Photo a Day May: Your personality – 31.

May 31, 2012 at 11:43 pm Leave a comment

I mixed up yesterday’s and today’s challenge but alas, here we are. Today’s challenge is your personality. So, for all intents and purposes, mine.

I whipped up a little photo grid and pulled together some photos from the last couple of months that accurately depict a large part of who I am. The rest, you can make your own conclusions for all I care. ;)


Lover. I try to just love. Feel it. Give it. Spread it. Share it. Its hard sometimes but we all could use a bit more of it. That and hugs!
Mother. Self explanatory… ish. This one has huge amazing…. implications? Right word? I am a mom. i am mom. Mom I am. Is it all I am? No. Is it a ginormous part of who I am? Absofrigginlutely. Aaand I love it.  I really ought to expand on what that means for me, ’cause its kind of a big deal. Quite the journey.
Friend. Love em. Miss em. Need em. Cherish em.
Pet owner and lover. Well again. Speaks for itself. We love our dog, and the love between Cade and Lily makes me melt every single day. This pooch has taught us a whole heck of a lot.
Mentor. Leader.Student. Teacher. These all sort of group together for me. I want my life to constantly intellectually challenge me. I want to always be learning about myself, the world, people around me, my family, my partner. Sometimes I want to turn the brain off, yes, and sometimes I do. But generally…
Foodie – in the sense that I just love it. Everything about it. I love trying new things and experimenting.
Advocate. For human rights, ethics, birth rights, children, self-love, women’s health. Gosh I just opened up a can of worms.
We’ll just close it for now…
With regards to health though – this is huge. Personality or not, its related to the food thing and the desire and need to be healthy and treat our bodies kindly by fuelling them with health in so many different forms.
Arts and crafts. I love creativity and I think its a huge passageway into a very special part of our soul. We need to feed and nurture it in whatever way works for us.  Its different for you and I. It is also connected to spirituality and the idea of being grounded and centred. These are huge aspects of me and something I strive towards daily. Whether its a personality thing or not is debatable. To me it feels more internalized than that. But it works and I can run with it.

What would your personality look like in a photo grid?


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