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Photo a Day May: Your personality – 31.

I mixed up yesterday’s and today’s challenge but alas, here we are. Today’s challenge is your personality. So, for all intents and purposes, mine.

I whipped up a little photo grid and pulled together some photos from the last couple of months that accurately depict a large part of who I am. The rest, you can make your own conclusions for all I care. ;)


Lover. I try to just love. Feel it. Give it. Spread it. Share it. Its hard sometimes but we all could use a bit more of it. That and hugs!
Mother. Self explanatory… ish. This one has huge amazing…. implications? Right word? I am a mom. i am mom. Mom I am. Is it all I am? No. Is it a ginormous part of who I am? Absofrigginlutely. Aaand I love it.  I really ought to expand on what that means for me, ’cause its kind of a big deal. Quite the journey.
Friend. Love em. Miss em. Need em. Cherish em.
Pet owner and lover. Well again. Speaks for itself. We love our dog, and the love between Cade and Lily makes me melt every single day. This pooch has taught us a whole heck of a lot.
Mentor. Leader.Student. Teacher. These all sort of group together for me. I want my life to constantly intellectually challenge me. I want to always be learning about myself, the world, people around me, my family, my partner. Sometimes I want to turn the brain off, yes, and sometimes I do. But generally…
Foodie – in the sense that I just love it. Everything about it. I love trying new things and experimenting.
Advocate. For human rights, ethics, birth rights, children, self-love, women’s health. Gosh I just opened up a can of worms.
We’ll just close it for now…
With regards to health though – this is huge. Personality or not, its related to the food thing and the desire and need to be healthy and treat our bodies kindly by fuelling them with health in so many different forms.
Arts and crafts. I love creativity and I think its a huge passageway into a very special part of our soul. We need to feed and nurture it in whatever way works for us.  Its different for you and I. It is also connected to spirituality and the idea of being grounded and centred. These are huge aspects of me and something I strive towards daily. Whether its a personality thing or not is debatable. To me it feels more internalized than that. But it works and I can run with it.

What would your personality look like in a photo grid?


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Photo a Day May: Something beautiful – 30.

Today, amidst the hustle bustle of the work week and the congestion of traffic. And the insanity that life can sometimes be. And the longing to just beeeee with my boy.  There was beauty. You sometimes have to search high and low to find it. I know I do. But its usually there, somewhere. That is all part of the journey, is seeking out the beauty, and oh what a journey this can be.  To be honest, I am constantly surrounded by a lot of beauty. Theres the obvious people, things, activities, thoughts that generate such.  They keep me going, and if I may there are even days where I classify myself into that group. C’mon, if I cannot see my own self in a desirable light, how the F am I supposed to find it elsewhere? Thems the breaks, s’pose thats why some days are just so dang difficult, why some days that glorious light can be so darn hard to find.
But where I was going with this was, today I saw the sun and it looked and felt wonderful. I was on the way to pick up lovebugboy from daycare and life was good, my new prescription sunglasses (!!!) were working their magic, and the day was overoverover. That sun shone and shone and warmed and warmed. Just the right amount too. I was not scorching nor was I blinded and headachey and blinded by the brightness. It was perfect, balmy, and beautiful. To top the night off, we went for our usual evening walk and that fresh newly summer air was just right.
What was that something beautiful in your day today?


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Photo a Day May: A number – 29.

I tried to be a human 7, a human 4, and a human 1.  Cade and I tried to be a human 1 together. But it was not as perfect of a capture as this. This is what I wanted. This is a photo of a number. And oh so much more.


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Photo a Day May: Unusual – 25.

Its a good word in this house.  Or it can be anyway.
This photo may be a little unusual looking but whats going on in it really isn’t. We are basking in the end of the day excitement and need to be free and run around. That happens daily so really its not that unusual. Our faces however may appear unusual but they are full of awesome love weekend vibes. And the green pants may be a tad unusual but mostly they are comfy and so fun. So theres that.


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Photo a Day May: Something new – 24.

I am obsessed with Winners.
I found the skirt I have been searching for there, last night.
I am in heaven. My boy has a ton of clothes and this mama was just not up to par with that.  Was.
I am now.  Woop. Green pants, check. 
Summer, here we come.


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Photo a Day May: Love – 15.

Today felt long and I am feeling spent and burnt.  Unfortunately capturing a photo of love may not have been at the forefront of my memory today. Fortunately it was the love of a little boy that helped guide me through the trickier moments.  It comes with the territory of being a parent, I think.  How can I be sad when my boy is looking at me with such concern, such empathy, and such… love?  Those eyes. Those words. Oh he was saying the most beautiful things and I could not help but to cradle him close.  Wowwee is he ever empathetic and caring. I mean, I knew that already, but you know.

So love.

It means so much and I am far too tired and in need of chill that I cannot expand the way I want to.  Do we all need a bit more of it in our lives? Um heck yeah.  It surely would not do any harm. But then why do we resist it, I will never know.

In case I need to further explain the photos, love to me is the cornerstone of exploration, trust and community.  Can I really stand on this toy case, and trust myself to do it? Why yes I can. I am safe and I have got this.  Love and let go, love and let go.  But its not what it sounds.  By letting go we love harder and deeper.  Oh so deeper.

And can I just say one thing? In regards to love? My son has helped me reach for it, seek it out, and express it more.  He has helped me to love and to know what that means.  Gosh.  What a gift.  He has taught me the importance of supports and community.  In parenting. In loving. In life, in anything really. We need each other and we need ourselves. And oh gee how I am so grateful to have a great lot of you.
It takes a darn village.



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Photo a Day May: Mum – 13.

So naturally the subject of today’s challenge would be mum, or mom as some of us say.  Gosh, what a loaded one really.  Again we have got a tie for today’s photo. I could not only pick one because, well… you will see.

My mom gave me life, breath, and love.  She gave me these things, among so many others but those captivate it all pretty well, and I gave the same to another being.  And he gave these things to me, too. Its such a full and crazy intense cycle of life that it constantly blows me away.  Its pretty normal. But pretty darn fascinating. 

So as you can see, I surely cannot just show a photo of my mom.  And not only that, but she is so much more than just a photo.  She started this whole mom thing for me.  And her mom started it for her and so on. Like I said it blows my mind; its so out of this world and so incredibly beautiful. 

I was supposed to see my mom today, but things did not work out.  I had planned to capture a picturesque photo of my mom with my son and I, but alas, here we are.

Because I am a little bit proud, I have also added a photo of Cade’s first daycare craft, made for me.  It is the loveliest gift ever and I am excited to see what it grows into, which should be a sunflower.  The poem that goes along with it brought me to tears.  It sums the previous choppy fragmented paragraphs I just wrote up very nicely.  xo.



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