C25K: Week 1 Day 3

June 9, 2011 at 11:54 am 2 comments

I did it.  I finished week 1 of the C25K program!  And guess what?  Today was still very hard and at the end of the jogging 60 second mark, I was so ready for my cue to do my recovery walk.  I’ve been trying to determine what this means for my body in terms of doing this program.  Does it mean I should repeat week 1?  Was I just having an off day because my sleep has been on the not so great end of things lately?  Or have I just become accustomed to jogging for 60 seconds and then stopping – and perhaps this means I should take on week 2 so I can effectively challenge and push myself harder?

Since I’ve established a good routine for myself (Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays = C25K) I have a couple days to decide what I want to do.  Two definite positives I have noticed which make me more inclined to just push on and see where I end up are, 1) I can breathe better!  Both while running and just chillin’ out in the comforts of my own home.  My lungs feel clearer and my breathing not as shallow.  I wasn’t aware that these sorts of lung capacity achievements could happen so fast, but they are.  Don’t get me wrong, I still probably couldn’t manage to chat while I’m running, but I’m getting there; 2) The soreness has reduced tenfold!  Oh happy day.  Granted, I had an epsom salt bath the other night, which I think helped greatly, I no longer feel like death ran me over when I get home from the run.

My food choices are still in line with my exercising, and that’s great.  For me, they go hand in hand, but moreso, if I’m exercising properly, I’m bound to eat way better.  The least healthy thing I have had was a homemade peanut curry sauce with basmati rice, chicken and vegetables.  The stirfry itself wasn’t all that bad as it was chalkful of vegetables, but the sauce… oh, the sauce.  However, we used real curry paste and light coconut milk as well as light peanut better, so I’m going to out on a whim and say, maybe it wasn’t that bad?  But oh, so, so… good.  I am learning to treat my body with respect, and with pride.  I want to put good things into it, and I want to keep it hydrated, which I have been doing like crazy.  When I put good things into my body, my mind soaks up the goodness too, and then I’m good to go and feel energized and happy.  Something really challenging for me is summertime and resisting the ice cream temptations.  You could say I’m a pretty big fan of ice cream.  And when there’s a few ice cream places within several blocks, it creates a bit of a problem.  Not to mention that new Cold Stone Creamery that opened up downtown.  Thankfully it’s expensive, so that’s one more reason to avoid it.

I told myself that I can only weigh myself once a week, every Sunday, however, sometimes that scale just sitting there.. looking so lonely… well, you know how it goes.  So I step on and am immediately disappointed.  (Usually.)  I don’t expect a dramatic loss, but I also don’t expect to weigh 3 lbs more than the previous day.  (Do I sound psychotic yet?  Weighing myself daily?  SUPER BAD HABIT!)  I think that my weight is always just constantly fluctuating, and I’ve been told by many people to go by how your body feels, how your clothes fit.  So I try to that.  And I also try to smile and nod and agree when they say that muscle weighs more than fat, and I could just be putting on muscle.  But please, can you give your head a shake?  This ain’t all muscle, baby.  I think I’m pretty strong, and I’m a big-boned kinda gal, but please can we just drop some of the pound baggage already?  Cripes.

So, reflections on week 1.  Loved it.  I am SO proud of myself and feel all teary knowing I can do this.  If I can do week 1, I can do week 2… eventually, whether it’s this week or next.  I can do this.  And just because the program is 9 weeks, I need to listen to my body and my heart and go at my own pace.  I need to remember to breathe deeply, focus on my chest rising, my lungs filling with that sweet, sweet morning summer air.  I have to continue to push myself, be strong, and keep going forward forward forward.  Pick up my feet, lift my head, put a silly smile on my face when strides get hard.

And because I thought I did this but I haven’t, I need to do a nice big shout out to Amy @ JustWestofCrunchy for taking on the program herself, blogging about it, and encouraging her readers to do the same.  She has truly inspired me to tackle my fear.


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  • 1. Amy Hodgins  |  June 9, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Way to go Trista for setting this awesome goal for yourself! You can TOTALLY do the C25K. Your positive attitude will roll you through the 9 weeks like it’s 2 weeks ;-) wrt to whole breathing thing, yes even 3 runs can help your lung capacity (as an aside, your cardio will generally start to suffer after about 2-3 days of doing nothing so your tues/thurs/sun schedule is perfect). You’ll be even more surprised at about the week 2.5 mark when you slam through your runs with no problem and eventually you’ll be able to carry on a convo with a running partner while jogging (I thought this day would never come but now I can chat throughout a 50 min run!). if you ever need any pointers or anything drop me a line :-) Amy

  • 2. indian basmati rice  |  June 10, 2011 at 1:00 am

    all the best and keep it up..you are doing great.. :-)


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