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Lily and I got excited when we saw the Purolator truck pull up, knowing it was The Purse and The Wallet.  Super quick service, we are very impressed.  Also impressed by the 50% off of our purchases, yessum.  So I quickly brushed my hair (astonishing, I know), pulled on a spit-up stained sweater, and grabbed the pooch so she didn’t go nutso over the courier (she did anyway).  Yours truly signed for the package and ripped it open with delight.  Even such pretty packaging.

Like really, nice pretty blue box with gold letters?  I am in, so in and just knew  it was going to be good.  Each time I pulled a clump of filler-paper out (such an eco-waste, especially considering the recycled products used to make the purse and wallet lining, as well as my new shoes, coming up), Lily got excited and I think she thought there was going to be a treat in it for her?  There wasn’t but I pretended the purse was ours.  It’s sort of similar to how I think she thinks all of Cade’s toys and belongings are for her.  I think that she even thinks Cade is for her, her new play-thing.  Not quite yet missy.

Eeeeps!  Purdy.  I like, I like.  It’s a little risky ordering online (ha, not really risky, more like exciting, like waiting to pick up your roll of film) but I am super extremely pumped stoked satisfied excited what have you over the purchases.  I can’t wait to sling the bag over my shoulder and walk proudly.  And then pull out my wallet because it’s nice and I have never had a matching-ish wallet and purse ever.  I feel like a real adult, sort of like the first time I got heels and called them my adult shoes and wore them oh so very proudly.

So basically you probably think I have every single dollar bill ever to make purchases left right and centre but I don’t.  The first was a long awaited (because I am picky) Christmas gift from Kyle, and the shoes were purchased with birthday money.  I have been needing some kind of spring/fall casual shoes since last fall and again because I am picky, I just finally found some and I am so very excited about them.  They’re simple shoes, made from recycled tires, hemp, natural organic cotton, and other eco-friendly types.  Plus I do get the impression that they are going to be hella comfy.  Awesome.  They even have little infant shoes which I just think Cade would absolutely love and be very proud to be sporting eco-friendly toes.

So uhh I just wanted to showcase my new stuff.  It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased nice new clothes and things for myself, so needless to say I am a little bit excited.  We’re going to Edmonton for Easter and because I basically have next to no summer clothes, I need to do more shopping there.  Thank goodness for at least a little bit of an income tax return to help me out in that department.
What have you bought recently that you absolutely love?



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