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Keep Calm + Carry On.

Well well well, another evening post wherein I have not learned that posting in the late evening is probably not my best bet.  I shall attempt this over and over again until it REALLY bites me where I don’t want to be bitten.  But for now, I will obey my post every day in September personal challenge, and just DO it.

Since I spent 9 weeks (!!!) posting incessantly about running, running, and running, I feel it somewhat necessary to make this a sort of ongoing (ish) theme of this here blog.  I haven’t talked about running in a LONG time, so here goes nothing.

Laura from Ink and Sheep (go check out her amazing crafty abilities, she wow’ed me, let her wow you too!) commented yesterday, and asked some questions that prompted this post:

“I’m curious to know if you’re still running now that you finished the 9 weeks and what your next running goals are? Or maybe it inspired you to make other changes in your life? Or maybe other things you’d like to achieve, whether they are running related or not.”

I am shocked and apalled, slightly, that I managed to let running take over my life for several weeks, in fact – I welcomed running into my life – and then I just kinda forgot about it.  On my blog, anyway.  I am happy, proud and so satisfied to announce that I am in fact still running.  And I am still giving it my all.  Ish.  It’s a weird thing, you see.  I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it, or maybe I have and just forgot, but we got temporarily gifted a used jogging stroller that was not being used, and so since I wanted to do the program all over again and focus on speed, I thought, hmm, jogging stroller – check, C25K program again – check, I may as well combine the two, and so I have.  It feels like a completely new endeavour, in a sense.  It’s weird doing the program again – because part of me wants to slack a bit since I know that I can do it, and so it’s not AS challenging, but part of me is struggling just a tad because well, it’s harder jogging with a stroller.  I never realized how much I used my arms to gain momentum, and to help push me, but turns out I use them more than I thought I did.  It also turns out that while jogging strollers glide smoother than your regular ol’ everyday stroller, you’re still pushing weight and running while pushing that weight, and while that makes for a bit of a strength-building workout combined with running, it makes for one tired mama.  Add Lily and her leash into the mix and it’s sort of a mish-mash at times.

BUT, it’s really not that bad, and dare I say it, easier than I thought jogging with a stroller and a dog would be.  It’s probably a blessing that Lily only weighs 5lbs, but that’s beside the point…

So that is my current running goal.  To finish the C25K again, with Lily AND Cade, both my babies.  Lily still loves it, and Cade also loves chilling out in the stroller while we run throughout the streets, takin’ it all in.  We’ve been going in the morning before his morning nap, and it works out well.  It’s been incorporated into our routine easy enough and I love that I am able to take Cade with me, and that he will actually SEE me working out, running my face (+ heart + soul) off like crazy, to the best of my abilities.  When he’s older, this will be even more important, but for now it works and I am glad that it is just one more activity we are able to do together that is healthy, and that I can tell him about when he is older.

Becoming a mother and learning how to run and how to not fear running (or parenthood, for that matter) have been two of the most transformative experiences of my LIFE.  I don’t feel like I have the proper words, energy, or insight (like I said, I suck + it’s late) right now to capture this in the essence that I’d like, but they have literally made me do a 360.  Sounds so cliche maybe but I am learning that I can do things.  It’s so simple but not.  It’s so difficult but not.  I. can. do. things. Like be a little bit selfless, but not so much so that it is damaging to my family.  Like take care of myself.  That one is the clincher.  I need to take care of myself more than ever, because I want to be able to run around the yard and the park, playing chase, playing tag, running after pseudo-animals Cade has created in some crazy toddler game.  I want to model healthy behaviours, habits, and lifestyle to Cade and our future children, so that they can adopt these practices and ways of living into their life, and then pass it on to their little ones, our future grandchildren, that is if they choose to have children (please!  I can’t wait to be a grandma ;).

