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Bun in the oven.  With child.  Expecting.  Knocked up.  Preggo.  Whatever you want to call it, we’re there, at that new, exciting stage in life.  First the goods that everyone asks when they find out – due date, do you know what you’re having, how are you feeling.
The official due date is November 16, 2010.  A pretty swell time to have a baby if I do say so myself.  Many folk have informed me that having babies in November = awesomeness (year-round = awesomeness too but you know what I mean!)  Reason being, you’re not super pregnant in the hottest summer months, for the freezing cold months you’re inside with your baby getting used to all the new parental ways of life, and then when it’s nice out, you’re bustin’ out the house ready to take new fun adventures with the new little babe.   I’m kind of pumped, okay – really freakin’ pumped and you best believe I’ve already had images of myself pushing my little Kiwi around in her or his SUPER nice stroller, with Lily prancin’ along beside us, the sun beating down on us just nice enough to kiss us.

We don’t know what we’re having because it’s too early to find out, and we aren’t going to be finding out anyways.  How many more surprises (like, SURPRISE (!!) surprises) do we have left in our lives?  Not a whole shwack load, really.  I want to go through labour and delivery and then hear “IT’S A …..!”   I’m glad Kyle and I are both on the same page in this regard.  Makes it easier.  I can guarantee if he found out and I didn’t, I likely wouldn’t be able to resist forcing it out of him.

As for how I’ve been feeling, (NOTE: If you had a terrible, vomit-filled pregnancy, you may want to avert your eyes) aside from a tad bit of moodiness (nothing extreme… yet) and some nausea in the beginning, that moreso hit me in the evening when I was going to bed, I’ve been feeling great.  I feel lively and I never really hit the I’M SO TIRED I AM GOING TO LIE DOWN RIGHT HERE IN THE ROAD AND NAP feeling.  Which is crazy.   I just assume that along with pregnancy comes all the symptoms, but I barely had any.  I went through, and am still overcoming, some food issues.  In the early weeks I could not even fathom eating chicken.  Yuck yuck yuck.  I had chicken two times this week, woop!  All I really wanted was red meat, fruit and carbs.  Which is funny, because prior to getting pregnant, those are the main foods I avoided.  Well fruit not so much, but I was kind of on a, detox-my-body-from-sugar-and-carbs kick.   That leads me to the title of this post and the reference to our baby as Kiwi.  My first real, and I guess only, craving has been fruit.  I had a dream about fruit salad and within two days I had gone out and spent $50 on fruit to make delicious fruit salads.  Jenna helped me to decide that the baby’s nickname should be fruit related, and I thought that Kiwi is too precious to pass up.

The other thing I wanted to say (wow, can we say pregnancy blog?  just you wait…) is that I have been having consistent memorable dreams every single night.  Granted, I don’t remember them now and usually after a few minutes the memory is gone, but I wake up with VERY vivid details of what I went through during my REM sleep.  Last night I can remember because it terrified me.  I was trapped in an office with a youth who was threatening to throw a table at me and another person, and trying to kick us, and hitting my stomach.  I remember putting my knees up and my arms around my belly, trying to protect my baby.  Other dreams I’ve had since being pregnant are that I drank.  Most of them were that I did a shot with some people and then immediately regretted it.  TOTALLY bizarre as the thought of drinking would not even cross my mind.

So, I’m going to back up for y’all who are confused.  I know, I too thought we were going to wait 4-5 years to start having children.  However, when your IUD expells itself and does not alert you that it is no longer an effective method of pregnancy protection, you do not have much control in the matter.  I had a copper IUD for about two years, and in the beginning I regularly checked for the strings to make sure it was in place.  And it was.   Since I’ve always had normal paps, I was advised that I really only had to go every two years, so I never had my IUD checked while it was in, as I never had any problems with it, or so I thought.  Fast forward to the last week in February 2010.  I was spotting a bit and since I am pretty on my game when it comes to knowing my body, I knew something wasn’t right.  Something told me to check my IUD strings, and when I checked them, I could feel the plastic part of the IUD.  It creeped me out and and I made Kyle google it.  When the spotting didn’t let up after a day or two I was concerned, especially after the whole IUD debaucle.  I immediately made an appointment to get a pap/have my IUD checked, which happened 10 days after that.  When I went for my pap, she was quick to tell me that my IUD was falling out, and I was quick to have a mini freak attack because I think at that point I knew I was in the processing of cooking up a very cute little bun.  But I denied it to myself, because why would that happen to me, I’ve always been obsessively careful!  She took the IUD all the way out, did a pregnancy test, which was extremely nerve-wracking, and then it came up negative.  I knew I wasn’t entirely clear because I wasn’t due for my period until a couple days after that.  All weekend I waited, and any trace of blood (which was still spotting) I tried to convince myself it was It.  It wasn’t.  And it never came.  And when I was four days late, we bought a pregnancy test and lo and behold, two bright lines!  I cried, I smiled, I hugged Kyle.

It’s been an adventure and I still cannot believe I am carrying a baby the size of a peanut inside of my uterus, that I am nurturing it and providing it with what it needs until it’s ready to experience the other side of my world.  I’ve had two appointments with my doctor, who is awesome might I add.  I didn’t have a doctor so I had to scope one out, and I’m glad I found the one I did.  At our last appointment, on Monday morning, I expressed that I was a little concerned about some spotting I was having as I wasn’t sure what was normal.  As I wasn’t to go for an ultrasound for another 7-8 weeks, she said she would try to get me in for an early one just to make sure everything is okay, and ease my mind.  Turns out that somebody must have cancelled, because I got in that afternoon.  And what an experience it was to see our baby, at 12 weeks.  You probably can’t really see in the picture, but you can make out a nose and mouth, and it blows my mind.  Kiwi has a strong heartbeat of 169 bpm, which I’ve had people tell me “Oh it’s a girl for sure.”  Only time will tell.  Don’t try and force me to find out ‘cuz I ain’t convincable!  If you want to guess and take bets I am all for facilitating that little game.

