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Two weeks from today and I will again be a contributor to away from home workforce.  I am sure the anticipation is really the worst part.  I hope so, because these anticipation-induced meltdown are getting really old, really fast.  Also, I’m sure people are getting sick of me talking about it.  It is what it is and since that is the next big adjustment step in our lives, it is obviously something that is causing me a bit of anxiety.

I really think Cade is going to do awesome at daycare.  He loves playing with and watching other people and does not seem to make strange with those people who are unfamiliar to him.  Like I said… Bittersweet.  I am so happy he feels comfortable enough to ‘venture out’ because daycare has to be and is a harsh reality for us.  Do I wish he would sometimes be a total snuggle bug and wanna cozy up all the time as opposed to what he actually does – which is basically NEVER wanna cuddle?  Yup. 

We start part time daycare this week and thankfully we had a really terrific weekend to precede that.  Seriously, it was one of those weekends you feel all fluffy and starry about.  Family time, time spent with good people, the kick off to our monthly craft night (SO FUN!!), Upcycled handmade tshirt scarves, a first birthday party, walks galore, and it was all topped off with beautiful crisp autumn weather.  So delicious, so perfect.

For now I will say one thing.  Friends are precious, irreplaceable beings.  Love them and love them something fierce.  Sometimes the good ones may seem few and far between, but they are there.  Grab the ones that make you feel all fuzzy AND the ones that hug your heart.  Your homework for today is to send a random fuzzy and warm text or phone call to someone you love.  Make it pretty random and make it count.


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Happy Hump Day!

What made your hump day happy?

  • Going for a walk and having the beautiful array of coloured leaves crunching and swirling beneath my still sandal clad feet.
  • Doing a load of diapers, and feeling the plush softness of freshly cleaned ones.
  • Hanging out with good friends while eating pizza and watching TV.  So simple but yet so lovely.
  • Coffee while playing on the floor with my most favourite boy of all.
  • The cool, crisp air of an autumn evening, seeping into the home, freshening everything up.
  • That same air creating just one more extra reason for necessary bedtime snuggles.  Reasons aren’t needed, but oh, you know.
  • Establishing, at least a little bit, in my mind, what my 5-year plan (in terms of career, anyway) is… potentially… and realizing that it is very attainable.  Details to come at a later date.
  • Watching my boy enjoy blueberries to the very greatest extent possible.  However, the diaper aftermath ain’t necessarily so fun.
  • Constantly reflecting and recognizing the amazing individuals that I am able to surround in my life, hold close, and love with all my heart and all my soul.
  • Knowing that there are only 2 more days of daily blogging left and I have reached my goal of September Blogathon.  This makes me feel so good and it has totally jump-started and re-fuelled my passion for wanting and needing to blog.

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My house is small, but would you like a London Fog?

I’m going to rant a little bit, just so that you can all think I am greedy, spoiled, a wanna-be elitist, whatever it is that you want to think but I promise you it likely isn’t true because I am neither of those.

I am frustrated.  Often with a lot of unfair things in this lovely world, but at this exact moment, I am specifically frustrated by the housing market and by money, just to speak on general terms.  I hate how houses cost eight bajillion dollars to buy and before that you have to have 5 % of a downpayment, so then you need 4 bazillion dollars to put down.  It seems impossible, even though I know it’s not because people have done it, but c’mooonnnn.

Kyle and I are middle-class, average-income, working individuals.  We rent a decent house, albeit small and old and could use some work, but it’s good and it works for our family.  We’ve got a fairly big yard, and live in a really good neighbourhood.  The owners of the home live next door to us and are wonderful, plus they obviously allow pets which is an absolute must for us.  I’m not entirely complaining about our current situation, but I am frustrated that I feel forced into it.  I am ready to move on and be done with the rental market, because just between you and me, it kinda stinks.  Because we both have student loans, and one car loan, along with paying high rent which is nearly the cost of a mortgage (we pay $1200), it’s frustrating and hard to get ahead.  We have worked for everything that we own, and we’ve worked hard.  We’re not starving, and we certainly aren’t hurting.  We can afford luxuries such as going out to eat once in awhile, a nice car, modest travels once in awhile, and we have good friends and family.