I have never eaten so healthy in my life.  I have never done so many ‘green’ things in my life.  I have never cared SO much about my health, ever.  Health is so holistic, and too often when we think healthy, we think eating and exercising right but it is SO much more than that.  That is a small tiny fraction of the whole deal, and while it’s important, it is not the be all end all.  Emotional connectedness rings so true with diet + exercise.  Look at the whole issue of overeating and eating disorders and stress and what have you.  Now tie that to issues with weight, be they being “too thin” or “too heavy” (yes, I know, according to what standards, that’s another issue for another day though).  Emotions and eating are one and the same for a lot of people.  How many people eat when they’re happy?  Sad?  Excited?  Proud?  Angry?  Hurt?  Anxious?  I know I’ve certainly got an issue with food and I am pinpointing it by the DAY, analyzing when I eat and how I eat.  I don’t obsess over it but I have certainly noticed patterns, and they often aren’t healthy.  I have begun to change these patterns, and I have abolished eating at night, almost completely, unless I’m really ravished and I can grab something healthy.  I am trying to stop rewarding myself with food, because this is such a temporary fix, and I have seen how damaging eating for social reasons is and can be.  I still do it though.  I still eat socially.  It’s like someone who has issues with alcohol, my issues with food are similar.  I don’t want to down play someone’s issues with alcoholism at all and that’s not what I am trying to do, but I think food addiction is real, very real, and takes some serious acknowledgement and inner healing work to combat.  Honestly, having a year off of work to stay home and learn about my son, get to know him, has helped me to get to know myself better too, because the person I am projecting to him, the person I am to him is the person that I AM, plain and simple.  Who do I want him to know as a mother?

I have had a year to get to know myself better, and to work on things that were not jiving with my life.  Taking up running was one huge step in the right direction, and it completely helped me to begin to tackle these weird eating habits of mine.  Begin to tackle, being the key words there.  It is an ongoing process for me, and I think it will be, always.  It takes much serious dedication and empowerment.  While diet + exercise are not the be all end all as I touched on before, they do go hand in hand for me.  One motivates the other, and for me, that works.  They also motivate every other aspect of health that I need to focus on too, and they all go together like a nice and neat puzzle.  It just fits together, so, so perfectly.  When I’m running, and taking care of THAT part of my body and my mind, I need to put the appropriate fuel and energy into my body, or I will crash, and crashing never got anyone good did it?

I am not perfect and I do not make perfect choices.  My choices are sometimes motivated by something that isn’t healthy or wholesome for me.  Will I go ahead and have that social drink, those few social wings, just because I want to and it’s fun to sit around and reminisce over a couple cold ones and some sticky appetizers?  You bet I will.  You can also bet I won’t do that everyday, and you can also bet that I will be putting ten times as much good stuff into my body, not to make up for that, but because it’s what I need, it’s what I crave.  Likewise, there will also be days where I sit on the couch and decide not to run, because my body and my soul and my heart are craving a break, some downtime, and I need to feed my body what it is feeding me.  It is a two-way street, and because it is giving me, allowing me, the time to reflect and to have some quiet, down-time, I feel that I need to respect that, and listen to what my body is telling me I need.

And on that note, my body is severely screaming and yelling and fighting me right now for sleep.  It has been since I opened up WordPress to type this here ditty to y’all.  I made an imperfect choice and ignored that need, and now it’s time to give in.

So tell me dear friends, dear readers, what positive and healthful changes have you made in your life recently?  What inspired them? 


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But it’s not a word I’m familiar with.

Today I set out to run just for fun, rather than following a specific time.  Well at least partially just for fun – I did have a goal in mind, and that goal was to run 5km.  I’ll first begin by saying, I didn’t meet my goal, but I came absolutely very close and I ran the furthest I have yet to run which is incredible in and of itself.  I ran a whopping 4.35km in about 32 minutes!  My pace was about 7:20/km.  I am blowing my own personal goals RIGHT out of the water and I truly cannot believe it.  I feel so fit and strong, and I know I can only get fitter and stronger.

When I was running today, I was blogging in my head.  I thought to myself, I’m going to write “So, today I ran 5K, but it took me such and such time.”  And then I decided I wouldn’t write but, and then I came up with a reason why, and that’s because but implies that there is something wrong with the words written or mentioned or said before the but, and in this case, there most definitely is nothing wrong with them.  So instead, I thought, I’ll say “So, today I ran 5K, AND it took me such and such time.”  There, there’s nothing to contemplate there about any time being a bad time, because there is no such thing.  Completion is the running theme in my new world of running, and I’m happy to say that I am kicking completion’s ass and so on and so forth.

