The Pelvic Floor.

September 25, 2011 at 12:30 am 1 comment

Maybe I’m immature, but the ‘floor’ bit gets me giggling inside a little teeny bit.  Pelvic Floor.  Floor.  Hm.

For tonight’s once again late post (I promise I’ll get back on track soon) I just want to share an article I stumbled across last night because I think it is critical information that we are not provided openly and often.

How many times do people tell you to do your kegels?

How many times do you do your kegels, and think, Okey doke, I’ve done my part, on with my day?

This article is a very thorough and holistic look at pelvic floor health – what it affects it and what we can do to strengthen and overall improve our pelvic floor.   I’m guilty of thinking to myself on more than one occasion, Oh, I feel fine, I’ll do a few kegels and I’ll be good to go, but this article really makes me re-consider and want to re-arrange and garbage those thoughts.  I would rather not have my pelvic organs falling out of my crotch, thank you very much.

There is also a workshop/session coming up at Birth Rhythms on Understanding Pelvic Health, and I think it might be beneficial to take.  Speaking of Birth Rhythms, attended a documentary screening + ‘official’ opening of their new Pregnancy & Health Centre tonight and it was lovely.  Met a few wonderful folks and had a glorious time.  I think that there will be big things happening (heck, there already are) as a result of the work the Birth Rhythms crew is doing, and you know?  That just makes this ol’ heart very, very happy.

Incontinence, Prolapse & Pelvic Floor Health


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P.S. A Strike Against Sunday.

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  • 1. violet streak  |  October 7, 2011 at 12:27 am

    i do mine!!!! during sex. hehe but yeah one time a client (im a hairdresser) told me while in my chair ‘im doing my kegels right now!!!” she also told me she had an orgasmic birth experience. but she had a goatee so she was pretty cool in my book.


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