Photo a Day May: Kitchen – 11.

May 11, 2012 at 10:36 pm Leave a comment

Not going to lie, my kitchen, our whole house, has turned into toddler town.  Really? There’s a small block in the pot in the cupboard? Bizzaro. And his play kitchen has a sock, a cracker, and a toy on each of the play shelves. Its amuaing and fascinating to me. 

I sometimes struggle with the general tidyness issues that are a direct correlation to having a toddler. Not because I don’t want him to explore, but because I just feel like I am drowning and can’t keep up.  For the amount of stuff we have, our kitchen is probably proportionately the smallest room in the house, and so when its out of sorts, I can be too. I am learning, people. I have got a lot to let go of, and as i said, l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g.

So despite the sometimes chaos (at times fun chaos) I sort of like the kitchen. I like making food.  Creating dishes.  Seeing what new healthy meal or snack I can make for my family.  This is a way, only one way, of which I thoroughly enjoy nurturing and nourishing my family and my friends.  So a kitchen can be chaotic, but its got a lot of stuff, too. Memories of routine family togetherness.  Good conversations had over  glass of wine or a cup of tea, both beverages might I add, may just help us all solve the world’s problems.  Today, as real as I am trying to be, you will not see the mess, the dirty dishes, the clean dishes yet to be put away, the stacks of mail, the floors that need a deep cleaning, or the table that has the lasting remnants of something wholesome.  You get to see from my kitchen, looking out.  Because you know, thats kind of  priviledge.  We just don’t have anyone in here, you know.  It is for you very special souls, who help make our kitchen into what it is.



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