Sometimes I am random and sometimes I am structured.

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The last few bedtimes have been not super tons of fun.  Cade has taken to what is seemingly a Mama’s Boy.  I have been dreading bedtime because he will scream and scream and scream, even after breastfeeding him and giving him some formula, diaper change, a burp or two, and lots of cuddles.  If Kyle is trying to help Cade go to sleep, Cade will usually start to freak out and cry, and then I will take him and he is quiet and content and will start to fall asleep for me.  Kyle will hold Cade again and try to have him go to sleep, but the same screaming pattern starts.  Such a stinker.  And to think that only a few hours prior he was flashing me the biggest gummy precious smiles as seen above.  Could he be that attached to his mama already?  Clearly he is attached and we are bonded, but so much so that even superhero often saves the day dad can’t soothe him?  I just don’t get it.  He’s snoozing so soundly right now, arms sprawled up.  He sleeps so funny; even though he is only a little guy, I’m sure he could take up a king sized bed if we had one.  He sprawls his arms out to the side and it’s like they grow ten inches each because magically, when I go to lie down to sleep, there is almost no room left for me.  Darn boys, such bed hogs they are.

I have been an eating and lazing machine all day long.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  Kyle and Cade were chillin’ out in bed, and from our bedroom you can see into the kitchen, and as I was looking through the fridge, freezer and cupboards for something delicious to snack on, I could see Kyle and I just laughed at how pathetic I must look, especially given that I had just eaten some watermelon a few minutes prior.

I’m going to chalk up my machine-like-characteristics of eating and sleeping (when I can) to my menstrual cycle and where I’m at right now.  I’m not sure if it is the surge in hormones that causes the desire to eat when menstruating, or what it is, but damn, it is powerful and I forgot what it felt like.  I wanted a cheeseburger and an ice cream cake earlier, of which I had neither, but doesn’t that sound sort of like a stereotypical pregnant woman’s cravings?  Before anyone jumps at me, I am not pregnant and there is no chance of it AT ALL.  AT.  ALL.  SERIOUSLY.  Unless we’re talking immaculate conception or something of the like.

And just one more thing before I hopefully settle into sleep easier than it often is: I think it is absolutely adorable that every street always seems to have that one token older gentleman who pokes and prods away at the drains on the street.  Who are these people?  How is it decided who is going to do it?  And is it really always the same person that does it, or do they switch it up?  So so cute.  The other day we went for a walk and on every block there seemed to be one older folk poking away, unclogging the drain of whatever was in it, clearing away the sludge and the slushy snow.  It was so precious and I love it and think it is actually kind of heartwarming and sweet that neighbours come together like that.  Oh and one more thing, is it fun to do that?  I’ve never had the… privilege? of de-clogging, but I imagine it may be somewhat as satisfying as scratching the super annoying itch or finally undoing a knot that has been driving you crazy.

I’m going to end this.  I need to up up the ante on this blog.  I wanna do something with it but what that something is I do not exactly know.  I am not entirely satisfied with what I’m doing here and so that is my cue to do something different but sort of the same.  What I have in my mix bag of blog treats is a surprise, because not only do I have to keep it that way so you will hopefully keep coming back, but I am not even sure of whats in it myself.  Life is a god damn mystery and so will be this blog.



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