Nine weeks ago today I started the running program, and I finished it a couple days ago.  Nine weeks ago, Kyle took pictures of me, and he did the same thing for a couple weeks afterwards, and then we forgot.  Today I got him to take pictures of me too so I could compare and wow, am I ever glad we did that.  It’s so neat to SEE progress, obvious progress in my humble opinion.  I was going to compare the pictures from June 26 to now because they seem to be more drastic of a difference, but these are from June 5, the very first day of the C25K.  I think I was sucking in on the pictures, which is super funny to me, but I can see results.  I look more fit, I look stronger, more toned (still a long way to go) and I am FAR more curvy which I love.  Next summer, I have promised myself, I will rock a vintage swimsuit from Popina.

So here are the photos.  I have some work to do on my arms, but this is me in all my running gear glory.  My next goal is to be able to do push-ups.  Heck, A PUSH UP would be nice.  Seriously, I can’t fully do a push up without crashing to the ground.  But if I can go from dying after running for 60 seconds to running 4.35km, surely I can eventually do a push-up or two, right?



Love it.  This picture thing has got me motivated, which is why I decided to have some nachos tonight for supper with my main squeeze.  Totally don’t regret it, but totally don’t plan on always rewarding myself with snacks.  A girl’s gotta live a little, once in awhile, and indulge in some good old fashioned nach-as, right?

And I’m sorta kidding when I say I’m motivated and so I ate.  These days, motivation for me transpires into MORE MORE MORE movement of my body, which is what I wanted to see.  Motivation transpires into creative ideas to get moving, to get healthy, and to give my body what it needs.

I need to find an awesome design for this blog because I am BORED with it.  If anyone wants to help me that would be awesome, and if not, well, screw you, I can do it on my own.  I don’t have a paid WordPress account so I’m sort of stuck with certain settings, but I’ve made it work in the past and I’ll do it again, I just need some creativity injected into my veins, that’s all.  I also need to refresh my About Me page but I’m really struggling with writing a mini-bio.   It’ll come, I tell myself, but if I’m not even really trying super hard, do I really expect it to magically appear, all properly laid out, grammatically correct, and witty?  Likely not.

Expect an awesome post of Cade-isms in the next couple of days.  That dude is seriously FUNNY shit and I have some uber cute stories of things he does and what have you.  Gosh, he makes me laugh.  He makes me smile. He makes me want to go and wake him up for a late-night before bed snuggle.  I WILL regret saying that when he wakes up screaming in a couple hours.  Which he won’t do because now I’ve put it out there and it would be far too coincidental if that happened.



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C25K: Week 9 Day 3, The End!

Or, graduation, as it is called in the Couch-2-5K world.


I am so stinkin’ proud of myself for completing this program, for running 3 days a week for 9 weeks, no setbacks, nothing, just perks and awesome progress.

I conquered a fear.  I went from a place of complete and utter exhaustion after several interval runs of 60 seconds each, to this, to 30 minutes of running non-stop, and to feeling like I could continue to pound the pavement for many more minutes.   I’ve stuck to my word and I’ve run 3 times a week, as well as basically walked every day of the week.  I have NOT done strength training on the off days as planned, but I do plan to.   That’s the hardest part though – setting out and doing it.  Heading off to the gym, or even the backyard, with a few weights, and going at ‘er.  This is something that I really need to do though, because I really feel my lung capacity building and building, but my overall body strength doesn’t really seem to match up.  I feel like I am and would be capable of more more more and my endurance could be greater, it’s just that I need to build myself up.

