The How to Not be a Sloth Guide.

February 12, 2010 at 7:49 pm 3 comments

Guess what?  I started a new project, it’s called No Longer a Sloth.  What it involves is simple and yet complex.  Simple because the tasks in and of themselves are not out of the ordinary.  Complex because it is a lifestyle change that I have committed myself to a million times before and dropped out of.  Except – and I understand if you don’t believe me – this time, I’m serious.

I have a plan of attack in place, even.  I am not the kind of person to fly by the seat of my pants.  I like to put my whole self heart soul body mind into what I do, and what I do is planned out and rarely spontaneous.  And so of course I need to share my plan with you, so that I can be not only accountable to myself, but accountable to… the Internet?  I guess.

Here it is.  Wait for it…

How to Avoid Shapeshifting into a Sloth

  1. Eat oatmeal, blueberries, vanilla soy milk and cinnamon for breakfast.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables, minimal carbohydrates, lots and lots of fibre, and only eat when hungry and not out of habit (this part is the hardest – I am an emotional/bored eater, fo SHO.)
  3. Go to the gym an hour at least 4 times a week.  Tuesdays are reserved for Aquacise.  The other days – 40 minutes of cardio (switch it up so you don’t get bored) and then weights.
  4. Walk your dog!  If you have one…  And if you don’t, get one.  Or two…
  5. Add some other fun movement stuff to your day – perhaps in the form of Wii Fit hula-hooping?
  6. Treat yourself, because if not, when you finally decide to have The Forbidden, you may binge eat and go into a carb-junk-food induced coma.  You might not but the fact that it’s a possibility is not the coolest thing ever.
  7. Journal what you eat, journal your moods, journal your bedtimes and wake-ups.  You will see patterns and you will be able to recognize a surge of energy within yourself.  You likely will be more efficient in the workplace as well – a bonus to your employer, which makes me think our gym memberships should be subsidized by our workplace… not likely.
  8. Find a gym buddy who is committed and will be a positive influence on your new life.
  9. Pick a time and day, and weigh yourself once a week at that time and day.  If you do it more than that, you may get discouraged and sabotage your efforts.
  10. Think of alternatives to “junk” food – being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and bland.

Alright.  I sound like a damn diet blog.  That’s not what I’m going for, I promise, but I need to share my successes and tips and I need to talk about it because it’s a huge part of my life right now.  I have been weighing myself every Thursday night when I get home, before supper.  This week boasted a very exciting -2.6 loss.  This is something I want badly.  I am tired of telling myself why I can’t go to the gym or why I shouldn’t go to the gym.  They are all lame excuses.  I need to shift my thinking and come up with why I should go to the gym and why I have to go to the gym.  The fact is, I’m not healthy, and if I keep going at this rate I will maybe die young and I want to reduce my chances of dying young as much as I can.  I don’t want to get heart disease.  I don’t want to get diabetes.  I don’t want to laze around while my children (and dogs!) run around.  I want to be able to keep up with my life, with my family, and with everyone around me.  I want to feel energetic and have a clear head.  I want to be able to walk into any store and be able to squeeze myself into any piece of clothing.   I am trying hard to set these habits for myself and so I have to do it right immediately or else it will not fly and I will be back to where I used to be – lying on the couch with a place of nachos.



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  • 1. Mom  |  February 12, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    You can do this,our family can and is doing this . We need and want to be healthy we all have too much too live for , I am excited for 2010 as this will be the best year ever and I for one have been waiting a long time for this and am going to have one helluva party when I reach my goal ! Nothing tastes as good as how being healthy feels !

  • 2. Elizabeth  |  February 14, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    “Nothing tastes as good as how being healthy feels !” – I like that ‘Mom’ =)

    It sounds like you’ve got a great plan here, Trista, and definitely working to make it a fun process is the way to go. It’ll get easier as it becomes more of a pattern and also with spring just around the corner, it will be so much easier to get outside and go hiking with Miss Lily and that sort of thing.

    I feel inspired by this as my goal for this year was/is to be healthier and possibly try to lose some weight as well. You know, I didn’t do any sort of dieting other than cut out eating chocolate (a major downfall of mine) for about 2 weeks and I lost a few pounds just from that (at least that’s what I think it was because I wasn’t doing anything else differently). Which totally motivated me and then I went to the grocery store and bought more chocolate. Oops.

    It’s so easy to get into bad patterns BUT once you’re in a good one, I would think it’s easy to stick with. All this to say I wish you luck and I know you can do this, and thanks for the motivation to get back on track with my own desire to be as healthy as possible!


  • 3. tristadawn  |  February 22, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Mom: it’s a lot easier than I thought. I feel much better with exercise/eating well. I am not as bloated or gassy or just bogged down as before, I feel lighter, ‘cleaner’ if that makes sense. I’m sure you know how it feels – we ‘ve had this chat before, it truly is a great feeling!

    Elizabeth: bad patterns are the worst. way easier to get in them then out. it’s good to establish a clear routine and NOT sway from it EVER at least for the first few weeks when you’re still in “habit-setting” mode. I am so pumped for summer this year and I plan to spend the majority of it outside with my loves. going to be a good one and yes….. 2010 is THE year!


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