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March 12, 2011 at 8:17 pm 4 comments

I’m trying to build a little community here.  And plus, who doesn’t like knowing people are reading and taking in their schtuff?  I know I certainly do.

Because not every post can be an in-depth analysis or reflection on my life as a woman or my life as a momma, I am going to post about 10 things I’m currently obsessin’ on.   THINGS.  Not people, not places, things, food, drink, interests.  Purely materialistic.  Purely probably consumerism.    So in order to balance out this corporate-ish inspired list, I’m asking you, my dear readers (and I know there are several of you) to post a comment, letting me know who you are, where you’re at, and one thing that would be on your list.  And ’cause I’ve said it so any times, if you blog, TELL ME, so I can come e-visit you. 

1. LONDON FOGS aka EARL GREY LATTES: I’m on a mission to dramatically reduce/cut out dairy (mostly dairy containing lactose) and so these suckas have got to be made with soy milk for me to fully enjoy them.  And fully enjoy them I do.  Kyle has learned how to re-create the Starbucks version so that we can try to adhere to a budget, prepare them at our own convenience, support our own kitchen more than Starbucks’, and control the nutritional value of them.  Kyle’s version has 1 Earl Grey tea bag, 1/2 the mug with soy milk, 1/2 the mug with water, 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, and then a varied amount of sugar in the raw – I usually aim for less.

  2. PRAIRIE INK RESTAURANT’S CITRUS & FETA SALAD: I never thought I was a lover of salad that contains fruit (except for pure fruit salad, which I craved big time when I was with child).  However, this all changed when I tried the salad at McNally’s in-house restaurant.  It’s got greens, olives, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, red onions, grilled chicken breast, and topped with a… ranch (I think?) dressing.  Delish and I want it now now now.

3. ERGO CARRIER: Kyle’s parents recently purchased an Ergo baby carrier for us and we love it, but more importantly, Cade loves it.  It’s super comfy to wear, supportive for my little guy, and portable and convenient.  We pop Cade in it when we’re grocery shopping, browsing at the mall, or like today, checking out a ‘baby show extravaganza.’  It’s so nice to have him close by, and most of the time, he’ll fall asleep in it.  I cannot wait until this horrid weather pisses off and we can use it to go for our daily dog park visits. 

4. FACEBOOK: Not gonna lie, I’m a fan.  I probably spend more time on it than I should, though that amount has dramatically decreased since the little stinker man arrived.  I used to make it a priority to play Wheel of Fortune, so I could get my free spin.  Super pathetic?  A little bit.  Now I just creep, and network, and post photos and stories of my own life.  Some may say I am exploiting my child, my dog, and my family.  I don’t see it as that.  I am sharing my joy with other people in my life that I care about.  I love being able to stay in touch with people. Yes, this is possible without Facebook, and yes Facebook just makes certain things more convenient, but I’m okay with convenience. 

5. The BUMBO CHAIR: Cade loves it.  LOVES IT.  If he didn’t like it, we obviously would not sit him in it.  He looks so sweet, his little thighs in between the chair legs, and it’s safe and practical.  We took it out to the restaurant tonight and he sat in it while we ate.  It’s the perfect place to seat my little guy if he is getting bored of hanging out in my arms, or any other position he likes to chill out in.  We can have great little chats, and he flashes me his perfect little smile.  Life is good.

6. PREGNANCY, BIRTHING, POSTPARTUM: Ever since going through this most amazing, beautiful (yes, nausea, swollen feet, intense contractions, bowel movements, struggles, crying and all) it is all I want to talk about.  I love being able to relate to all of these amazing women who have given birth and been through these experiences.  I love having friends who are going through these stages of life at the same time as me (and those that aren’t, I love you because you’ve been incredibly supportive).  I love reflecting on my own experiences, though sometimes it is emotional and a struggle, for varying reasons.  I love learning about birthing wisdom, women’s bodies, and how we are meant to give birth and how this experience can be influenced.

7. BLOGS: I don’t watch TV; I read blogs.  I don’t write in a journal; I blog.   I am a lover of all things blog!  I wish more people in my life blogged.  I wish I didn’t have writer’s block so often so I could dream up amazing topics and present you with wonderful, humorous posts.  I try though.  Some days I think I’m doing an okay job, and some days I look back and scoff.  Mostly it’s a chance for me to purge my feelings, however strong and emotional, or mild and seemingly unimportant, they may be.  I love commenting and making new friends via the blog world.  One of my favourite new blogs/websites which I have to give a shout out to, is The Birthing Site.  There’s a forum and the women who have created the site are support supportive and are constantly putting up new articles and videos on pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum information.