So I guess that’s been the last 2 months.  What a ride, what a crazy, wild world indeed.  We are so so extremely thrilled, stoked, so very excited to meet our little Kiwi in 7 months.  Our families couldn’t be happier and everyone is beyond the moon, including us.  What a wonderful surprise.  And while not planned, Kiwi most DEFINITELY is NOT unwelcome and is ABSOLUTELY VERY anticipated!



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  • 1. auntie Gail or future great aunt!  |  May 5, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    ohhhh i can just see from reading this how excited you both are!!We all share in your excitement too!!You will make wonderful parents!!!and ohhh the days of pushing that babe and walking Lily down the sidewalks are goin to be here before you all know it !!,,it will be xtra awesome to have a baby in our home for the holidays what great timing lol….enjoy your pregnancy,get lots of rest too!!! & have a wonderful time preparing for one of the most memorable times in both your lives …cant wait to pat your belly cuz for me there is nothing better then a big ol preggers tummy ;)take care and hugz to you both!!!!

  • 2. Jen deGroot  |  May 6, 2010 at 9:26 am

    hey trista! congratulations!
    I am so excited for you! We just recently welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world. His name is Oliver. He will be two weeks on Saturday. We have a blog going too. It’s We don’t have facebook anymore, and we thought it would be a good way to let everyone know what’s happening without the cumbersome task of email pictures. Anyway, just thought I would drop you a line to say hi, and I can totally understand your excitement and joy at the prospect of a new little person. And I can tell you first hand that it is so awesome! I love being a mommy.

  • 3. Elizabeth  |  May 6, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    As you know, I am oh so excited for you!!!!! XOXOXO

    And so happy for you that you’re not experiencing the sickness pregnancy brings some, such as myself!! I had a wonderful pregnancy but the sickness and feeling waaaaay tired could have been a little less. So I’m happy you’re breezing through so far, that’s awesome! Enjoy every minute, it’s such an amazing experience.

    I had my first ultrasound around 11-12 weeks too, I’m surprised they were going to wait till 20 weeks to do yours so that’s good you got in. I think it’s best to have one early on just to ease your naturally worrying mind as momma bear protecting your young!

    Andrew’s heart beat was way up there too, in fact I think it was at 169 bpm even just before he was being born. And everyone said THAT MEANS IT’S A GIRL – even my midwife said the ol’ wives tale was a high heart rate means girl. And lo and behold, there was Andy with his bits n’ bobs hangin’ out. LOL =) It’s a wonderful surprise to wait, I’m glad you’re going with the old school way with that one.

    Love love love to you and your fam, and looking forward to lots of updates on you and Kiwi’s progress =)


  • 4. tristadawn  |  May 8, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. It’s neat to be able to share this journey with you all, that’s for sure!

  • 5. tristadawn  |  May 8, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Totally submitted the comment before I was done. awesome points to me!
    Jen, nice to hear from you!! Congratulations on the birth of Oliver – ps I totally love that name. We are thinking of Olive as a possible girl name!
    I will definitely be checking out your blog, I love blog buddies. :)

    Elizabeth, I feel like we’re having a boy and Kyle feels like we’re having a girl. I guess we shall see on/around November 16! I’m glad we’re waiting too, though I think it will be a teensy bit tempting.

  • 6. Karly  |  May 12, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    How exciting!!!! Congrats!!!! I absolutly love this post!!!! I smiled and chuckled to myself, as my husband stared at me with a confused face!!!! We didn’t find out what we were having with Alexa… I just couldn’t be bothered, cuz like you, my theory was if i’m pushing a child out of my yoohoo, i’m getting a surprise out of it!!!! When we got pregnant with Aiden, Karsten really wanted to find out, but again, I was going to birth the child and did not want to know!!!! When it came time for the 5month ultrasound when we could find out I caved and let Karsten find out! I still didn’t want to know, so our deal was he could find out if he didn’t say a word to anyone, or else we would have to have a 3rd and not find out at all!!!!(He really only wants 2!!!) He kept it to himself very well, and when it came time to deliver, he wrote it down on paper(just so I knew he wasn’t pretending the whole time!!!!) Children are the greatest thing in the whole entire world!!!! You will have such a great time from here on in!!!!!! Congrats again!!!!!!

  • 7. Jen deGroot  |  May 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Olive is such a cute name! Reed thought we were having a girl too. We were thinking Audrey if baby was actually a girl. I had this feeling that it was a boy from the moment that test came back positive. I actually won a slave-for-a-day with that bet. I just remembered about that! I am so going to use that one of these days.

    We are back in Yorkton again. But, we have plans to move to Halifax within the next year. Reed wants to go to school there, and I would be just tickled to get out of Saskatchewan once and for all. But, Yorkton is great for right now, as I still own my little house here, and it helps so much with baby expenses to not have to worry about rent.

    I am still so excited for you! I love talking about pregnancy stuff! If you need to know any good creams and stuff for your belly let me know, I have seriously tried them all. Expensive does not mean better with these things I have found.

    Anyway, I’m rambling…hope to hear from you again soon!

  • 8. I am woman. « tristadawn  |  December 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    […] out of my uterus, which resulted in unknown zero protection, which resulted in our beautiful son.  Yup, I was one of those who got preggers while having an IUD in.  So fast forward throughout the pregnancy, and the post-partum period until it became a reality […]


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