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Photo a Day May: Something you made – 18.

Hummus and veg platter.
Its all I’ve got today folks.



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I <3 Autumn.

Autumn is both kind to me and aggravating.  But mostly kind.   Out of all the seasons, autumn and I get along the best, and I think the boy is going to be the same.  He seems to be thriving now that the leaves are falling.  He is happy, and his sleep is totally getting in check.  But most of all, he is happy.  He enjoys fall food.  He loves slow-cooked chicken and vegetables, squash, sweet potatoes.  I’m pretty certain he is going to take a liking to the pumpkin muffins + loaf sitting on the counter cooling off, too.

Autumn is nostalgic to me, every year, but particularly this year.  Last fall, I was in such anticipation for the baby in my belly.  I wanted to meet him or her so bad, but I knew it would be some time.  Kyle was gone a lot with work, and so it was just the pooch and I.  We’d go for a walk every morning, and loved the crisp air.  After I got home from work, we’d walk, and then make supper and crash for the night.  I’d feel my baby moving around inside of me mostly at night, and so that’s how I fell asleep.

This year, fall is different.  I love it just the same, and every year brings about the need for change in my life.  In the past, fall always signified back to school, which was always a big change, especially from elementary to high school and high school to university.  Now, I just ache and yearn for a different haircut, or a different style.  New shoes.  Different things to cook.  Different activities to do.  House re-organization.  Nesting things, really.  Last fall, I nested hard.  While I’m nostalgic, and obviously life is completely different now that it has been so delightfully graced with a mini, it’s hard to crunch in the leaves, feel the fall air, when I know, that it’s different this time.

Last fall, I anticipated my baby so much.  I anticipated being done work, and focusing all my energies on my growing wee one, being home with the babe and the pooch.  This fall, my stomach aches, flips and flops, when I think about what the next month brings.  Work.  Out of home work.  When I left my job, as much as I really do love my job (I do!), I was done.  Pregnancy brought about hormones I didn’t know existed in me, and with that, I was a bit of an… assertive woman, though like I’ve said before, some might say, aggressive.  Bossy.  Snotty, even.  I still do and always will beg to differ :)  Needless to say, I was really really excited to just be off, away from everything work-related, for a whole year.  It sounded like such a long time.  And now… I’m so close to it.  So close to going back.  I’m excited to be surrounded by some amazing work cronies (and friends!), but it’s getting me down.  It’s going to be such a change.  I think the boy is going to adjust better than his mama.  I really do still have a lot to learn from him.

But for now, I really don’t want to think about it or talk about it.  It’s a constant theme though.  Instead of last fall, “when’s your last day?” it’s now, “when do you go back to work?” said with such a sullen, gloomy disappointment.  For good reason.

But, fall!  Fall is glorious.  Like I said, every fall I want some sort of change.  This fall, I’m aching for a new wardrobe, a new sense of style.  I would love a personal shopper who can tell me what I need to wear to look awesome.  I don’t even so much care about fashion as much as this makes it sound like I do.  I just need a look that is me, and I don’t even want to have to apologize for that.  I have spent too long fighting against myself (that is another post for another day) and for now, I just want to work with it, with this body, with this mind, heart + soul.

This fall, I am all about the pumpkin.  I have been pinning and searching for pumpkin recipes and pumpkin latte recipes like mad.  I almost picked up baking and cooking supplies to make pumpkin muffins, loaf, AND lattes this week, but I stopped at muffins.   Actually, I’m going to share this recipe from a friend because it turned out so wonderful.  And I can’t bake.

Streusel Topped Pumpkin Muffins

Streusel Topping:
2 Tbl spoons brown sugar
2 Tbl spoons finely chopped nuts
1 Tbl spoon all-purpose flour
1/4 Tbl spoon margarine or softened butter

1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup canned pumpkin (not pie filling)
1/3 cup oil
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 cup chopped nuts
1/4 cup rainsins (optional)

Pre heat oven to 400. Will yield 12 muffins.
Mis wet ingredients until blended, add the dry. Add mixture to either lined or greased muffin tin. Batter will be clumpy.
Sprinkle streusel topping evenly over batter.
Bake for 18 to 22 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

I doubled the recipe and made 12 muffins and one loaf.  Also, I used 1/2 cup of brown sugar and then about 1/3 cup of agave nectar, just to cut down on the sugar.  I also used whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and they turned out lovely as lovely can be.

I also ventured into the borscht making territory last week, and it was an absolute and total SUCCESS.   Seriously, that stuff is so healthy and so easy to make, just takes a bit of time to grate up all those hearty beets.  For anyone who doesn’t know what borscht is, here.

