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Photo a Day May: Something beautiful – 30.

Today, amidst the hustle bustle of the work week and the congestion of traffic. And the insanity that life can sometimes be. And the longing to just beeeee with my boy.  There was beauty. You sometimes have to search high and low to find it. I know I do. But its usually there, somewhere. That is all part of the journey, is seeking out the beauty, and oh what a journey this can be.  To be honest, I am constantly surrounded by a lot of beauty. Theres the obvious people, things, activities, thoughts that generate such.  They keep me going, and if I may there are even days where I classify myself into that group. C’mon, if I cannot see my own self in a desirable light, how the F am I supposed to find it elsewhere? Thems the breaks, s’pose thats why some days are just so dang difficult, why some days that glorious light can be so darn hard to find.
But where I was going with this was, today I saw the sun and it looked and felt wonderful. I was on the way to pick up lovebugboy from daycare and life was good, my new prescription sunglasses (!!!) were working their magic, and the day was overoverover. That sun shone and shone and warmed and warmed. Just the right amount too. I was not scorching nor was I blinded and headachey and blinded by the brightness. It was perfect, balmy, and beautiful. To top the night off, we went for our usual evening walk and that fresh newly summer air was just right.
What was that something beautiful in your day today?



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Photo a Day May: Love – 15.

Today felt long and I am feeling spent and burnt.  Unfortunately capturing a photo of love may not have been at the forefront of my memory today. Fortunately it was the love of a little boy that helped guide me through the trickier moments.  It comes with the territory of being a parent, I think.  How can I be sad when my boy is looking at me with such concern, such empathy, and such… love?  Those eyes. Those words. Oh he was saying the most beautiful things and I could not help but to cradle him close.  Wowwee is he ever empathetic and caring. I mean, I knew that already, but you know.

So love.

It means so much and I am far too tired and in need of chill that I cannot expand the way I want to.  Do we all need a bit more of it in our lives? Um heck yeah.  It surely would not do any harm. But then why do we resist it, I will never know.

In case I need to further explain the photos, love to me is the cornerstone of exploration, trust and community.  Can I really stand on this toy case, and trust myself to do it? Why yes I can. I am safe and I have got this.  Love and let go, love and let go.  But its not what it sounds.  By letting go we love harder and deeper.  Oh so deeper.

And can I just say one thing? In regards to love? My son has helped me reach for it, seek it out, and express it more.  He has helped me to love and to know what that means.  Gosh.  What a gift.  He has taught me the importance of supports and community.  In parenting. In loving. In life, in anything really. We need each other and we need ourselves. And oh gee how I am so grateful to have a great lot of you.
It takes a darn village.



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Photo a Day May: Grass – 14.


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Photo a Day May: Kitchen – 11.

Not going to lie, my kitchen, our whole house, has turned into toddler town.  Really? There’s a small block in the pot in the cupboard? Bizzaro. And his play kitchen has a sock, a cracker, and a toy on each of the play shelves. Its amuaing and fascinating to me. 

I sometimes struggle with the general tidyness issues that are a direct correlation to having a toddler. Not because I don’t want him to explore, but because I just feel like I am drowning and can’t keep up.  For the amount of stuff we have, our kitchen is probably proportionately the smallest room in the house, and so when its out of sorts, I can be too. I am learning, people. I have got a lot to let go of, and as i said, l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g.

So despite the sometimes chaos (at times fun chaos) I sort of like the kitchen. I like making food.  Creating dishes.  Seeing what new healthy meal or snack I can make for my family.  This is a way, only one way, of which I thoroughly enjoy nurturing and nourishing my family and my friends.  So a kitchen can be chaotic, but its got a lot of stuff, too. Memories of routine family togetherness.  Good conversations had over  glass of wine or a cup of tea, both beverages might I add, may just help us all solve the world’s problems.  Today, as real as I am trying to be, you will not see the mess, the dirty dishes, the clean dishes yet to be put away, the stacks of mail, the floors that need a deep cleaning, or the table that has the lasting remnants of something wholesome.  You get to see from my kitchen, looking out.  Because you know, thats kind of  priviledge.  We just don’t have anyone in here, you know.  It is for you very special souls, who help make our kitchen into what it is.


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Photo a Day May: A smell you adore – 8.

