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Only two things for today because I’m exhausted and it’s nearly 1:30am and I should be snoozing and cuddled up to my two babies (Kyle & Cade – Lily is somewhere in the house, downstairs with my mom or my brother I do believe).

I’m reading Toni Weschler’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility (albeit slowly) and am LOVING IT.  Definitely going to try it out and definitely think this is a must must read for every woman.  Would be a fantastic gift to give to the women in your life that you love. 

One cool little piece that I keep telling people about is how it’s so neat that girls are born with all of the eggs they will ever have, but boys continuosly produce sperm throughout their lifetime.  So what this means, essentially, as Toni puts it, is “…a part of every single one of us resided inside our maternal grandmother’s uterus, even before our own mothers were born?… when your mother was just a fetus inside her mother, she already had developed one of the eggs that eventually became you!”   As if that is not the coolest thing EVER.  So sentimental ooey-gooey too!

I have another funny story that I found when I was reading through archives of an old blog.  It has to do with my IUD, check it out, I hope you’ll get a laugh out of it.  I blogged about this in January 2008:

Before the Christmas break, I handed in a paper. Last day of class, super pumped, grab the paper from my bag and slap it on the desk. DONE AND DONE.

Fast forward to today, when I picked up the paper. In order to make it ‘secure’ and ‘confidential’, the instructors put our assignments in envelopes with our student number on them and place them in a filing cabinet in the student lounge. I rifled through it today and found my ethics paper.

I quickly flipped to the back page to see what my mark was. I knew I had done well since I knew my final mark, but 83 on a paper I did the night before? Uhh, awe-some! Okay, back to the beginning of the paper to see where I went wrong.

Oooh, and what’s this little.. card (?) clipped to the second page? Oh look at that, it’s an IUD information card that SOMEHOW got handed in with my paper. It must have been in my bag, with the paper, and got caught in the pages. Oh god! It was a little piece of reference, meant to be for me to record the date, lot number, and my name on it. It said, “This intra-uterine device has been inserted by a physician” and featured the three types with a box by each to check off the appropriate one. On the left hand corner of the card was a drawing of an IUD.

Seeing as my paper was on Harm Reduction & Social Work Ethics, I hope she didn’t think I was trying to make some sick joke or something. Or trying to suck up by showing that I was using a form of contraception and therefore making ethical decisions (?).

Ahhh! And I thought using the wrong word in a paper was embarrassing. (For example: typing up a paper about, say, human rights, and your mind wanders and you are finishing up a sentence and throw in a totally random word, or a word that was featured in the thoughts that just crossed your mind, instead of the word you intended to use).

I think what happened is HILARIOUS and only a little bit embarrassing. It’s mostly embarrassing because I’m sitting here, realizing what I did, and my instructor was sitting there, probably wondering what the f I was doing. If I would have picked it up in class, from her, and noticed that, I might have, over a few laughs and red cheeks – of course, explained myself to her.

The IUD chronicles indeed.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you now.  For me, it’s sleep.  G’night, xoxo.


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