I decided to just wing it, and so I didn’t really measure anything.  Instead, I will present to you my recipe for:

The Best Thrown Together Borscht.  Ever. 


3 Beets (I grated them but you can chop them up too)

3 Celery Stalks (chopped)

8 Carrots (chopped)

1/2 Onion (diced)

A bunch of dill

Veggie broth (I think I made 8-10 cups worth)

Pepper to taste

Toss all those delicious ingredients into a pot, and boil for a bit.  Then cook on medium for a bit more, and then simmer for awhile until the veggies are nice and soft, the beets are cooked, and everything looks marvelous and you want to swim in the delicious red soup.

Make sure you make a huge mess with the beets and make your kitchen look like it has potential to be a crime scene.

When I eat my borscht, I add a bit of cream to it, just because, well, you know.  I also add a bit more pepper.  You can even add cream when you are making it, too, but I prefer to just add to taste.


So, with that, I went from talking about the awesomeness of fall, to the darkness of fall that I sometimes slip in, to food.  That about sums up autumn.  Happy October!  Go do some good in your kitchen, make something awesome, and let’s have a food-off.  xo.




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Totally did this and did not publish.  Woops.  So I haven’t posted every day but technically I have.  Just not published.  Sigh Sigh.

Anyway this is my favourite treat as of late and is super duper easy and not THAT unhealthy, plus kicks the sweet cravings like that.

*picture stolen from Pinterest, so not my fingers shazam*

Take a banana, cut it in 4-6 chunks, depending on banana size.  Melt about 1/3-2/3 carob or chocolate chips and 1/3-2/3 peanut butter (we used the natural stuff for an extra dose of health.  Roll those bad boy bananas in the delicious melted mix, and then put them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Sprinkle coconut on  top and freeze for an hour-ish.  I read somewhere that the banana would taste like vanilla soft serve and I don’t know if it does or if psychologically I just psyched myself up for that, but, it kind of does.  Magical really.

This would be a good treat for kiddos, adults, and even poochies.  Dunno bout yours, but my canine companion loves bananas, probably her favourite food, as well as for her birthdays we often make her a ‘cake’ with natural peanut butter (just peanuts) and carob in place of chocolate, so this stuff is totally doable.  Birthday banana bites anybody?

Enjoy my friends.

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Happy Hump Day <3

What made your hump day happy?


  • Pulled pork sandwich with dear friends and their sweet little sweetie-pie.
  • Baby smiles and baby giggles, but most of all, baby hugs and slobbery baby kisses.
  • Waking up to doggy-kisses, albeit stinky ones, but ones none-the-less.
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee. 
  • Lots of walks with friends, babies, and the poochie. 
  • Crisp, cool, but not-too-cool autumn air. 
  • Ready-to-eat single service cookie dough over chatter with a bestie.
  • Perusing through One World Birth.  I <3 Birth.  That has been made clear I think.  I also think being a Doula is in my future.  Some day, some day…
  • Loose Leaf Tea & Drop Dead Diva, in bed on the laptop.
  • Talking to my main-man, who is currently “on the road”.
  • Discovering and following along with the Saskatoon Food Basket Challenge.

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C25K: Week 9 Day 3, The End!

Or, graduation, as it is called in the Couch-2-5K world.


I am so stinkin’ proud of myself for completing this program, for running 3 days a week for 9 weeks, no setbacks, nothing, just perks and awesome progress.

I conquered a fear.  I went from a place of complete and utter exhaustion after several interval runs of 60 seconds each, to this, to 30 minutes of running non-stop, and to feeling like I could continue to pound the pavement for many more minutes.   I’ve stuck to my word and I’ve run 3 times a week, as well as basically walked every day of the week.  I have NOT done strength training on the off days as planned, but I do plan to.   That’s the hardest part though – setting out and doing it.  Heading off to the gym, or even the backyard, with a few weights, and going at ‘er.  This is something that I really need to do though, because I really feel my lung capacity building and building, but my overall body strength doesn’t really seem to match up.  I feel like I am and would be capable of more more more and my endurance could be greater, it’s just that I need to build myself up.

I also have not taken weekly photos or measured myself weekly as I had planned.  That’s kind of a bummer, but I’m okay with it.  I would like to measure myself this weekend, weigh myself, and see officially where I’m at.  I think I’ve lost about 11-12 lbs, given what the scale tells me on any given morning, which is my own personal legit weigh-in that I have come to rely on.  The most important thing of all is I feel stronger, I feel healthier, and I feel happier.  The running has taken over this huge health component of my life and has strongly encouraged me to pursue other healthy habits.  Everything in my life, since having Cade, has had such an amazing and positive domino effect that shit, I really have a LOT to thank that little guy for.  For reals though.  Cloth diapers have motivated me to be more enviro-friendly in other areas of my life, hence my deep desire to get a Diva Cup very soon, to use our own cleaning supplies and rid of the chemicals, to minimize the use of plastic snack bags and what have you.  Exercising with such a strong and intense purpose has motivated me to put good stuff into my body, to consume loads and loads of water, and to model this to my boy, so he in turn will feel good about treating his body with respect and love.  Gosh, I really do owe this little angel a lot.  Give it up for Cade, y’all!  And that’s not even the half of it.  Cripes.

