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Two years ago, I said these words to my main squeeze, at our wedding ceremony, along the river, surrounded by our loved ones.

Kyle, I love you because you have allowed me to be me and to constantly grow and learn.  I promise to always encourage and embrace opportunities for our relationship to continue to grow and flourish.

I love your calm and gentle soul and how you remain grounded and support me in doing this as well.  I vow to always strive for a calm spirit and to constantly focus on relaxing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

I love your ability to reassure me when the whole “relaxation” vow doesn’t always work out.  I promise to accept that love can be hard work and not to feel discouraged, but to use tough times as growth.

I love that you are always there.  Your hug, your kiss, your touch sometimes say more than your words can.  I vow to support you and root for you through any struggles and challenges that life presents. 

I love your genuine appreciation and love for your friends and family, including Lily.  I promise to nurture and fulfill our desire for creating a family and a home that is loving and patient. 

I love when our eyes meet from across the room and we can’t help but smile.  You know how they talk about “the look”?  Yup, you’ve still got it.  I vow to love, respect and embrace you now and forever, to always be by your side, through all of life’s joys and all of life’s troubles.

I love your brain.  It is beautiful, smart and bursting with endless knowledge.  I promise to always learn with and from you and to encourage you to do so as well.  

I love how you cheer for me in all that I do and I love how you push me to test my fears and take on new challenges.  I vow to do the same for you and I vow to continuously search for that “breath of fresh air” in life and in love. 

It feels surreal to be standing here with you, celebrating our lives and the deep and absolute love that we share for the last almost 6 years.  I cannot say this enough – I love you.  I’ve always felt that these words cannot completely capture the intense, emotional, physical and spiritual connection I feel with you.  You have enhanced my life and you have shown me that love is beautiful and kind.  I am so excited to be here with you and with our family and friends, sharing this moment.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring us, but I do know that I will be with you, side by side.  Whether we laugh or cry, or just “be”, I am entirely confident that we can take on anything.  Thank you for loving me, learning with me and being with me.  I love you, I respect you, and I’m privileged and blessed to have you in my life always. 

Fast forward 2 years, a baby, and you know what?  I feel these words even greater.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kyle.  I can only say, that I feel so lucky.  Thank you for gifting me with an amazing and beautiful child.  Thank you for embracing and support my journey into and through motherhood.  Thank you.


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Love. My Very Own Personal White Whine.

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