I also have not taken weekly photos or measured myself weekly as I had planned.  That’s kind of a bummer, but I’m okay with it.  I would like to measure myself this weekend, weigh myself, and see officially where I’m at.  I think I’ve lost about 11-12 lbs, given what the scale tells me on any given morning, which is my own personal legit weigh-in that I have come to rely on.  The most important thing of all is I feel stronger, I feel healthier, and I feel happier.  The running has taken over this huge health component of my life and has strongly encouraged me to pursue other healthy habits.  Everything in my life, since having Cade, has had such an amazing and positive domino effect that shit, I really have a LOT to thank that little guy for.  For reals though.  Cloth diapers have motivated me to be more enviro-friendly in other areas of my life, hence my deep desire to get a Diva Cup very soon, to use our own cleaning supplies and rid of the chemicals, to minimize the use of plastic snack bags and what have you.  Exercising with such a strong and intense purpose has motivated me to put good stuff into my body, to consume loads and loads of water, and to model this to my boy, so he in turn will feel good about treating his body with respect and love.  Gosh, I really do owe this little angel a lot.  Give it up for Cade, y’all!  And that’s not even the half of it.  Cripes.

I shed a few tears on my run last night.  Did I mention that I am also a sensitive and fragile being since I’ve experienced pregnancy, birthing and becoming a mother?  It’s ridic.  I cry at everything.  I think I actually have mentioned it. It’s a pretty strong and rampant theme in my life right now, so it absolutely trails into my running. I’m one of those saps that chokes up at silly TV commercials. I am one of them.

This whole journey has been extremely emotional and empowering for me. I have shown myself that I can DO things. This body is capable of a whole lot that I might not have thought it was a couple years ago. A whole lot of it is mental. I really had to put my mind to it, I really had to set out and convince myself, tell myself, that I am a capable, strong woman, who can DO shit. And I DID shit, alright. This body, this big ol’ body that I have criticized, that I have had up and down relationships with, that I have loved and loathed, is now one of my friends. We’re becoming all chumpy and what not, once again, and you know what, it feels really good. I am learning to respect it and treat it how it wants to, needs to and should be treated. Rome wasn’t built in a day though, and so we too are learning. How can I treat myself, my body, the vessel that carries all my own most preciousness, in such a disastrous way and expect it to reward me with life? I absolutely cannot, that is not an option and the only thing that was getting in the way of that was fear and self-loathing tendencies. It’s not fair to my family and it is not fair to me to have went on beating myself up, theoretically I mean, with food and bad energy and sedentary ways. So we’re on this journey and I feel so very committed to it, and I can’t even really say that. I don’t feel like it’s apart from me, I don’t feel like it is something tangible that I must grab a hold of and commit to. I feel like I have truly and genuinely internalized the shit out of it, this new way of living, and so now we just motor on, going about our life, because that’s just the way it is.

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C25K: Week 9 Day 2

Soooooooooo close!  I THINK this might have been my best run yet.  I ran 3.88km in 30 minutes, and combined with my warm-up and cool-down, I did 4.8km in about 38 minutes.  Not too bad really, right?  I’m kinda impressed with myself.  Slightly.  I did a few calculations and given my running pace/distance, it took me on average 7.7 minute to run 1km, so at that rate, it would take me about 38.5 minutes do run 5km.  AWESOME!

I can’t believe I have 1 more run and I am done.  Just like that.  And to be honest?  As much as I want to believe in myself, and as far as I’ve come, I wasn’t always at this place.  Before I started, I doubted.  I really wondered if I would make it this far.  Of course I WANTED to but if I could and would was another story.  I’ve joined many gyms, different programs, classes, and what have you.  I typically get bored by things after a couple months, but not this.  I feel like I am just getting started, and that?  That feels amazing.

The runner’s high is like no other and it is starting to control my life.  Everything I do reflects back to running (well, and of course being a mama!) and I am pumped.  I had this revelation tonight when I was running, and it was that now that I have started running, there is no looking back.  That is not an option, because if that happens, and I come to a standstill, I’m going to have to start at square one again.  And while there might not be anything wrong with that for you, there is a LOT wrong with that for me.  I feel like this has just been weaseled into my routine, I’ve adapted it and we’re friends now, like, besties.  I can’t let go of this, because if I do, I’m letting go of a very important goal, a dream, and letting go of dreams just seems so… emo?  And lame.  And discouraging.  So we won’t go there.

