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Photo a Day May: Where I stand – 21.

This was where I stood for a good chunk of the weekend.  In the wilderness (kinda).  The wind was pretty fierce but the clouds and sun even more so.  They persevered and came out ahead in the end.
Wish I could wake up and see nature and life like this every morning.  How we must learn (or maybe its just me?) to treasure those finer moments.  A morning coffee in the backyard while the boy plays.  A just woke up groggy caffeing perking up conversation with my loved ones. A late night snuggle with the one and only.  Life is grand, and its a four day week, and again next week too, so we’ve got that.
Where I stand.



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Photo a Day May: Something you can’t live without – 20.

And this is just a portion of ’em.
But a grand portion indeed.
That toddler, that green shirted dude, that poochy. 
Well hoo boy. The rest ain’t so bad either ;)


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summer peeking trees.


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