I realize eventually we will own a house, but it’s likely going to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2-3 years, hopefully on the lower end of that.  Basically, whenever we get decent sized chunks of money from now in, we’re going to attempt to save it when we can.  When we can, being the key words there.  There are a few things we need to take care of before we can do this, such as obtaining some furniture for our upstairs living area.  We’ve had our couch for probably about six years, and it has been really our main piece of furniture in the living room.  It’s taken a bit of a beating and, for lack of a better word, looks like shit.  The springs have started to go on the left side of it, too, and because it’s bright red, it shows every bit of dirt, spill, as well as the nasty dye from new jeans, so needless to say, it needs replacing.  The other ‘issue’ (here’s where the spoiled, greedy, elitist part comes in) is that it’s hard to have people over, because there’s minimal seating room.  We’ve got a couch, and a glider chair that we purchased right before Cade was born.  This mama’s got some other mama friends that she would like to entertain… and it’s hard to do that with shanty-town furniture :)

We’ve had to learn to budget differently since I’ve been on mat leave and have only been making 55% of my wages.  It makes it a bit hard, because we’re probably using 55% more water, power, energy, etc. since I’m home all the time with Cadester.  There’s certain sacrifices we’ve made in order to make this new financial arrangement work, and we’ll have to continue to make them when I’m back at work.  Though my wages will be back to normal (I’ll feel rich, until…), we’ll have to pay for daycare.  It’s not the end of the world it’s just been an adjustment and will always be different now with a third little bean in tow.  I shouldn’t even complain, because we really don’t have it that bad.  And like I said about the spoiled piece, I do sound spoiled.  We don’t need to buy a house, we want to buy a house.  We don’t need new furniture (though I like to think we do… but we do!), we want to buy new furniture.

I get into certain moods where I spend too much unnecessary time focusing on what we want or don’t have, rather than on the lovely things that we currently are able to enjoy.  I know we all get into these ruts, or at least I tell myself we do to feel better.  Do you guys get into ruts where you want want want?  It’s the beauty of living in a technological, modern generation, I suppose.  Deep, deep, deep down I know that my life is grand and everything (well most things in it) are grand.  I’ve got a healthy little boy who is the best thing ever(albeit too healthy, he’s drastically growing out of all of his clothes right before our very own eyes), I’ve got a lovely dude in my life who loves me and treats Cade and I with such love and greatness, I’ve got pretty amazing people in my life that I am able to call my friends and family, I’ve got a super-cute little stinker of a doggy who makes me laugh daily, and I too have my health.

I’ve got a dirty-ass couch and my house needs to be painted.  So what?

What kind of budgeting ideas do you guys have?  What areas of your life do you sacrifice in order to expand other areas, and what are those areas?


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Today’s Things.

1. I had a 4 1/2 hour date with one of my momma friends and her daughter and one of my momma-to-be-within-a-month friends.  It was lovely and gosh darn I love my soul sisters, all of you, in every sense of the word, are amazing.

2. Pretty sure a man and woman couple were snickering at Kyle carrying Cade in the Ergo baby carrier we have.  Not sure why?  We were standing in line paying for our weekly groceries and I caught a glimpse of some snickering and chitter chattering amongst the couple.  Seemed awfully sketchy and immature to me, and Kyle noticed this as well.  Sometimes I get immature as a response to immaturity and I almost wanted to ask them what was so darn funny because I felt like I was missing out on some joke and who wants to miss out on a joke?

3. Tomorrow I am going to make avocado/mango/onion/lime/cilantro salsa for the 4th time in a week.  Obsessed much?  Yes.  But it’s so healthy and so delicious and fresh.  I could eat it by the spoonful but I do not do this, oh no I do not.  Multigrain tortilla chips are also my friend.

