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Photo a Day May: Your personality – 31.

I mixed up yesterday’s and today’s challenge but alas, here we are. Today’s challenge is your personality. So, for all intents and purposes, mine.

I whipped up a little photo grid and pulled together some photos from the last couple of months that accurately depict a large part of who I am. The rest, you can make your own conclusions for all I care. ;)


Lover. I try to just love. Feel it. Give it. Spread it. Share it. Its hard sometimes but we all could use a bit more of it. That and hugs!
Mother. Self explanatory… ish. This one has huge amazing…. implications? Right word? I am a mom. i am mom. Mom I am. Is it all I am? No. Is it a ginormous part of who I am? Absofrigginlutely. Aaand I love it.  I really ought to expand on what that means for me, ’cause its kind of a big deal. Quite the journey.
Friend. Love em. Miss em. Need em. Cherish em.
Pet owner and lover. Well again. Speaks for itself. We love our dog, and the love between Cade and Lily makes me melt every single day. This pooch has taught us a whole heck of a lot.
Mentor. Leader.Student. Teacher. These all sort of group together for me. I want my life to constantly intellectually challenge me. I want to always be learning about myself, the world, people around me, my family, my partner. Sometimes I want to turn the brain off, yes, and sometimes I do. But generally…
Foodie – in the sense that I just love it. Everything about it. I love trying new things and experimenting.
Advocate. For human rights, ethics, birth rights, children, self-love, women’s health. Gosh I just opened up a can of worms.
We’ll just close it for now…
With regards to health though – this is huge. Personality or not, its related to the food thing and the desire and need to be healthy and treat our bodies kindly by fuelling them with health in so many different forms.
Arts and crafts. I love creativity and I think its a huge passageway into a very special part of our soul. We need to feed and nurture it in whatever way works for us.  Its different for you and I. It is also connected to spirituality and the idea of being grounded and centred. These are huge aspects of me and something I strive towards daily. Whether its a personality thing or not is debatable. To me it feels more internalized than that. But it works and I can run with it.

What would your personality look like in a photo grid?


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The First Year.


It’s not even that I have been procrastinating, I just haven’t really had time.  The start of the first year, our lives changed dramatically, and the same goes for the start of the second year.  What a whirlwind.  I got to a point tonight where I started to feel severely overwhelmed.  I can keep my shit together, for the most part.  We’re nearing the end of back to work week 3, and it is sort of sinking in that, yup, this is how it will be for the next little while.  It is hard and draining and emotionally overwhelming.  Being AT work itself is not horrible.  My office has a window and that helps exponentially.  I think about my my boy, my love, and my pooch constantly, but the work itself?  Fine.  I am not knee deep in it yet though.  Maybe ask me in a month?

The after work part is the hardest.  At about 3pm I start to feel completely tapped out and drained.  So by the time we pick up the boy from daycare (which is going swimmingly!) and then get home, unload, put away stuff from the day, I am spent.  And that’s before supper.  I’m trying to go to bed at a decent hour, and I have to, because as of 3 days ago I made a decision to start waking up at 5am so I can be at the gym for 5:30.   But I’m still absolutely drained of energy by the end of the day.  The thought of cleaning, the thought of doing dishes, the thought of any extra responsibility tires me.  I know it will take getting used to and I am really trying to be positive.  It’s just hard.  The year I had with my boy is the year I got used to, and now it has changed again.  The post-partum adjustment period was crazy.  I remember March being a rough month.  In hindsight, it was pretty bad.   I was in a bad place and didn’t bother to seek out support aside from my immediate peeps.  Not good.  So my point, is that it took me awhile.  I thought I was awesome with change but apparently it takes me a little bit.  The only thing I can think to do, is to remind myself that this is okay.  It’s okay if I need time.

The issue I am struggling with the most is that the bulk of my energy is going to work.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, obviously.  I like my work, I enjoy what I do, and I’m passionate about it.  I put in my all when I am at work, but I have made a promise to myself that I am not carrying it home with me.  I cannot do that.  It would not be fair to me, but mostly, it would not be fair to my family.  I already am struggling with the fact that at the end of the day, when I’m spent, my fuse is shortened, my patience thinner.  I am not being the best mother that I can be.   I am not being the best partner I can be.  I am probably not being the best friend I can be either.  I know what my potential is (sorta – sometimes my modesty gets in the way) and it saddens me that I am not living up to it.  I don’t think my standards are high, it is simply a matter of routine, and getting into it.  Figuring out how to jive with this new life thing.

So technically that is part of the second year and since this is supposed to be a reflection… onward!

My first year of motherhood, eh?  I don’t even really feel like I can completely capture it appropriately with words, but I’m going to give it a shot.

For starters, the moment I birthed my boy, my life was forever transformed.  And at that point, I didn’t even realize how much that statement was going to be truer than true.  From the getgo, I fell immediately in love with this most precious little being.  (We officially 100% completely bonded on all applicable levels, not immediately, not even the next day, but I remember the moment I thought oh THIS is bonding, I thought that I was bonded before but no, THIS is it.  Before?  That was survival).  My body, our bodies, created life.  This simple fact blows my mind to this very day.  It’s not even unnatural, obviously, it’s happening by the second, worldwide.  But it’s beautiful and unreal.  It is captivating.

We began to embark on a journey of sorts.  It started out rocky.  We still hit rocky patches.  But mostly, it’s smooth.  And journeys are sort of boring when they become too consistent, right?   I am grateful and overjoyed that my boy keeps me on my toes, every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  I am not even exaggerating.  He is a busy, busy little soul, and an explorer at heart.  I am so excited to watch where his soul, his explorer capabilities take him.   Every day he makes me smile, every day he makes me laugh.  What gets me through every single work day, is knowing that at the end of it, I get to run up to the door (sometimes if I’m nice I let Kyle go), open the door handle, and see the most beautiful little face, waiting for me, reaching for me.  It warms my heart.  Honestly, sometimes so much I fear the risk of overheating.

