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I’ve been sort of MIA as of late, well as of the last post really.  There’s three main themes to why I’ve been MIA:

1) I got a Wii for my birthday.

2) Lack of motivation/seasonal-induced blahness.

3) Books/dogs/sleep aka, the other stuff that fills my days.

I’m trying to figure out a solid way to sell some prints, an online order form of sorts as Krista did.  I’m going to consult with her regarding her expert creative sales tactics.  I also work with a very positive, very inspirational young woman who has started to sell her artwork and has obviously had an influence on me doing the same.  I’m wondering about this watermark biz – it looks sort of tacky, gawdy, with (c) tristadawn.wordpress.com sprawled all cross the photos.  I am so non-professional about all this selling stuff but I probably am not totally convincing anyone that investing in some of my prints is a great idea, but I promise to you it is.

It’s all about me learning, and I’ve got to start somewhere.  I’m being honest – I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know a whole lot about business ethics/etiquette, but I’m figuring it out.  I want to spread the love, share the joy, and aside from how I already do that (positive nature, compassion, listening), I want to share it on a more universal level, I want to share a piece of me I’ve never really shared before.  Because I’ve been too scared, too afraid of judgment.

I have this vision when it comes to selling photos, promoting my art.  I feel really weird to say ‘my art’ because it’s more of just, this is what I do, this is how I see the world – which I guess essentially is art.  Though to be completely honest I am not entirely sure what art is.  I’m sure that’s an ongoing dialogue based on who you talk to.

Anyway, I envision vintage wood frames with most of my photos – though a plain thick black frame would do as well.  Perhaps a nice thick mat around the photo, to put an emphasis on framing it.  I picture them in offices – to promote a calm energy, a relaxing work environment.  I imagine having an artist statement that captures me, my work and my reason for doing what I do – art-related or not.  I picture business cards, designed by yours truly.  And obviously as a framework, the grounding for what I do, I picture the camera as my eyes, and a fraction of my heart, my soul, as what the camera, my eyes – produces.
PS: The Wii is awesome.  Boxing gives me a workout, Mario is equally fun and frustrating, and I am done with winter and anxiously awaiting spring-like weather so I can go for romantic warm evening walks with my loves in the form of a) human and b) canine.



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Doin’ my thang. The How to Not be a Sloth Guide.

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