I say we make August the month of really tackling those pesky fears, of really letting go, grabbing a hold of them, and wrestling them to the ground.  I started this program and June, and this is where we’re at now, almost done.  June was the beginning of my tackle all the fears in the world way of living, and so far so good.  It was not only a huge success, but it has continued to be, and it has only grown.

I know I’ve compared running to breastfeeding, and I think I’ve compared it to birthing as well, but can we go there again please?  Birth can be such a huge mind thing.  With mental blocks and the works.  It’s like running.  They’re both physiological to an extent yes, but I think a huge part of it is that we have to go DEEP within ourselves and git’er done.  We need to conquer it in whatever way is going to make us feel most comfortable.  For some people birthing, that is in a hospital and for some it is in a home.  For some runners, that is running on a busy street and for some it is running on the back streets, along the river at dusk.  There’s a lot of preparation that needs to go on.  Education.  Research.  Building up your knowledge base.  Healing your heart and going forward.  When I was about to give birth to Cade, when I was labouring, I kept checking in with myself, making sure I felt like I was in a good head space, making sure I felt positive and empowered.  I do the same when I’m running.  I remind myself that I am capable of this because I am this.   It’s like one of my favourite birthing mantras – you can overcome and work through the contractions, they are not stronger than you, you are the contractions.  Sounds fluffy and crunchy, but I think it ought to work.  I never really realized that or internalized that until after I birthed my precious boy, but I think that statement is incredibly powerful and important.  I know birthing and running are not the same, trust me, I realize that.  What I am doing is comparing my mind sets in both of them, and pointing out how similar they can be for me, and why they have both transformed my mindset and the way I live my life in such huge, powerful ways.

So day 3, let’s do this.  It’s going to be a good one, a big one, and I’m not going to wrestle you to the ground, because that wouldn’t be very indicative of where we started and how far we’ve come.  I’m going to grab you, love you all up, get all huggy and romanticize the shit out of you.  You’re a run, I’m a runner.  Let’s do this.

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C25K: Week 9 Day 1

We’re in the final stretch now and it feels OH. SO. GOOD.

I’ve been saying and thinking “I’m doing this! I’m doing this!” all along, and pretty soon I can say “I DID IT!” and do you know how friggin’ good that feels?  Conquering a fear, something I told myself I couldn’t do, and instead, went on to prove myself, and I’m sure many other naysayers wrong?  Shit yeah!  I belong in some kind of new club or something now.  I feel like when I see people running, and I’m just out for a leisurely walk, I want to yell out, “I can do that too!  I’m just not doing it right now.”  

I did my first run of the last week on a treadmill, because by the time I got my butt in gear to go, it was way too flippin’ hot and I didn’t want to battle heat exhaustion like last time I decided it was an amazing idea to git’er done in the sun.  I don’t know my exact distance, because the treadmill kept turning off whenever I’d switch the fan on, but I THINK it was almost 3 miles, which is aaaaaaaawesome for me, best yet.  There was a time where I had the speed set to 5.5 mph!  But my average was about 5.0 mph, which is still a huge step.  The only other time I ran on a treadmill, I was running at about 4.3 mph, and that was week 6 day 3 I think?  We’re making headway, oh yes we are.

My weight loss is at about 10 lbs, I think I’ve posted that before, but even more awesome is my energy level has increased and I am very aware of that.  My clothes are fitting looser, and I feel like I “take up less space” than I did before.  I am learning to love my body again, but we’ve still got some work to do.  I went through a nasty phase when I was a few months post-partum.  It was hard and difficult and… interesting, because I had worked so long to come to a sort of peace with my body and its “imperfections.”  So when my mind came crashing down and tried to tell me to hate on myself, I sort of listened to it at times, and we were not in a happy place as much as we should’ve been.  But we’re getting there!  We’re working on it, and there are so many contributing factors, including… my happy pills (Vitamin D and Omega 3’s), sunshine, exercise, well-balanced diet and treating myself one day a week, and most of all, my fricken’ awesome little family and life I’ve got going on here.  I’ve got to do a lot of reminders, daily almost, because I see things I don’t have but desperately want, and then I start to feel like a little kid and am sad that I can’t have such and such.  That’s when I have to take a tiny little step out of my mind, look at what I’ve got, as cliche as maybe it sounds, and re-evaluate.  We do that a lot lately.

