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I’ve been sort of MIA as of late, well as of the last post really.  There’s three main themes to why I’ve been MIA:

1) I got a Wii for my birthday.

2) Lack of motivation/seasonal-induced blahness.

3) Books/dogs/sleep aka, the other stuff that fills my days.

I’m trying to figure out a solid way to sell some prints, an online order form of sorts as Krista did.  I’m going to consult with her regarding her expert creative sales tactics.  I also work with a very positive, very inspirational young woman who has started to sell her artwork and has obviously had an influence on me doing the same.  I’m wondering about this watermark biz – it looks sort of tacky, gawdy, with (c) sprawled all cross the photos.  I am so non-professional about all this selling stuff but I probably am not totally convincing anyone that investing in some of my prints is a great idea, but I promise to you it is.

It’s all about me learning, and I’ve got to start somewhere.  I’m being honest – I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know a whole lot about business ethics/etiquette, but I’m figuring it out.  I want to spread the love, share the joy, and aside from how I already do that (positive nature, compassion, listening), I want to share it on a more universal level, I want to share a piece of me I’ve never really shared before.  Because I’ve been too scared, too afraid of judgment.

I have this vision when it comes to selling photos, promoting my art.  I feel really weird to say ‘my art’ because it’s more of just, this is what I do, this is how I see the world – which I guess essentially is art.  Though to be completely honest I am not entirely sure what art is.  I’m sure that’s an ongoing dialogue based on who you talk to.

Anyway, I envision vintage wood frames with most of my photos – though a plain thick black frame would do as well.  Perhaps a nice thick mat around the photo, to put an emphasis on framing it.  I picture them in offices – to promote a calm energy, a relaxing work environment.  I imagine having an artist statement that captures me, my work and my reason for doing what I do – art-related or not.  I picture business cards, designed by yours truly.  And obviously as a framework, the grounding for what I do, I picture the camera as my eyes, and a fraction of my heart, my soul, as what the camera, my eyes – produces.
PS: The Wii is awesome.  Boxing gives me a workout, Mario is equally fun and frustrating, and I am done with winter and anxiously awaiting spring-like weather so I can go for romantic warm evening walks with my loves in the form of a) human and b) canine.



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Doin’ my thang.

Pretty much a year ago to the date, I created a folder on my computer titled “Photography to Sell” because I was in a mood where I felt motivated and wanted to give the whole doing-my-own-thing project a shot.  Fast forward a year and here I am, not having even touched that folder.  I read Krista’s blog the other day and she totally inspired me because she’s going to sell some of her photography as well.  (PS Go check out her lovely blog/photography/self)  I don’t know if I am stepping on anyone’s toes as far as sales go in the blog world, but I kind of have a If I Don’t Do It Now I Won’t Do It mindset at the moment

So, I’m going to attempt this.  Who knows.  I might be shit out of luck and secretly you’ll all snicker behind my back about what I’m doing.  I really don’t care, I’m doing this for myself not anybody else, right?  Well not entirely, of course.  Not that I wouldn’t love to see some of my photos grace your wall, of course, and share my art times with y’all.  Everyone has got to have some sort of a start.

I did some research on prices, postage, how to send these so the photos won’t get ruined, and I’m going to start out with a price of $20 per 8×10 photo.  That includes shipping, tax, everything.  (If I don’t have to mail it to you, it’s $15) This whole pricing thing feels strange.  Aside from garage sales, I’ve never had to deal with setting prices.  I think that is reasonable as it covers postage, costs for printing at a photography shop here in the city, a wee bit for my time, and then a little wee bit extra.  Either comment or e-mail me at or Facebook me or whatever your preferred communication is and we can set something up.

I have other photos that I haven’t put up yet.  I’m going to start with these 9 – they’re some of my faves.  Happy looking.  For now I’m going to go listen to DJ music with lazers, organs and appropriate beats.  Saturday!


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On January 1, 2010, I started a very thorough, detailed journal.  I have been noting when I go to bed, when I wake up, what foods I eat, a brief outline of what I did that day, and a longer blurb about my overall moods (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) experienced that day.  I will also be charting when the new moon/full moon occurs and when the first day of my menstrual cycle is.  I want to attempt to recognize solid patterns – the patterns that make up my whole entire being.  I want to see at what point in the month am I intellectually the sharpest.  I want to understand which foods affect my gut-rot.  I want to know when my creativity and spirituality is being thoroughly nurtured and fueled.  I already am quite aware of my menstrual cycle but I want to be able to understand how it is interconnected with every other part of my being and with the lunar cycle as well.  At this point it’s fairly trial and error – I’m seeing what works for me.  In a month I may think this is stupid and abandon all pen and paper activities related to thorough journaling.  Or, the better option of the two, I will realize how beneficial this is to me and my relationships with others.  I kind of have this thing where I suck at sticking to habits, and I know that’s because I lack motivation after something becomes “boring” – it’s similar to why I cannot watch stand-up comedy and why shiny squishy things are sometimes EXTREMELY interesting.

And on that note, with my whole new journaling endeavours as well as my renewed commitment to this blog, I have decided that this is connected to my journal which is connected to me.  And so photos and words it is.


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the only good thing about the impending winter season.


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Time Lapsed.

It’s been a really really long time and I feel like I failed myself and my desire to nurture my creativity.  I want to pursue this, I want this to turn into something.  I just mean something for myself, for my friends, for my family, but yes mostly for me.  Winter has come and it’s lingering around, like that annoying mosquito in the room.  I want it to be gone, I want my drive back.  I want to start this back up again and I haven’t taken any new photos really at all.  I’m lying – I have, but not to the standard that I set for myself when I initially started this blog.  I’m really going to try and I guess I’ll consider this as a second attempt.  Later y’all.  Enjoy the run.

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35 mm photo 6 030

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