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Today is supposed to be that whole Snoopy Sunday theme thing, however, you, my dear readers, have failed to provide me with material, with questions.  All I can think is seriously?  Are you guys really not nosey at all?  Because I love to know stuff, and if someone gave me an outlet to ask them questions and be snoopy, I would totally eat that shit up.  And it’s not that no one reads this, ’cause I know y’all are reading.  Unless you just pop in, then x out ’cause it’s boring as hell, in which case, can you please tell me that so I can step up my friggin’ game?  Geez…

Anyway, a couple cool tech Internet things that I have recently become a fan of that of course I have to share:

Blog2Print: Coolest thing EV-AR!  I would love to do this, or have someone do it for me all gifty-like (hint much?) because it would be a fabulous keepsake.  It’s basically like having a journal, is really all it is, but it’s kinda neat to see your blog become a book.  You can plug your blog’s address in and it will preview it all for you.  Very, very cool, and cost-wise it looks fairly affordable.  Once I’m off mat leave and can afford luxuries and all.

Google Reader: Honestly?  How did I NOT know about this before?  This streamlines all my obsessive pregnancy, birth, and parenting blogs into one nice and easy component so I can just zip through them all.  It keeps blogs and sites I read up to date, and presents all updates in one-page clickable format.  Hella better than lame bookmarks.  Anything that makes my addictions easier to maintain is a friend of mine.

I think that’s all the tech stuff I have, so really, not that techie at all, and can we even call it techie?  All it really is is bloggie, nerdy, obsessive.  I’m cool with that, it ain’t harming anybody is it?  In fact, I think I probably just sort of slightly MAYBE made at least a COUPLE of your lives at least a tad bit easier?  Convenience is the new awesome.

And while not techie or bloggie, but just plain awesome and adorably cute, which is even cooler than the tech or blog level of awesome, are… the PUPPIES!  The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is back at it again, and these pups are growing like weeds.  Playing and peeing on the floor, all while obsessive (it’s a recurring theme) viewers watch on, including me.  Babies and puppies are where it’s at.


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Cheeseburger Cupcakes! SNOOPY SUNDAY.

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  • 1. Permanent State of Confusion  |  May 24, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Ok What about Techy Tuesdays… So I think because well I am cheap and partly because I didn’t get a wedding gift from my bro and his fiance. I was thinking of doing my patented wedding slideshow. Only now since I haven’t had the time to keep up my skills I don’t think powerpoint is the way to go anymore. Anyone have any tips on things? I haven’t really done the “add the video” to the video presentation before. I know I have over 13 months to do it, but seeings as the last time I did it I only had 3 days and I didn’t sleep and I wasn’t THAT close with said cousin… ANDDD I must embarrass my brother at least a bit… I will spend more time on it!

    Oh and,
    1) Was it good not knowing the sex of the baby until that moment?
    2) Was it anything like you thought it would be?
    3) Do you still feel “hot” after being a mom?
    4) Do you think after the experiences you have had, are you more inclined to have more children or less?


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