Photo a Day May: Something that makes you happy – 12.

May 13, 2012 at 12:22 am Leave a comment

The love and bonding that has transpired between these two melts my heart every day.  It is beautiful and meaningful and I am not sure I have ever seen Lily love and fear someone, at the same time, so much.  And I know for CERTAIN that Cade’s first really deep belly laughs were a result of him watching his puppy’s antics.  They are pretty humorous I will give her that.  Cade’s room has become her favourite place to chill and taker her bones and treats to.  When Lily hears Cade waking up in the morning or after a nap, she goes a little loopy.  She gets REALLY excited, and I know that personifying dogs isn’t good and its not excitement its cooped up energy… in this situation, I have to disagree.  She wants to see him so bad.  Then she remembers that he is not always gentle and sometimes actually way too rough, and she watches her back. Then she remembers how much he loves to chase her and play with her and she eggs him on. Then he finds her brush and tries to brush her and she’s gone again. Its neverending.  Their relationship is both extremes.  He finds her hilarious and loves watching her roll around and rub her face and body all over.  But then at the end of the day when we get home and she is going wild (this time it is energy) he cannot handle how overwhelming she can be and he gets super ticked, swats her off of him, and usually has a meltdown. But then during supper time he finds it hilarious how quickly skilled she is at grabbing his food he drops (on purpose) so he is once again amused.  And we cannot forget the time he tried to pick her up. It was so spontaneous and awesome. This is true love, right here. I am glad he will grow up with a dog. He is already learning empathy and everyday he is learning how to treat and work with animals. The same goes for the poochie – she is learning how to live in harmony with a child who is so unpredictable (but she learns fast what his moves are) but mostly, a child who loves the shit out of her. Its pretty darn special.






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