Photo a Day May: Unusual – 25.

Its a good word in this house.  Or it can be anyway.
This photo may be a little unusual looking but whats going on in it really isn’t. We are basking in the end of the day excitement and need to be free and run around. That happens daily so really its not that unusual. Our faces however may appear unusual but they are full of awesome love weekend vibes. And the green pants may be a tad unusual but mostly they are comfy and so fun. So theres that.



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Photo a Day May: Something new – 24.

I am obsessed with Winners.
I found the skirt I have been searching for there, last night.
I am in heaven. My boy has a ton of clothes and this mama was just not up to par with that.  Was.
I am now.  Woop. Green pants, check. 
Summer, here we come.


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Photo a Day May: Technology – 23.

This is one of our favourite forms of it lately.  Arrested Development, Sesame Street and Spongebob. So good. It is amazing how something so awesome can be so financially accessible.  Netflix was very good to me in the early newborn days when I had a boy who loved to cuddle, sleep and eat with me all the time. I powered through The L Word when I was on maternity leave and loved every second of it. Many a memory is spent cuddling with my boy and accidentally falling asleep and waking up to the black with red detailed home screen of Netflix. We are huge fans of it in this house, so huge that we ditched the cable six months ago and haven’t looked back since. No need.


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Photo a Day May: Pink – 22.

It was a rainy and gloomy day of wind today and unfortunately, lacked a lot of pink.  I had my eyes peeled too.

Right before we all wound down for the evening, pink entered our lives in the best form – play.  Play between a boy and his dog.

Lily dug out her pink flamingo toy, and as soon as Cade got wind, he was game for anything. He got a hold of her toy and copied how she wrestles her toys with her mouth.  Perfect and adorable.  And clearly this was what my photo capture of the day was supposed to be.


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Photo a Day May: Where I stand – 21.

This was where I stood for a good chunk of the weekend.  In the wilderness (kinda).  The wind was pretty fierce but the clouds and sun even more so.  They persevered and came out ahead in the end.
Wish I could wake up and see nature and life like this every morning.  How we must learn (or maybe its just me?) to treasure those finer moments.  A morning coffee in the backyard while the boy plays.  A just woke up groggy caffeing perking up conversation with my loved ones. A late night snuggle with the one and only.  Life is grand, and its a four day week, and again next week too, so we’ve got that.
Where I stand.


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Photo a Day May: Something you can’t live without – 20.

And this is just a portion of ’em.
But a grand portion indeed.
That toddler, that green shirted dude, that poochy. 
Well hoo boy. The rest ain’t so bad either ;)


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Photo a Day May: A favourite place – 19.

A favourite place – the place that is the ice cream happy place.  Its a good place to be isn’t it? 


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