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A HUGE thank you to Krista @ oceanaria for helping me out with setting up my webpage for selling my photographs and inspiring me to do so. Go check out her amazing prints that she has up for sale! A HUGE thank you as well to Megan @ customacrylics for being a fabulous office buddy and friend and giving me that extra dose of motivation needed to just do it.

So with that being said – please go check out what I’ve put together – if you have questions about anything let me know via e-mail or Facebook or here or whatever is most convenient.  Also – if you want to order a print and it doesn’t need to be shipped, the cost is $15.   And I cannot let it go unnoticed that my partner in life and crime (Kyle, of course) and all things in between has been the solid foundation for me through this and everything.  He even helped me to set up Simpleviewer because my anxiety made it difficult – or should I say lack of patience combined with the most moody time of the month for me made it difficult.

Tell your friends, tell your pets.  This is a new endeavour for me, one that I feel somewhat shy and extremely modest in.  It’s an adventure and I feel excited at starting something new, a new challenge, a new project.  I am all about projects lately and can you tell it’s almost spring?  I am gaining a bit more of my drive back.  Finally.  I was beginning to wonder.




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