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1) Every Sunday, I will post an answer to a question from a reader.   You can ask me questions on Facebook or by commenting on my blog.  The question I choose will be random – I will put the questions in a hat and pick one out; that will be the question I answer.

2) Once I answer a question, I will visit your blog or your Facebook and ask you a question in return.  I will also link to your blog when I write the answer to the question you asked.

3) I don’t know if this is exactly a rule, but I will encourage my regular readers who have blogs to also participate on Snoopy Sundays.  Let’s make this fun, shall we.

4) Questions can be relating to anything, although try to keep it somewhat appropriate.  I cannot police how you interpret appropriate, so be nice.

Since you were all jumping at me with your questions (NOT), I had 2 questions to pick from, both from Elizabeth (thank you, you are a trooper) and so I picked this one:

What age difference would you like Cade to have between him and his brother or sister down the line (assuming you want to have a second child!)? What do you think a ‘good’ age difference is between siblings?

To answer the second part of this question first, I don’t know if there is a ‘good’ age difference between siblings.  I am not sure I can accurately answer that until I experienced a couple different gaps.  I’ve heard people say they’ve had their babies 1-2 years apart and that is great because they are close in age, and that way you kind of get the whole baby-making process done with earlier.  I’ve also heard that 3+ years apart is also great because the older one can then be somewhat of a helper, and feel responsible and independent, as well as an assistant in helping out with their little brother or sister.  So, I really don’t know, I think it totally depends on what works for one’s family.  Which brings me to the first part of your question…

I feel like I am going to jinx our ‘plan’ because I spoke so very highly of waiting 4-5 years after getting married to have our first baby, and, well, look how that panned out.  I feel like I need to clarify every time – the actual plan did not go as planned, but the actual plan is now amazing and we could not be happier.

Regardless, of course once you have your first, everyone has to start asking about the second.  Like c’mon people, let’s all recuperate from the shocking reality of having a human child to care for 24/7 before we start planning for another.  That reality is definitely not something you can plan for.  Moving along now.  There are different factors to consider for us in planning an age gap, one of the major ones being daycare.  I’m feeling a little bit anxious about having to pay for daycare just for Cade, and I really cannot imagine paying for two children in daycare.  That’s basically a whole pay cheque.  Probably even more.  That thought scares the shit out of me and I don’t want to have to deal with it.

Kyle and I both can see ourselves having a wider age gap (think, 3-5 year gap) rather than smaller.  It’s just the way we roll and I think that is what would work best for our family.  I think with Cade being a bit older when we have our next baby, it will also make it easier to explain to him how our family will be changing, and what his ‘role’ will be (being a big brother, and of course totally hyping that up, because it WILL be very exciting for him).  We’d also like to not have two babies in diapers, just because of the logistics of it all.  I think it would be great for Cade to be a little bit more independent too, and while obviously he will still be getting a ton of attention from us, it will make it easier to have him be a little bit more independent in terms of playing on his own and not having to have mommy and daddy solely be the entertainers.

Another reason I think 3-5 (probably somewhere in between there) would be a great age gap, is because, say we had our next baby when Cade was 4, I would then have a year off with the baby and Cade, and then when I went back to work, Cade would (hopefully) be starting kindergarden.  However, Cade was born in November, so there is the issue of us possibly holding him back so he will be 5 turning 6 rather than 4 turning 5 when he starts school.  If that was the case, then we would be waiting closer to 5 years to have our next babe, which seems a bit longer than what would be ideal.  It’s really something we will have to figure out, and there are probably so many more things to think about in terms of age gaps and what makes one gap better than the next.

Remember to post more questions so I have something for next Sunday’s post.  Goodnight to all, xoxo!


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  • 1. Nicole Frederickson  |  March 27, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I’m like you, I am such a planner. Sometimes I am so busy planning how my life is going to be that Blake has to remind that I am living my life right now… instead of worrying about baby #2 (which I do!) just enjoy the age that Ava is now, because all too soon, it is gone and you can’t get it back.


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