C25K: Week 4 Day 1

June 26, 2011 at 3:46 pm 3 comments

Week 4 Day 1, down the ol’ hatch.  Today was interesting and awesome.   Awesome because it was in the rain, and because I did it.  Interesting because Lily and I nearly got hit by a car.  IN A CROSSWALK.  Not even exaggerating, we stopped, the car was stopped, looking our way, so I thought she saw us.  We went, and well, so did she, until I screamed “WHOA” and she stopped, looked shocked, but was also kind of chuckling with her passenger?  WTF?  I looked down at Lily to make sure she was okay, because the front of the car was nearly over top of her, but of course, the tires weren’t.  She was fine, I was fine, so I put on my bestest mean girl glare and stared her down and shook my head a million times.  Super scary, super gave me a jolt to the system, and totally slowed down my first run.  I had a bunch of negative adrenaline and I was shooken up, but away we went, running down the street, wondering about what the F could have happened had she just kept going.  I’m sure I would’ve been fine, however my little poochy, not so sure.  And thank goodness I didn’t have the boy with me, or I would’ve went all ragey on their car.

So W4D1 was a definite success.  I am even trying to run properly, as per this video:

I want to avoid injury as best as possible, however today when I got home and took my shoes off, I was stretching out my feet and circling my ankles when I felt a dull, almost pulled-muscle like sensation in my upper right ankle, on inside of my foot/leg.  Ack.  I immediately followed the ‘RICE’ (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method of injury treatment, minus the compression part, which I will likely do soon.  I want to be on my game and take care of any sort of injury no matter how minor.  I don’t want to have to be set back at all, though I don’t want to push myself beyond any injuries, because I need to take care of myself first and foremost.  I don’t do my next run until Tuesday, so I should have sufficient time to rest and baby my foot.

I’ve already been scoping out other training programs and things that I want to be a part of, and I’ve found something for next spring that I am already stoked about.  It’s a women’s only triathlon training program, and registration begins in February.   The training is 10 weeks, 3 times a week, with one day each devoted to running, swimming and cycling.  Sounds super sweet as far as I’m concerned, and I am hoping, that if all goes according to my plan and my personal goals, I will be conditioned and feeling confident to take the program.  Though honestly, if it was offered right now, I feel like I’d have it in me (esteem-wise) to take this challenge on.  Let me know if this is something that interests you and we can join together.  I’ve heard registration fills up fast, and I don’t believe registration is until February 2012, so we’ve got some time yet.

In terms of my ‘stats’, today my distance was about 1km more than it usually is, so hooray for that.  I mapped out my route today and it was 3.86 km.  So sweet, totally boosted me up.  I haven’t seen any drastic weight loss, but I feel different, so I suppose that’s what counts.  Scales are insane anyway.  My weight fluctuates up to 8 pounds in a day, so I never quite know when to weigh myself, or if I should just go with the lowest weight out of every day.  The second week, I had gained almost 2 lbs.  The next week, I was 2.6 lbs lighter, and this week, I am about the same.  Though yesterday, if I would’ve went with the first weigh-in from the morning, I would’ve been down another 2 lbs.  Saturday is our treat day, and I think it is unkind to my Sunday weigh-ins, because I certainly woke up feeling bloated and gross.  Oh boy.

My measurements are more encouraging, though we (Kyle helps me) started out a new system of measuring today, based on a YouTube video which shows how to properly take body measurements:

However, at the beginning of weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, we measured myself the exact same ways each weeks, so we’ll go with those and then starting from this week on, we will be doing the new and proper measurements.  From the beginning of my C25K training up until today, prior to starting week 4, stats are:

Biceps: L -.25 inches R -.25 inches

Bust: -1.5 inches

Waist: -1.75 inches

Hips: -1 inch

Thighs: L 0 inches R +.5 inches

Calves: L 0 inches R -.5 inches

Total: 4.75 inches lost

I’m always doubting when there’s a loss, which I know is really terrible.  I always think, did we measure something wrong?  Can’t be a loss of one inch, or whatever it is, but I guess it is true.  The only thing that I can think explains a minimal loss of weight but a loss of inches, is the whole muscle thing.  My body is getting stronger, because I can feel it getting stronger, it’s just so gradual that it is hard to believe.  I’m a huge advocate for doing measurements, because scales can be nasty.  I do love having a scale and I will always weigh myself, I’m sure of it, but measurements are, in a general sense, more accurate.  And if you’re like me, and like to have something tangible to work with in terms of seeing progress, measure, measure, measure!  Scales can make you feel discouraged, but measurements, even if it is small, seem to be more consistent.

Can I just say one thing?  When I was running, Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’ came on one of the pre-made podcasts I use.  Can I say one more thing?  It put a total genuine smile on my face and made me want to run to my heart’s content.  So bizarre.  So lame.  <3 Limp Bizkit running tunes.  It worked for me, it can work for you!

How are you all doing with your runs?  Run (ugh, so sorry for that super lame pun) into any issues?  In terms of me getting side stitches/cramps (which all of you were just throwing ideas at me in terms of how to combat them, except for the fact that you weren’t!) someone on a Facebook community I belong to suggested blowing out as if blowing out candles, and I tried that today and it seemed to improve my cramps.  Hurrah!  Progress is amazing.  Bring on day 2.


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  • 1. Suzie Cordova  |  June 26, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    YEAH!!! Go you! I love that video you posted about proper foot placement. This whole time I’ve avoided leaning forward because I was afraid it would place too much strain on my legs. But now that I’ve seen him demonstrate how it should be, I’m excited to try it again.

    I have a best friend who has done the Danskin Women’s Triathlon three times, and she has always hounded me to do it. I have always skirted the issue because I was deathly afraid of it. I couldn’t even run half a mile, how was I supposed to swim, then bike, THEN run?! NO WAY. But now…I’m feeling like I could conquer the world if I wanted to. SIGN ME UP!! She might just have a heart attack when I tell her this. But then I know she’ll be at the finish line to meet me – with a bottle of champagne, a homemade sign, and tears of joy.

    I love your blog so so much! Thank you for continuing to inspire me! Oh, side note – I read your post about the birthing story, then read that woman’s story about her DS daughter, and cried my fricking EYES out. She is amazing. And so are YOU. Keep it going!!

    p.s. – My podcast for this week’s run has Baby Got Back. The whole time I was thinking to myself, “Hell YEAH I do, baby!” Love it.

  • 2. Lori  |  June 28, 2011 at 10:46 am

    I have to confess that I have been a secret reader through your C25K journey. You are exactly 1 week ahead of me (I’m going to do W3D2 in half an hour or so) and I always check your blog to anticipate what is up. It has seriously been a source of encouragement and inspiration for me to keep going!

    I sadly have no recommendations for the side-stitches thing. I’ve only started to get them at the end of my 3 minute runs, and am crossing my fingers that today I don’t get them at all… but a google search turned this up:

    “In addition, most runners are “footed”. They begin and end a respiratory cycle on the same foot while running, usually in a stride to breathing ratio of 4:1 while jogging and 2:1 while running very fast. As the runner’s breathing then becomes synchronized with his/her stride, exhalation consistently occurs on the same leg. If one repeatedly exhales (causing the diaphragm to move up) when the right foot hits the ground (forcing the organs on the right side of the body to move down), a side stitch may develop. ”

    from: http://www.makeithappen.com/wis/readings/sidest.html

    Good luck on your run today!

    • 3. tristadawn  |  June 28, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so happy I can encourage and inspire you to keep going. It really is addicting isn’t it?
      Thanks for the info on side stitches. I will try that. I have been also trying deep belly breathing, like I am blowing out a candle, and that seems to help too.
      Now is when the ailments and aches are starting to appear, so I am going to have to fight through them!

      Again, thanks for reading, and you should keep posting back about how you’re doing!!


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