8. FERTILITY AWARENESS: I’ve talked about it lots, but I’m really into Toni Weschler’s book.  It should be incorporated into school curriculums as mandatory learning.  Toni’s book fits in there with the likes of Our Bodies, Ourselves by the Boston Women’s Health Collective, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christianne Northrup, and from what I’ve been told, Ina May Gaskin’s work as well (whom I’ve yet to read but she’s next on the list).  I’m excited to begin the progress of learning even more about my body.  I thought I knew lots, but I’m not even a quarter of the way into the book and Toni has already taught me lots.  You’re likely to read about some of my experiences into this new world, and I’d love to hear from more people who have learned more about their bodies through this method (or other natural methods) as well.

9. PODCASTS: For the bus ride to my mom’s (where we’re at now), I downloaded a wack of podcasts to listen to on my iPod.  Most were from the Pregtastic and New Moms, New Babies podcasts.  From what I could tell, the Pregtastic podcasts all start out with a round table discussion of pregnant women talking about the ups and downs of their pregnant experience thus far.  Obviously, if you read back to number 6, you will know that of course I appreciate and love this.  On both podcasts, they also have guest speakers, and each show has varying topics.  Because the iTunes store is wonderful, you can basically find any podcast you want, and lots of them are free too.  CBC has tons of great talk and indie music podcasts that I’ve got as well, including some of my favourite work out podcasts, Sweatin’ to the Indies.

10. EXERCISE: I know this one seems lame, and it kind of is.  But I’ve been hitting the gym as part of my get-fit-and-healthy routine, and I love it.  Not every day do I want to go to the gym, but once I am there and sweating, I feel so fabulous.  It is true what they say about exercise being a great way to reduce the negativity in one’s body.  I feel great after I’m done too.  Not only that, but it’s a wonderful way for me to have some ‘me’ time out of the house, and for Kyle to have some father and son time, inside of the house.  I think if I hadn’t started to exercise more, these silly post-partum hormones would be sinking deeper and deeper, rather than getting better, which is what I THINK they’re doing.  At least most of the time. 

That was actually a lot harder than I expected it to be.  I guess I don’t have as many obsessions as I thought I did?  Not any obvious ones anyway.  I’m a fan of lists though, and they’re easier to trudge through than a hearty post, particularly when I’m not feeling introspective enough to put together anything too big.  Now that you’ve hopefully and not too painfully made it through that list, re-read the first paragraph of this post and make my heart happy.  Much love to you, my lovely audience.  xoxo.


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. lifecoachabby  |  March 12, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Great post. I love all of your obsessions. I would say 3 of my top obsessions right now are exercise. I love Barre exercise and cardio burst training. Making food for my little boys (posts about it on my blog) and blogging. I just started a few weeks ago and am loving it.

  • 2. Elizabeth  |  March 13, 2011 at 2:38 am

    Well, you know who I am and where I’m at and a whole lot about me!! But I wanted to comment since of course I want to show I am a part of your community on here!

    And by the way, after I sent you the email I realized I really wanted to touch on the postpartum hormonal issues topic, so hopefully tomorrow I will get a little time to do that. So much to talk about – totally sucks we live so far away!

    PS Obsessions for me: Watching Prison Break – finished the first season and started the 2nd tonight and I can’t get enough!, organizing our new place, and putting our fireplace to use pretty much every single day!!! OK this makes it sound like I need to get out more and that’s probably true, but I’m content with my little routines for now! :)

  • 3. Jilly  |  March 15, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Trista! I just found your new blog! We used to be on the Matt Good forums together and I followed your old blog on Blurty :) Your life has changed so much, my goodness!! It’s lovely to see you doing so well!
    I’m currently enamoured with music at the moment, lots of Mumford and Sons and Young the Giant. Foodwise, I am all about the fried egg sandwiches. Mmm.

  • 4. tristadawn  |  March 15, 2011 at 12:49 am

    lifecoachabby: we’re going to attempt the world of homemade babyfood. pretty excited about it actually. we like to batch-cook for ourselves, so can’t imagine doing it for our most precious little guy will be any different. thanks for stopping by & for the comment!

    Elizabeth: the fireplace sounds sooooo nice. I have to admit I am slightly jealous… :) we went through a Prison Break phase! I loved watching Season 1.. and then after that, I just stopped! no idea why, but that show totally sucked me in.

    Jilly: how the heck did you find me!? so cool :) I’ve heard Mumford and Sons are great, but i’ve yet to check them out. I ought to. thanks for the comment :)


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