I’m trying to think of a way to treat myself after I finish this program.  One thing I am doing is going out with a couple of my besties on Thursday.  I don’t do it very often so that will be a huge treat, however, I’d like to personally reward myself with something.  It’s hard when money is tight, so it can’t be anything too extravagant, and I don’t necessarily want it to be something food-related either.   Anyone have any ideas?   I’d love to buy myself a brand spankin’ new pair of awesome, pro-fitted runners, because I know that I need them to avoid potential injury, but I’d be looking at about a hundred dollar bill there.  We’ll see.  I haven’t bought myself new running shoes for about… 3 years, so, yeah, it’s probably really bad that I’m running in these ones, but they are in decent shape.  Still though, I need to get in on the shoe market SOON before I smash my feet all up.  So throw your ideas at me and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh and totally not C25K related, but I’m taking on a little project and I’m having a lot of fun with it.   I’m now an Admin on the Facebook page for The Birthing Site.  It’s awesome, informative, and fun.  I love to support amazing people as they go through an amazing stage in their life, and I am learning a lot.  You should come check it out.  You don’t have to agree with all of the articles posted, or links, or what have you.  We are welcoming of ALL birthing experiences, not just “natural”.  The main thing is we encourage woman to be educated about what ALL of their options may be, so they can make the right choice for THEM, which may not be the right choice for anyone else, but that’s not the important thing.  Come and say hello!

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C25K: Week 8 Day 3

Woop!  Killed it this time instead of just mildly torturing it.

(Oh! I want to link to this article comparing breastfeeding to running.  I’ve linked it before but it’s friggin’ awesome hence the double link.  Enjoy.)

I killed it in terms of pace, speed and challenge, but I did not kill it in terms of distance.  In fact, I have taken a few steps backwards when it comes to distance, but only for this one run, and I THINK it’s because I tackled a MASSIVE hill, I ran at a very very intense incline for probably about 6 blocks.  It was hard, it slowed me down to no end, and there were many-a-time where I thought I should stop and walk the hill, then give’r the rest of the way, but not once did I stop, not once did I let my negativity overcome my abilities, because I knew that it was there.

I ran down to the river tonight and along the river for only a slight bit, and then back home.  It’s funny how I can always time my runs so that I am arriving home just as the run should be done.  I guess I’ve been running around this neighbourhood for the last 8 weeks so I’ve got a pretty good grip on how long it takes to get from point A to point B.  I am SOOOOOOO excited to start week 9 because I KNOW THAT I CAN TACKLE IT, ROUGH HOUSE IT, and MAKE IT!  And that just makes me so astoundingly happy.  Two more minutes of running than what I’ve been doing?  Piece of cake.  I’ve got this, baby, I’VE. GOT. THIS.

Whenever I see other people running, I feel like we are in a bit of a secret club and we can connect on a level unheard of.  It’s a neat feeling and I feel good to be part of ‘that group’, or clique, really.  Grade 8, how I’ve missed thee.  And this is totally egotistical and actually I am wondering if I should even put this anyway but I’m going to because I know deep down that I am not an egotistical selfish person, and I hope you know that too, so… here goes.  Sometimes when I see people running intervals, like they are just starting out a program, or doing a different kind of running program, I VERY SECRETLY (not so much anymore, sigh) think to myself, maybe they read my blog, and maybe I inspired them, and maybe they’re doing the C25K challenge and secretly following along on my blog!  YAY.  Likely NOT but it’s fun to think that and it gives me a jump in my step.

