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March 6, 2011 at 2:28 am 1 comment

Can we talk about birth control again?  (Since you all threw yourselves at me, full of ideas, last time I brought it up…)  It’s something I don’t really want to talk about or think about, because it makes me a wee bit high anxiety, but obviously I can’t avoid unless I want to be With Child a lot sooner than what our new plan of action is.  And we don’t want that, oh no no.  Cade doesn’t need a little sibling just quite yet.

So basically, I am clueless and have no idea where I want to go with contraception.  I guess, while I beg and plead with you to give me some direction, no one can give me direction but myself.  And Kyle.  I’m still wanting to read about the Fertility Awareness Method – just reminded me to check online and see if the library has it in – they do but it’s out right now.  I think I’ll start there, read the book and see how I feel after that.  I want to trust my body, and I need to trust my body.  It’s been doing it’s thing, I’ve been learning about it, longer than any hormonal method has been learning about my particular body and the workings of it.  Why do I feel so compelled to rely on something external, why do I trust it more?  I guess because it is tangible, whereas my own instincts and trust are not exactly so.  I’ve also recently started to hear and read about the Billings method for natural family planning and avoiding pregnancy.  I don’t know what the differences are between these two methods, but from what I can gather, they’re pretty closely connected, and the basic idea of natural contraception, using your own body as a cue for when you are fertile and infertile, is there.

I know what I want in terms of contraception.  Somewhat.  I want something that is extremely reliable, inexpensive, and harmless.  Obviously each of those terms can mean something completely different to each of us.  I want something I don’t have to feel anxious about, though now that I have given birth, pregnancy is no longer something that is a pipe dream – it CAN happen and it WILL happen.  I don’t want to have to pay much, if anything, just to avoid pregnancy.  I want to either rely on my own body to achieve this, or pay very little for something that will interfere as minimally as possible with my body’s hormonal and chemical make-up.  I’d like to steer clear of synthetic hormones, although my mind has lightly tossed around the idea of the Mirena IUD, which releases hormones.  Part of me did not want another IUD because I feel like I’ve lost trust in it, but another part of me thinks if I’m going to get an IUD, I might as well get the Flexi-T copper IUD (no hormones) since the reason I got it in the first place was that it was hormone-free.

I do not want to go on the pill again, I have pretty much decided at least that much.  I think.  It’s the hormones thing.  I do not want hormones messing with my body’s natural rhythms.  I do not want to risk weight gain or other health consequences – since hypertension is common in my family, I do not want to run the risk of having my blood pressure skyrocket.  I’ve done the pill thing, I’ve bid farewell to the pill thing.  Not my cup o’ tea.

I am totally leaning towards the more natural methods, but I need to absolutely learn more, read more, and research more about how these methods work and how they are going to be effective and work for myself and my family.  Kyle is basically cool with whatever I decide, and while he realizes and understands that it is a family decision, it is ultimately up to what I am going to be comfortable with as it is my body, essentially, that is going to be working through most of these contraception issues, along with his support of course.

Right now, our method of birth control is sleep deprivation and Cade.  I’m cool with that for now, but obviously things in that department are going to resume, at some point or another, likely later rather than sooner.  It buys me time to figure some things out, anyway.  But let’s talk about this!  Tell me about your experiences.  I’d love to especially hear from anyone who uses or has used natural family planning methods to avoid pregnancy.  What were the positives and negatives?  Was it reliable for you?


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Three. 1 year.

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  • 1. Linders  |  March 6, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Hey Trista!
    Long time reader first time poster : P
    I used FAM for 2 years. Even if you don’t choose to go with FAM, read the book. She’s amazing and taught me most of what I know about my body (her and Christiane and Ina.. and of course my body)… The thing with FAM is you’re still going to have to talk about contraception for the days around and when you are ovulating. Abstaining was not an option for me because my sexual peak naturally coincides with ovulation (some women are lucky and feel the complete opposite).
    It is a hassle in the beginning, (temp, cerv check, etc) but even if you just try it out, you’ll love your body so much more (the morning rituals become a time for you and your body to connect).
    I’d lend you my copy but I gave it to a friend who was trying to conceive (she had her baby last July!)…
    So, to recap – FAM is awesome, but you’ll most probably still need to discuss contraception…
    How do you feel about diaghrams?
    VCF? Sheets not foam (VFC is great if your vag isn’t hypersensitive. Loved the idea but at the time it wasn’t really my thing. I might revisit it though)


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