Pssssst… I stole the recipe idea from Jenna, and while I don’t have an official instructing recipe, here’s the basic jist:

1 mango

1 avocado

a nice generous handful of cilantro, chopped up

1 lime

red onion (or green onion works) (maybe 1/4 of an onion?)

Mix all that delicious goodness into a bowl and you’re set.  The last batch I used 1 mango and 2 avocados and the flavour was absolutely beautiful.  Though I have used a 1:1 ratio and it’s delicious as well.  Try both and see what works with your palate.

3. I didn’t tell y’all – I joined a gym and so far so good.  I’ve gone at least 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks, but my goal ultimately is to go 4 times.  I started out with 20 minutes of cardio and then some free weights and weight machines.  Now I’m up to 25 minutes of cardio (typically in the form of biking or elliptical) and again, free weights and weight machines.  It feels good, really good, to sweat and burn off some steam.  While I’m kept busy throughout the day, it’s not always a physical sort of busy-ness, aside from the lifting of the boy, and a solid boy he is.  It’s good to work my muscles and I need to do this for myself and in turn for my family.  I feel like crap about my body and I need to get it working again and in somewhat of some kind of shape again else I be miss miserable.

4. Can we talk about birth control, briefly?  I’m likely to expand on this but I need to figure out just what to do about contraception.  Right now, our form of contraception is better known as Cade Sleeps In Between Us.  However, that ain’t going to last forever, nor is abstinence (sorry mom, sorry mom-in-law), so now where do we turn?  I’m leaning towards the IUD, mainly because it is hormone-free.  However, we all know how that last IUD experience panned out.  (Hint: he’s sleeping right next to me as I type.  AND NOT THAT I REGRET IT, ’cause obviously he is the most amazing and beautiful not unwelcome little gift ever!)  There’s also the Mirena – which is the hormonal IUD but basically only releases the hormones locally, which I am more comfortable with.  What have your experiences been like with different birth control methods?  I’d love love love to do the Fertility Awareness Method, and as much as I like to believe in my body and trust my womanly instincts and bodily processes, I’m a bit anxious and nervous about it.  Perhaps I need to read the book before I make any hard and fast decisions on it.

What is with the point form posts?  It works for now I guess.  Don’t expect it all the time, though it does streamline everything and make writing way easier (read: do not have to come up with streaming thought processes when I am in a zombie-like tired state).  I want to be a nerd and have a theme for a particular day of each week.  For example, Manic Mondays, where I maybe, say, write about things that influence me into a manic-driven emotional state.  Something of the like.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Okay and to break this post down for you even further, here are some specific ideas and questions I would absolutely love and appreciate some input on:

1. What do you love about the friendships you have with the women in your life?

2. What have your experiences been like with birth control?

3. What are your get healthy tips?

4. What ideas do you have for a weekly theme I could have on this bloggy-blog of mine?

Thank you, and goodnight.
Oh, and just for good measure…

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A HUGE thank you to Krista @ oceanaria for helping me out with setting up my webpage for selling my photographs and inspiring me to do so. Go check out her amazing prints that she has up for sale! A HUGE thank you as well to Megan @ customacrylics for being a fabulous office buddy and friend and giving me that extra dose of motivation needed to just do it.

So with that being said – please go check out what I’ve put together – if you have questions about anything let me know via e-mail or Facebook or here or whatever is most convenient.  Also – if you want to order a print and it doesn’t need to be shipped, the cost is $15.   And I cannot let it go unnoticed that my partner in life and crime (Kyle, of course) and all things in between has been the solid foundation for me through this and everything.  He even helped me to set up Simpleviewer because my anxiety made it difficult – or should I say lack of patience combined with the most moody time of the month for me made it difficult.

Tell your friends, tell your pets.  This is a new endeavour for me, one that I feel somewhat shy and extremely modest in.  It’s an adventure and I feel excited at starting something new, a new challenge, a new project.  I am all about projects lately and can you tell it’s almost spring?  I am gaining a bit more of my drive back.  Finally.  I was beginning to wonder.



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