Day of the Dad.

June 19, 2011 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

I always knew Kyle would be an amazing father.  I had no doubt in my mind that he would nurture, care for, and love any new little being that entered our lives.  This became extremely apparent when we got Lily, and even moreso, of course, when our little man Cade was born.  Not only that, but his support to me as we were navigating the mostly beautiful but sometimes treacherous waters of parenthood – amazing and indescribable.  It’s just one teeny small gesture, but on this very day of the father, we made Kyle a lovely spinach & feta quiche, as well as a BBQ supper of steak, baked potato, broccoli and mushrooms and onions.  But the best thing?  This t-shirt that C and I crafted together, with Cade’s footprints, and an additional written piece stating “I let my son walk all over me!”

I don’t want to say Kyle is a very involved parent, he wouldn’t want me to say that either.  He doesn’t see it like that.  He sees it as he is being a parent, a father.  There’s no other way to describe it other than that.  There’s no sliding scale for him in terms of how involved he is.  Just like there isn’t for me, he would never say “she is a very involved mother” and so I’d rather not refer to him as that either.  He is an amazing dad and that is that.  He knows exactly how to soothe Cade (though sometimes, let’s face it, the boy needs some mama cuddles!) and he knows exactly what to do to make Cade smile and laugh.  I’m willing to bet Cade smiles and laughs more for his daddy than he does his mommy.  Little stinker.  I think Cade just bores of me, seeing me day after day, hour after hour, “Yawn, what a good nap… now just to wait for someone to come get me, OH, oh, you again.  Sigh.”

Cade, Lily and myself are all very extremely lucky beings to have Kyle in our lives.  Lily loves the walks and runs, Cade loves the cuddles, the dancing, and the love, and I love the support, the love, and yes, the cuddles.  I could go on and on, and luckily I’m in a good mood, because ya know what, things aren’t always hunky dory, things get crazy all up in here, and this mommy gets frustrated and upset with that amazing daddy that I just talked up.  It’s not always sunshine, and I might be a little worried if it was.  But as far as I’m concerned, the main thing is, we’ve got a solid foundation, a really strong base for our family.  I can’t wait for this little guy to grow up with such a strong, positive and nurturing daddy.  Happy Father’s Day Kyle, you are the bestest, the most amazing, and the silliest daddy ever.  Plus, you’re a great partner to have by MY side.  And you’re hot.  xoxo.  We love you daddy-o.

PS: Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome and loving dads in MY life – family-wise and friends-wise.  You are wicked.  I hope you got a little bit of special treatment today.  Love to you all!


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