C25K: Week 3 Day 2

June 22, 2011 at 2:11 pm Leave a comment

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling like death.  I felt like I had not slept a wink, and so I opted to continue sleeping instead of getting up and running, with the promise that I would go when Kyle got home from work.  I lived up to my promise, and Lily and I went running in the rain.   And it was a little bit awesome.

But only a little bit.

The rain part?  So cool.  It was only mildly drizzling, so it was peaceful and the rain helped us glide through the exercise.  It cooled it off a little bit outside too, which never hurts.  The run itself was still hard, but I am learning to breathe and pace myself.  I am stubborn and I can’t let myself stop during a run, but if I need to, I do slow down to a very very slow crawl-like jog, in order to let my lungs catch some good breaths so I can finish the workout with (a bit of) ease.

It’s so cool how every day feels a little bit easier, a little bit more doable, but still a definite challenge.  I write incessantly about that, but it blows my mind every time.  Every week I think, “I can’t do this week!” and then I do it and I totally rewire my thinking.  Week 3 was about as hard as week 1 was in terms of being able to breathe and last for the duration of the run.  It’s neat how my body has acclimatized and become conditioned to what I’m forcing it to do.

I’m happy to see that at least a couple of my running buddies have stuck to the program.  It makes me happy that we’re all committing and being accountable to one another!  Some of you I haven’t heard from, and I know you’re out there, and I know you’re reading, ’cause I can spy now, so come on and speak up!  I want to hear how you’re making out, what’s working for you, etc.  I’m loving the podcasts over at kissmyblackass.org and they have totally kept me going.  Highly recommended.

I’m planning on revealing my ‘stats’ at the end of each 3 week chunk.  By stats I mean inches lost and weight lost.  So far it’s been a little bit, not as much as I’d love to see, but can’t have it all.  I’m feeling great so that’s what really counts.  I have been obsessively weighing myself every day, several times a day, and it’s amazing to see how my weight can fluctuate so much in even an hour.  I’ve been doing an ‘official weigh-in’ and body measurements every Sunday morning, so that’s when I’ll report back.

For now, let’s keep on running.  It’s super addicting and I feel like a million bucks when I can feel the breeze flowing.  One thing I do need is a sweet headband to keep my hair off my face.  Sweaty bangs annoy the crap out of me.  I actually started to make my own headband out of an old shirt, and it actually looks kinda cool.  Pictures to come if it all works out.  Happy running my friends.  OH, and I still would love suggestions for the cramps/side stitches.  Is it just a matter of slowing down, breathing deeply and allowing my lungs to ‘recuperate’ in a sense?


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