Since we’re divulging, I’m going to divulge something to y’all that makes me feel like a big whopping loser but that’s okay.  I think I did so well tonight at running because I was totally using it as a therapy tool.  A couple hours prior I had a meltdown on the phone with the National Student Loans Service Centre.  Like, I’m talking a breakdown.  I’m kind of embarassed and I’m willing to bet I was the girl they talked about after we hung up the phone.  Ugh.  Since I’ve been on maternity leave I have readjusted my loan so that I only have to make interest payments.  I initially wanted to do repayment assistance where the government would help me, but our income was above the limit for that.   That was stressful, because they have super strict dates and things you have to do and if you don’t get it in RIGHT on that date, it’s kibashed, but yet you still have to wait for pay stubs, information saying how much you make, etc., and if you don’t have it by that date, kaboom, done.  I kind of got the runaround with that so needless to say whenever Student Loans comes into the picture I have a mild panic attack.  I got a letter in the mail saying my account was SERIOUSLY PAST DUE and I owed like, $3000 or something, and my account was negatively affecting my credit.  I was ultra confused because I HAD made the payments that I was required, however, they had sent a letter with my revision of terms that I was supposed to sign and return by a certain date (aforementioned STRICT DATE) and since I didn’t, blam, all done, things got f’ed over and cancelled.  I DIDN’T GET THE LETTER.  So I started crying on the phone.  To the poor lady at the student loans centre.  Whom I said “Just listen to me PLEASE! I keep getting screwed over! I am so confused, please just listen to me explain this, *sob sob sob sob*”  Like I said, UGH.   This is what pregnancy and motherhood hormones do to us!  So long story short, I’m kind of a loser, it’s all figured out now and all is well and I don’t owe $3000 after all (good grief, thank goodness), and I took out my lameness on my run hence the awesomness.  The end.

Week 9, you’re on baby, YOU ARE ON.  I’m pumped.  Cue Rocky theme song music here.

July 29, 2011 at 2:39 pm 2 comments

C25K: Week 8 Day 1

I can officially run for 28 minutes straight.  Shazam!  I killed it, too.  It felt easier than week 7, which blows my fricken’ mind.  How can running 3 whole minutes more be easier?  Just doesn’t add up.  But apparently it does, ’cause I did it.  I actually totally blew week 8 day 1 out of the WATER and I was so pumped about it.  I took a new route too, which spices things up and makes it seem more interesting.  It keeps it fresh and real, and I’m all about that.

My total route was about 4.3km last night, which is a little tiny bit of a step up.   Still going about the same pace as I have been for the last couple weeks, but that’s totally cool.  It’s all about the distance, and by distance I mean, the amount of distance/time I can run for straight, and I am killing that personal goal of mine so we’re doing good.  My (loosely devised but definitely doable) plan is to do the C25K program all over again once I finish, but not before doing a week of 3 runs, at 5km each, no matter how long it takes me.   I want to say I can run a 5k, and I know that I CAN but I haven’t done it yet, so I just need to do it and then I can say it, legitimately, with some backing.

I seem to have somewhat abandoned my morning runs, but I’d love to get back into it.  It happened when I was out of town for a week, and it just didn’t really work for me to get up at 7am and go, mostly because Cade had a few rough nights and this mama just couldn’t get her morning act together.  And for me, it’s either go super early in the morning, or go at night when the humidity won’t suffocate me.  I used to think there was no way I could run if it was past like, 8am, but I guess I’m wrong.  Maybe I just used it as a silly excuse?  Who knows what goes on in this brain sometimes.  I sure don’t.

To be honest, I feel like I am running out of things to say about the runs and the program and the way it has changed my life.  I always feel the same things, just more intensely each time.  I feel like I will bore y’all to death if I keep going on incessantly about how it is so amazing, how I am making myself proud, and how I feel like a million bucks.  But really, secretly, I cannot wait until my C25K ‘graduation’ post where I can go on and on and on and again, secretly (but not so much anymore) I don’t CARE if it’s boring because I am going to be on top of the world, going on and on about the program.  I really should have shares in it or something, because I’ve name-dropped SO many times in the last 2 months.  Oi.

So with that, I’m-a end this now.  No sense in going on and on right?  You’re going to hear it all over and over again, and you’ve heard it all in the past.  Non-stop madness.  I did it, I killed it, I’m proud and pride is going to rob me of words for the time being.

July 25, 2011 at 10:41 am 6 comments

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