I shed a few tears on my run last night.  Did I mention that I am also a sensitive and fragile being since I’ve experienced pregnancy, birthing and becoming a mother?  It’s ridic.  I cry at everything.  I think I actually have mentioned it. It’s a pretty strong and rampant theme in my life right now, so it absolutely trails into my running. I’m one of those saps that chokes up at silly TV commercials. I am one of them.

This whole journey has been extremely emotional and empowering for me. I have shown myself that I can DO things. This body is capable of a whole lot that I might not have thought it was a couple years ago. A whole lot of it is mental. I really had to put my mind to it, I really had to set out and convince myself, tell myself, that I am a capable, strong woman, who can DO shit. And I DID shit, alright. This body, this big ol’ body that I have criticized, that I have had up and down relationships with, that I have loved and loathed, is now one of my friends. We’re becoming all chumpy and what not, once again, and you know what, it feels really good. I am learning to respect it and treat it how it wants to, needs to and should be treated. Rome wasn’t built in a day though, and so we too are learning. How can I treat myself, my body, the vessel that carries all my own most preciousness, in such a disastrous way and expect it to reward me with life? I absolutely cannot, that is not an option and the only thing that was getting in the way of that was fear and self-loathing tendencies. It’s not fair to my family and it is not fair to me to have went on beating myself up, theoretically I mean, with food and bad energy and sedentary ways. So we’re on this journey and I feel so very committed to it, and I can’t even really say that. I don’t feel like it’s apart from me, I don’t feel like it is something tangible that I must grab a hold of and commit to. I feel like I have truly and genuinely internalized the shit out of it, this new way of living, and so now we just motor on, going about our life, because that’s just the way it is.

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C25K: Week 8 Day 2

Well my friends, we’re nearly there, and this run was a bit of a downer.  I shouldn’t say that, but it was rough.  I did the same route I did on my 25 minute run, and only increased the run by about 2 blocks, which I know is better than nil.  Especially considering the circumstances surrounding this run.   I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before, due to Cade having a super rough night, likely due to sprouting 2 teeth in 2 days.  I did my run not even 30 minutes after I ate supper.  We actually attempted to go before supper, but 2 minutes after going out the door there was a MASSIVE down pour that would’ve drenched us in a block, so needless to say, the Lil’ster and I turned around.  We had to rescue the diapers too because they were outside “drying.”  Yes.  Drying.  In a downpour.  Makes so much sense.

So we pushed on, and right from the beginning, I had a terrible negative mindset that rushed over me and tried to dominate the run.  I confess, I totally almost let it.  I was going to let it run me over, and then I would just run the next morning, however, I conquered thee and pushed on, pushed past it.  I had to.  I couldn’t let myself NOT do it because deep down inside the sometimes super nasty discouraging but mostly encouraging motivating depths of my soul, I knew that I. COULD. DO. IT.  And I so did.  I wouldn’t say I killed it, like I killed day 1, but I, err…. slaughtered it.  It just didn’t die.  (Oh my god, that’s so morbid.  I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.)

One thing that is really shocking me about the C25K program is that I am still enthused about it, enthralled with it really, and excited and anxious to take on each new week, each new run.  I think because it constantly keeps me motivated and believing in myself.  And I’ve said it before (honestly, the C25K people should like, pay me for all this advertising ;) but the program is so do-able and SO challenging that it doesn’t get boring at all, it doesn’t get too hard that you get discouraged, but it stays consistently challenging so that you are always pushing yourself, taking your self and the beliefs about yourself to new levels, new heights, really.  That’s the best thing about it.

I’ve lost between 8-10 lbs, depending on the day and when I weigh myself.  I’m pretty stoked about that actually.  Running is a thinning agent, I guess?  I’ve totally readjusted my eating habits too (still have to blog about my issues with food, NOTE TO SELF!) and I think that absolutely helps.  What’s the percentage of importance placed on diet and exercise in terms of weight loss?  I heard 20/80 or something, but every resource tells you different things.

