is true for me.  I feel excited and anxious, anticipating that this will come provided I stay true to my wishes and continue journaling.  A female author whom I respect, honour and follow biblically states that “The luteal phase, from ovulation until the onset of menstruation, is when women are most in tune with their inner knowing and with what isn’t working in their lives.”  I’m not sure if this is true for me, as I feel I am currently in tune with my inner knowing, but don’t quite feel on top of things enough to be able to pin point exactly what it is/is not working.  I am more in an ‘I am in tune with my feelings therefore I am more apt to acknowledge what annoys/irritates/angers me.’

I suspect that this will be a new reading project of mine, as checking out articles on this subject has brought up tons of book titles that seem like they would be helpful.  It’s confusing because I’m not sure whose perspective is most reputable/believable.  I highly suggest reading Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom and I think I am going to start there as far as recommendations for further reading go.



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Dog Park Picture Praise Post. Not trendy.

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