The Best Bean of All.

September 10, 2011 at 11:54 am 2 comments

Before I got pregnant, I drank coffee nearly every single day.  I didn’t really think much of it, and it just became a habit, part of my daily routine.  When I got pregnant, even though I know it is okay to drink coffee (in small amounts), I decided that since it was such a habit, an addiction even, that I would kick it and just try and be as healthy as I could be for little Kiwi (now Cade) and I.  It wasn’t that difficult, and since a lot of drinking coffee was social for me, I just replaced it with peppermint or chamomile tea and all was well.

Fast forward about 16 months, and here I am again, drinking coffee like a typical coffee drinker.  Every single day.  It is social, and it has just become a part of my daily routine all over again.  And not to mention, it’s a wonderful get-through-the-day-aid on those days where the little one decided night-time sleeping was at the very bottom on his priority list.  Except since I resumed my relationship with The Best Bean of All in the summertime, my drink of choice has been the iced version of this timeless beauty.   I’ve been constantly on the hunt for the perfect iced coffee.  Not the bought kind, although that’s always fun too, but the made in my own kitchen kind.  A friend made me the most perfect tasting iced coffee with soy milk and *coffee connoisseurs, stop reading here because this will be an atrocity in terms of coffee* instant coffee.  So naturally, in my search for the best homemade iced coffee, I followed suit.  I’d make up the coffee, stick it in the freezer, then fill a glass with ice, pour over the coffee, and top off the glass (er, mason jar, because cool people drink coffee out of mason jars, right?) with vanilla soy milk.  It took me several tries, but I eventually made it just right.  Either that, or I got so used to it that I just drank it anyway.  Whatevs, it hit the spot.

Today, on one of the hottest days of the year, or at least month, we visited a new coffee shop called Leven’s Coffee Company and I consumed a coffee that wasn’t iced.  Gasp.  It’s located in the Market Mall and their philosophy is a simple menu, fair trade + organic, and daily roasted in-shop beans.   We started off with a sample of their Mexican brew, which was delicious and fresh, and topped that little ditty off with an explanation of Cafe Femenino (best name ever), which is a social project that supports female coffee growers.  Our ‘tour guide’ also recommended a documentary to us, Strong Coffee which Kyle and I are eager to watch.

We made our way to the counter, and took a look at the indeed simple menu.  Daily Grind, French Pressed Express, Tea and… something else.  I think there really were only 4 things to choose from.  Kyle had the Daily Grind, which he thought was phenomenal.  The large was $2, so totally affordable and dare I say, WORTH IT.  I had the French Pressed Express, which I thought was absolutely friggin’ unbelievably mind-blowing phenomenally amazing omg I am so happy to be a coffee drinker again.  They put it in a regular ol’ cup (biodegradable and compostable, like all of their cups, lids, “cup sleeves” are) and stick on a SmartCup XPress lid, which has a rod, press and filter and manifests your regular cup into a portable and single-use French Press!  I had the medium grind, Brazilian coffee, and it was fantastic.  So smooth, a little bit sweet, almost nutty in a very subtle way, and just tasted like an amazing cup of coffee that I have been dying to have.  Yum yum.  For $2.95, I’m totally sold and I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning with one by my bedside, awaiting to be pressed of course, because that’s just a fun part of the deal.  They also sell beans in 1lb packages, and they keep them fresh by packaging them right after roasting them.  I highly suggest next time you are cravin’ a delicious cup of coffee to check this place out.  It’s designed in a fun and minimalist way, it’s a local company, they have an awesome philosophy and great customer service, and bonus, they have fun books on each table for their customers to peruse (such as The Book of Awesome)

How convenient that we’re almost out of coffee in this house.  Timing really is everything.


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It’s Thursday, alright? No, seriously.

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  • 1. Lojo  |  September 11, 2011 at 11:57 am

    God, I love coffee. Like, so much.

  • 2. tristadawn  |  September 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Oh man, me too. ME. TOO.

    We have a newfound love affair and so far, I’ve been quite the satisfied partner.


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