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Photo a Day May: A favourite place – 19.

A favourite place – the place that is the ice cream happy place.  Its a good place to be isn’t it? 



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Photo a Day May: Something you do everyday – 9.

I love everyday.  Sometimes not enough, but never too much.
And seriously? I cannot think of a better way to capture love than with this photo. 
At one point, Lily was close to him and that too would have been a great depiction of love. A capture of my boy un his jammies playing by the river though… perfect.
Just look at that face. Expression. Heart.
That ain’t nothing but love.  Believe me when I say, this boy loves hard.


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Photo a Day May: Someone who inspires you – 7.

Gosh, really? Where do I begin? This sweet little being, the soul full of beauty and love has taken me on the wildest journey that I have ever been.  Who ever thought?  One little boy can hold so very much of the word in his tiny hands.  He can take that world, shake it all around, turn it upside down and all around, and we still have smiles on our faces, crumbs and stains on our clothes, and so very much love to give.  He has inspired me, on a very surface and simple level, to love, to heal, to give, to receive, to battle – in the most gentle but assertive and meaningful sense of the word, and to learn how to find patience.  Sometimes its a struggle.  But it always feels instinctual. Its just the journey, how I get there, thats maybe not.  Thats all a part of the fun, however.  Cadester, you make my world go round.  You teach me.  You glow in this certain way that I have never ever before witnessed. Keep on shinin’ baby boy, mama loves you.


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Photo a Day May: Fun – 4

Today just had to be a tie.  And it was almost tripled because I received some absolutely delicious looking flowers today at work.  Mother’s Day accidentally came early. No qualms here, but I figured the two chosen photos more captured the essence of fun than did flowers, as fun as flowers can be and are.

So I present to you, readership, one of the best ways to start the weekend off, eating a Thai meal with your loves and then frolicking in the outdoors.  Kind of perfect if you ask me.  And… fun.



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It’s Thursday, alright?

Sometimes, mornings are really rough.  They’re even worse when the night before did not go as smooth as I often idealize it in my mind.  Sometimes they don’t go as smooth as they used to go, and since that standard was once set, my hopes are high.  Lately though, they’ve been getting knocked down, because this little peanut sometimes thinks sleeping is for babies.  And heaven forbid he is still a baby, ’cause he’s a big kiddo now.

Oh babies, oh kidlets, they keep us on our toes.

So it’s really a blessing that I have these… bribes?  Awesomes?  Lovelies?… in my life, to motivate me to drag my sorry, tired arse out of my warm, cozy bed.
For reals – THIS, THESE, THEM… are what get me out of bed. Each. and. every. day.

And of course, cannot forget our dear canine companion.


What do you get up for on those really rough mornings?  

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To me, autumn has always stood for ‘change’ or at least the strong desire for change.  I get antsy at the end of summer, knowing fall is coming.  Fall always meant transition in terms of the school years.  I’d start grade 1, then 2… then high school… then university, then so on.  The first fall not going to university was weird, because I felt like I was playing some weird form of hooky.  Typically I want to do things in fall like take up a new hobby, change my sense of fashion, get a new hairstyle, or do something drastic.

This year, we’re going for low-key.


The new template.  I checked out the new templates on WordPress, and this one specifically called out to me.  In a month, maybe it won’t, but for now, I’m all about the simplicity, the minimalistic approach.  There’s a few different things with the template – mainly being that blog subscriptions, recent & top posts, categories & tags, and archives are now at the very bottom of the page.  Other than that, I like how it’s streamlined.  I’m a fan of tweaking, and so I’d like to eventually tweak the template to my liking.  I love making new headers, so that might be something I attempt as well.

This weekend has been a busy one so far, and so my posts are always scrambled, ramshackled posts put together at the very end of the night, into the wee morning hours.  Not productive for my creative needs in the least, but it is what it is.

The biggie of the day, aside from the cake batter frozen yogurt topped with a whole shwack load of goodies from Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar, is that my boy is TEN MONTHS OLD.  So insane.  So bizarre.  So surreal.  He has been earthside longer]

than he has been wombside and that?  THAT is just, wow.  I still have days where I look at him, smiling, rolling, climbing, crawling around and think to myself, fer real?  You are mine?  Forever and ever?  How did I get this lucky?  How did I score this amazing life?  Of course, there are days where I look at him, screaming, crying, fighting sleep SO very VERY hard, and standing/climbing/sitting when he is supposed to be sleeping and think to myself, fer real?  You are mine?  AND YOU WON’T SLEEP?  NOT EVER?  How did I get this tired, this sleep-deprived?

But so yes, a whopping 10 months old he is, which, as I mentioned a couple posts ago, means we’re only 2 months away from Doomsday, rather, this mama’s return to work.  Can’t focus on it, can’t focus on it, can’t focus on it.  For now, I shall and I must and I will enjoy my boy to the fullest extent possible.   I just hate feeling like the next 2 months have to be solely spent preparing him for daycare, ensuring his sleep is top-notch, and ensuring he is ready.  I get that those things are important, but seriously, I’d rather be laughing and putting funny things on my head to entertain my boy rather than stressing out over ensuring that such and such “habit” is kicked because gosh forbid he carries that particular “habit” with him to daycare.  Double sigh.   HE.  IS.  A.  BABY.  With baby needs.  And really, my priority, is meeting those needs.

I ain’t no sucker, I’m just a mama.

Happy 10 months to my precious, <3

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It’s So Much More Than Just The Thighs.


I’ve thought to myself many times, will my son ever forgive me for some of the pictures I post of him, publicly, on the Internet?  Will he care that his most beautiful, most precious baby thighs are slapped here, amongst a few late-night words, not ONLY for the sake of a post, but for the bulk of a post, at least?

There’s really so much more to it than that.  I’ve often wondered to myself, should I be blogging so much about my son’s life, should I be plastering his photos for all the world to see?  I’ve thought about it so much, and really, that is a post for another day.  I’m curious about other mama’s bloggers perspectives on this, and if they have certain personal ‘rules’ they abide by.  I mean, obviously there’s some things I just wouldn’t blog about.  But I have blogged about our take on circumcision, for example, and our choices and decisions around that.  Will he care, when he’s 10 and essentially everybody knows about his most precious boy parts?
The ethics of it all.  Not even just that, the morality, humanity aspect of it too.  I obviously would never seek to exploit or harm my child, or to damage him, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically.  I want nothing but the best for my baby.  By exercising my creativity and my quest for inner peace and spirituality, am I harming my son’s sense of self in the process?  It’s really up for debate, and I don’t think there is a right answer.  I do think there are lines that need to and should be drawn, and I think as he gets older, we will figure out exactly where and how those lines need to be drawn indeed.  But for now, this face-less photo of the cutest baby thighs I ever did see.  It’s late, and I am partially posting just to post, but mostly, I am posting because this is something that I’ve thought about incessantly and I don’t want to forget about it.
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Baby! xo!












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