Some of my favourite things to eat right now are: quinoa mixed with a bit of olive oil, red onion and feta (OMGOMG), tuna wraps on those fancy shmancy lettuce leaf wraps, so light, fresh and tasty (this ain’t your regular tuna wrap, I’m talking sri racha sauce, light mayo, light ranch, celery, onions, cucumbers, red/green/yellow peppers, tomato, mushrooms, sprouts, pickles, light cheddar cheese), chicken/spinach/strawberry/red onion/feta salad with Fig Balsamic dressing (so sweet, smooth and that bit of bite from the balsamic).  Every day I have a 1 litre water bottle that I typically fill up about 3 times.  I think that has totally aided the weight loss process too, as I am ensuring that I am sufficiently hydrated each and every day, and it makes it easier when I don’t have to be running to the fridge a million times a day, because a girl gets lazy, you see.

So to end fitness blog with Trista day 235135, I want to say, thank you to all for encouraging me and supporting me in this journey.  It’s an amazing one that is almost (sadly (!?)) done, but not complete.  It has merely opened up many more doors for me, for my family, and for that I am eternally grateful.  4 more runs to go!  I will see YOU on the finish line.  And you, too. <3

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C25K: Week 5 Day 2

(Once again, if you’re following along, check out the C25K program and perhaps take up the program for yourself.  I’m telling you, it’s awesome and SO doable.  If I can do this, you can too.)

So while I’m still feeling excited and anxious to get out there and complete each day, I am feeling more apprehension as I set out to do the day’s routine.  W5D2 was no different.  Could I really run for 8 minutes straight?  Twice?  I nearly keeled over after 5 minutes straight on day 1, so was this really honestly doable?  I guess it had to be, because my ultimate goal was to finish the program, through and through, no matter how long it took me.

Cade had a bit of a rough time going to sleep on Monday night, so where my initial plan was to head out at 7am on Tuesday morning to get ‘er done, I ended up turning off my alarm, and going at about 10:30am, before it got too hot.  It was still warm, but the temperature was bearable and I didn’t overheat too much.  I ended up only doing about 3.6km, which is .3km less than I usually do, even though I ran more than I walked this time.  This confirms for me what I already knew – I can power walk faster than I can run/jog.  It’s a little discouraging but I am trying not to let it get the best of me.  Jogging uses different muscles than walking, and it doesn’t really matter the distance right now, does it?  I’m not doing it for distance, I am doing it as a personal goal, as a form of therapy, and as a way to enhance my life.  Distance will come, and so will speed.

I feel so much stronger, physically and mentally.  Doing this program has really shifted my whole life around, and this is only the beginning.  I can’t wait to see what it will bring.   I have already seen substantial changes in my breathing and my endurance.  And that’s up for debate, really, but only to you.  To me, my endurance has increased tenfold.  The fact that I can jog for 8 minutes straight blows my friggin’ mind.  And tomorrow is a 5 minute walk with a 20 minute jog and then a 5 minute cool-down.  I’m super anxious, nervous and apprehensive about being able to do it, but I know that I can, and so, I will.

I can do this and so I can do so many other things, if only I tell myself nice things, positive encouragement, and pump myself up, right?  Surely that is how determination works.  Can I be an inspiration to myself?  Sounds so egotistical, and I have many inspirations in my life, and never thought of myself as being one.  But what I mean is, this has encouraged me to tackle other things in my life that I am afraid of.  I don’t know what will be on my list next.  Right now I feel like I’ve got my hands full, tackling this running thing, and ensuring my eating habits fall in line, not to mention parenting a busy little boy (which isn’t about motivation, per say, but it is about learning and figuring out those at times tricky equations).  I’m not saying I’m a super busy woman, because if I was, I likely wouldn’t have the free time I do, it’s just that I don’t want to take on too much in terms of things that I need to really push myself, motivate myself, to do.

I picture our family going out for runs together and it makes me thrilled.  We can be that cutesy little family that runs marathons, ain’t that adorable?  I want to be an active family and I want to show Cade how to live a healthy lifestyle.  That is super important to me, and if I don’t model that to him, how will he know?  Not only that, but I want to try and avoid the health ailments that plague our generation.  I want to have energy to run around with my children, to play, and to create.

So with that, day 3, you’re on.  And after that, we’ve got 4 weeks to go.  Each day is as hard as the very first, so that speaks volumes.  It’s challenging and hard every single time.  If it was easy, I would get bored.  If it was too hard, I would feel discouraged and depressed.  I really want to know who is all doing this, and how you’re all doing.  I love that there’s at least a couple of us who are blogging about it, and have created a little community that way.  The others are friends that are doing it, and so we have check-ins every couple of days.  Support and accountability (to oneself, first and foremost) are critical.  Let’s do this.

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