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Photo a Day May: A number – 29.

I tried to be a human 7, a human 4, and a human 1.  Cade and I tried to be a human 1 together. But it was not as perfect of a capture as this. This is what I wanted. This is a photo of a number. And oh so much more.



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Photo a Day May: Pink – 22.

It was a rainy and gloomy day of wind today and unfortunately, lacked a lot of pink.  I had my eyes peeled too.

Right before we all wound down for the evening, pink entered our lives in the best form – play.  Play between a boy and his dog.

Lily dug out her pink flamingo toy, and as soon as Cade got wind, he was game for anything. He got a hold of her toy and copied how she wrestles her toys with her mouth.  Perfect and adorable.  And clearly this was what my photo capture of the day was supposed to be.


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Photo a Day May: Love – 15.

Today felt long and I am feeling spent and burnt.  Unfortunately capturing a photo of love may not have been at the forefront of my memory today. Fortunately it was the love of a little boy that helped guide me through the trickier moments.  It comes with the territory of being a parent, I think.  How can I be sad when my boy is looking at me with such concern, such empathy, and such… love?  Those eyes. Those words. Oh he was saying the most beautiful things and I could not help but to cradle him close.  Wowwee is he ever empathetic and caring. I mean, I knew that already, but you know.

So love.

It means so much and I am far too tired and in need of chill that I cannot expand the way I want to.  Do we all need a bit more of it in our lives? Um heck yeah.  It surely would not do any harm. But then why do we resist it, I will never know.

In case I need to further explain the photos, love to me is the cornerstone of exploration, trust and community.  Can I really stand on this toy case, and trust myself to do it? Why yes I can. I am safe and I have got this.  Love and let go, love and let go.  But its not what it sounds.  By letting go we love harder and deeper.  Oh so deeper.

And can I just say one thing? In regards to love? My son has helped me reach for it, seek it out, and express it more.  He has helped me to love and to know what that means.  Gosh.  What a gift.  He has taught me the importance of supports and community.  In parenting. In loving. In life, in anything really. We need each other and we need ourselves. And oh gee how I am so grateful to have a great lot of you.
It takes a darn village.



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Photo a Day May: Mum – 13.

So naturally the subject of today’s challenge would be mum, or mom as some of us say.  Gosh, what a loaded one really.  Again we have got a tie for today’s photo. I could not only pick one because, well… you will see.

My mom gave me life, breath, and love.  She gave me these things, among so many others but those captivate it all pretty well, and I gave the same to another being.  And he gave these things to me, too. Its such a full and crazy intense cycle of life that it constantly blows me away.  Its pretty normal. But pretty darn fascinating. 

So as you can see, I surely cannot just show a photo of my mom.  And not only that, but she is so much more than just a photo.  She started this whole mom thing for me.  And her mom started it for her and so on. Like I said it blows my mind; its so out of this world and so incredibly beautiful. 

I was supposed to see my mom today, but things did not work out.  I had planned to capture a picturesque photo of my mom with my son and I, but alas, here we are.

Because I am a little bit proud, I have also added a photo of Cade’s first daycare craft, made for me.  It is the loveliest gift ever and I am excited to see what it grows into, which should be a sunflower.  The poem that goes along with it brought me to tears.  It sums the previous choppy fragmented paragraphs I just wrote up very nicely.  xo.



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Photo a Day May: Something that makes you happy – 12.

The love and bonding that has transpired between these two melts my heart every day.  It is beautiful and meaningful and I am not sure I have ever seen Lily love and fear someone, at the same time, so much.  And I know for CERTAIN that Cade’s first really deep belly laughs were a result of him watching his puppy’s antics.  They are pretty humorous I will give her that.  Cade’s room has become her favourite place to chill and taker her bones and treats to.  When Lily hears Cade waking up in the morning or after a nap, she goes a little loopy.  She gets REALLY excited, and I know that personifying dogs isn’t good and its not excitement its cooped up energy… in this situation, I have to disagree.  She wants to see him so bad.  Then she remembers that he is not always gentle and sometimes actually way too rough, and she watches her back. Then she remembers how much he loves to chase her and play with her and she eggs him on. Then he finds her brush and tries to brush her and she’s gone again. Its neverending.  Their relationship is both extremes.  He finds her hilarious and loves watching her roll around and rub her face and body all over.  But then at the end of the day when we get home and she is going wild (this time it is energy) he cannot handle how overwhelming she can be and he gets super ticked, swats her off of him, and usually has a meltdown. But then during supper time he finds it hilarious how quickly skilled she is at grabbing his food he drops (on purpose) so he is once again amused.  And we cannot forget the time he tried to pick her up. It was so spontaneous and awesome. This is true love, right here. I am glad he will grow up with a dog. He is already learning empathy and everyday he is learning how to treat and work with animals. The same goes for the poochie – she is learning how to live in harmony with a child who is so unpredictable (but she learns fast what his moves are) but mostly, a child who loves the shit out of her. Its pretty darn special.





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Photo a Day May: Something you do everyday – 9.

I love everyday.  Sometimes not enough, but never too much.
And seriously? I cannot think of a better way to capture love than with this photo. 
At one point, Lily was close to him and that too would have been a great depiction of love. A capture of my boy un his jammies playing by the river though… perfect.
Just look at that face. Expression. Heart.
That ain’t nothing but love.  Believe me when I say, this boy loves hard.


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Photo a Day May: Fun – 4

Today just had to be a tie.  And it was almost tripled because I received some absolutely delicious looking flowers today at work.  Mother’s Day accidentally came early. No qualms here, but I figured the two chosen photos more captured the essence of fun than did flowers, as fun as flowers can be and are.

So I present to you, readership, one of the best ways to start the weekend off, eating a Thai meal with your loves and then frolicking in the outdoors.  Kind of perfect if you ask me.  And… fun.



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