I almost put up a photo of my morning coffee, or the fresh blackberries I had for lunch, and even considered another photo of the boy (because we all know and love that baby smell, delicious), but when it all came down to it, I had to go with the very… thing that breathes the life, delicious, heaven scent smell into all of these – the one and only, air.  And of course, it has to be fresh.  Today was a day I have been waiting for, the day where I could sprawl out on the grass, my boy in my lap, and just breathe it in, take it all, one inhale at a time.  Yum.  And then, 5 o’clock daily freakout started, and that wonderful, calming, soulful thing called breathing it in became even more critical. Breathe. Fresh. Air. A constant reminder, to loosen up, to ease the anxiety, to chill.  And I will say this, toddlerhood is intense. I feel like it is a parenting secret that no one let me in on.  Maybe its a blocked memory? But oh.  Oh no. No no no. It is intense in the very best way.  These little souls are doing and learning and seeing so much. That is crazy, a wild ride, incredible.  Aaaand  then there is the other extreme.  Intense as well, and a little more… taxing? Taxing. I am trying to organize my life in my brain before I write, but right now all I can think of is the intense nature of it all.  And does anyone else think being a work-out-of-the-home mom is crazy nutty? Who thought of this anyway? Sigh. Breathe. Fresh. Air.


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Photo a Day May: Someone who inspires you – 7.

Gosh, really? Where do I begin? This sweet little being, the soul full of beauty and love has taken me on the wildest journey that I have ever been.  Who ever thought?  One little boy can hold so very much of the word in his tiny hands.  He can take that world, shake it all around, turn it upside down and all around, and we still have smiles on our faces, crumbs and stains on our clothes, and so very much love to give.  He has inspired me, on a very surface and simple level, to love, to heal, to give, to receive, to battle – in the most gentle but assertive and meaningful sense of the word, and to learn how to find patience.  Sometimes its a struggle.  But it always feels instinctual. Its just the journey, how I get there, thats maybe not.  Thats all a part of the fun, however.  Cadester, you make my world go round.  You teach me.  You glow in this certain way that I have never ever before witnessed. Keep on shinin’ baby boy, mama loves you.


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Soooooooo guess who is getting in touch with her creative side once again seemingly out of nowhere?

Do you think Facebook Detox 2012 has anything to do with it?  I’m going to go with, ummmm YES.

I amped up (or down, depending on what you think of it) the blog template for a fresh spring change of pace, and I’m hittin’ the ground running with these darn photo books I’ve been meaning to make and gift since, eeeeeerrrr only DECEMBER.  With a minor amount of digging and searching and reading I found some ideas on how to use the online photo book printers but with my own templates.  I’m using Adobe Photoshop Elements to make my own pages, and then I’m just uploading them as images and dropping them into the program’s basic layout.   This idea is modelled after one of my most favourite blogger’s idea.   Mine is pretty basic, as I’m just learning, but that is ultimately what I aspire to.  My other aspiration?  To make one of these books annually.  For our parents, and for us.  I’m pretty sure The Cadester will thoroughly love looking through them.   I also found this super helpful little tutorial which also reviews several of the digital scrapbooking online printers, and led me to try out artscow this time around.  It received a good rating (5 stars) and is pretty much half the price of another of the leading printers.   I know you can’t beat quality, so I am going to make one, print it, and see how it turns out before I order them in bulk.

The other outlet, while not as productive maybe, is   It’s fun, fast, and I’m a fan of the privacy sharing settings.  You can find me there, my username is trista_dawn and I’m in lockdown mode, so if you wanna look, you gotta ask.

I’m pretty sure I have to tell y’all about my experience with the social worker who specializes in holistic healing/homeopathy, but that’s another story for another time.  All I can say for now is, not what I expected, but that’s good.   I feel like we skimmed the surface on a lot of things going on for me, which is fine and dandy.  It felt good to be validated and reassured.  I just received the remedies in the mail today, and they were custom-made for and by me, meaning, I had a major hand in deciding (whether subconsciously or not) what exactly these blends consist of.

One thing I do want to say is, ever since this shift in my reliance on technology (aka FACEBOOK DITCH), I have felt more at ease, calmer, and more present in the present.  It ain’t rocket science, people.  I know what’s going on.  I’m not saying it’ll happen for you, but give it a thought.  If you don’t want to completely deactivate it, even just delete the app from your phone.  Smartphones are like those nasty wolves (honestly though, I kinda like wolves and I think they’re pretty fantastic, but you know what I mean) dressed up all cutesy like sheep.  Yeesh.


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