I broke the pact so please forgive.

March 9, 2011 at 5:27 pm Leave a comment

I said I’d blog everyday in March and I meant it.

Yesterday, I broke that promise, tsk tsk.  I meant to, but things got busy and you know how it goes.  Sleep came first. 

I told Kyle that he should do a ‘guest post’ to make up for the lost post, essentially, and he assures me he will.  Watch for it…

Ohhhh yes, happy belated International Women’s Day! (March 8)  I so wanted to post in honour of it and all the women in history and in our lives who are amazing and beautiful, but alas… here I am, a day late, giving a shout out.  Honour the rockin’ females in your life.  You wouldn’t be here without them.

Cade had his first Greyhound bus ride experience and it went quite well overall.  Momma listened to some birthing/pregnancy podcasts while we rode and Cade napped.  Like I said, live it, love it, breathe it, read it, write it… and listen to it.  I’m clearly obsessed.  It’s healthy, don’t worry.

One other thing: I am obsessed with the Park Cafe’s Smoked Salmon Bagel.  I’m craving it and I had it twice in four days.  Smoked salmon, topped with capers and slivered red onions, on a multigrain bagel with sundried tomato and herb cream cheese.  Drizzle some fresh lemon juice over it and voila, you’ve got yourself a tasty, delicious, amazing mouth watering masterpiece.   They cold smoke the salmon in-house and it couldn’t be better.  I could do a glowing review for anything in that Cafe, and perhaps I will.  Probably one of my favourite places to eat in Saskatoon, and the staff are wonderful as well. 

I want this in my mouth right meow.  Nom nom nom.


Sorry for the far from substantial post.  Baby Cade is requiring some straight-up momma lovin’.  Adios for now, my friends.


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Reflections on Pregnancy and Post-Partum. Fatherhood

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