It blows my mind the amount of stuff children learn and do in the first year of their life.  That is IN-TENSE.  Smile. Laugh. Roll over. Hold things. Sit up. Crawl. Stand up. Walk (sometimes).  Play.  Learn.  Talk.  Eat.  Drink.  Develop the strongest relationship with his pup.  ;)  The other day I was asking my little angel to give his mama a kiss, and he, without breaking his look away from the passerbys in the grocery store of course, opened up his mouth, leaned in to me, and planted the sloppiest wettest most awesome kiss ever.   It fascinates me (but not really, because I already know that children are obviously so smart, they are human friggin’ beings!) that he knows how to do this, and just picked up on it like so.   And that is only one example.  Kid blows my mind.

And as for my own personal journey from being a woman, to being a woman with a child, a mother, this little boy has changed me in ways that even I will not be able to pinpoint.  All I know is, I feel in some ways like a completely different woman, but in some (a lot) of ways, exactly the same.  There are things I get now, that I had no concept of before, mostly because I didn’t feel the need to have a concept of.  There are things I am passionate about now that were over my head before.  My ability to be assertive has increased tenfold, and along with that, I have softened up by even more.  Everything is touching, everything is special and sentimental.  A friend said to me, it’s because we have given birth, and so we feel like we have given birth to everything, and I couldn’t have said it better.  I feel like I am on a path that I was not on before.  I have hopes and dreams and passions that I want to fulfill.  The concept of health means more to me than it ever did.  I really feel like I have never worked this hard to be healthy in my life, aside maybe from when I was pregnant, because I truly felt at my healthiest then.  It is one thing to put healthy, wholesome things in our body, and to regulate how we manage our muscles and our bones.  But this here mind, this here heart, this shit needs to be in tip-top shape.  I have recognized ways in which I am not being the best person I can be.  It’s not even that I have some ridiculously high standards for myself, because I really don’t think I do.  In fact, I think that I am living my life in an even simpler way than before, if that is even possible.

I have never had as little money as I do right now, but I have never felt this happy.  Or this excited about what tomorrow, or next week, or next year, might bring.  I have never felt so connected to a little being before.  I still cannot believe I am a mother and I have a son.  I have never felt this intimate with my spouse.  There’s this super intense level of intimacy, bonding, and energy field that has developed – or maybe not so much developed as expanded – between the two of us, and how we interact with one another, and with other important people in our lives.  I have never had as many ridiculous 3am sleep-deprived arguments in my life, but I have never had as much positive growth and soul-searching either.  My life, our lives, have changed exponentially.  I can’t put it into words but as you can see – if you’ve made it this far – I have tried.  I might have different ways of doing things, or varying ideas and beliefs than before (or perhaps they are simply just interpreted as so or are just being voiced now by the new assertive me ;).  But different does not have to mean bad or negative.  I am not scared of change or growth, and I don’t want you to be either.  Look where it’s got us so far?

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A Poop-plosion.

This week has been a whirlwind. I am happy to say that it is done and we are on weekend time now, because quite frankly, weekend time is awesome time. Fun time. I went back to work on Monday and since then it has been up and down and up and down and down and down and up and down and down. Monday sucked, Tuesday was alright, Wednesday blew, and Thursday was better. Little dude is now a ONE YEAR OLD. Bizarre, just bizarre. Blows my mind outta the water. I am the mother of a toddler, a one year old… he’s still my baby, through and through. I’ve been meaning to do and still WILL do a post on the first year of the boy’s life, the first year of parenthood. Life has interrupted though and so here we are, weeks without a post, and I’m feeling lost. Is it super nerdy to say this blog here is a part of my life? I put pieces of my soul into this, you should feel special that you’re reading it. ;) So needless to say, I’m missing it.

So while the big sum-up post is not done, nor has it even been started, this post here is going to strictly be motivated by frustration. And annoyance. And some other lingering things, some parts of me, but mostly by those.

The boy has had a bout of diarrhea since Tuesday, and so we’ve been keeping an eye on him… and his diaper, of course. Tuesday brought forth many poops, one which required our daycare provider (I need to come up with a super awesome nickname for her, because that is what she is, is super awesome) to toss him in the tub and clean him up that way. Each diaper after that brought more, and more, and more poops. And each poop brought on more and more of a rashy, polka-dotted red bum. Wednesday was the same, 6 poops I think in total, which is out of the ordinary for my kiddo. And Thursday, same ole’ same ole’. In fact, Thursday morning before we took the boy to daycare, we had to bath him as well because it was seriously smeared At the end of the day Thursday when the diaper situation had not changed, we began to pay a bit more close attention to what was going on. And we still are but have not discovered much.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m not one to rush off to the doctor. Most issues that WE have dealt with have not been any that have required medical personnel intervention. Don’t get me wrong, there are obviously some that do, clearly. But the whole diarrhea in a baby thing is new to us, and while that has been the only symptom, and other than that this kiddo has been happy as pie and living the life that is normal for him, diarrhea can lead to dehydration and that makes me a tad bit fearful.

SO that led me to calling the Health Line today and explaining what has been going on. Loose, watery stools, including a couple that showed up in his diaper this morning that can only be described as… Relish. With a side of mucus. She figured that we might want to get him checked out, just to be sure there is nothing really major going on. She wasn’t concerned, and I am not really either, but thought we’d drop by a local medi-clinic. FIRST MISTAKE. I hate medi-clinics. I think I can say that as a blanket statement too. Boo, a big fat boo.

We waited, actually not very long, and then the doctor came in and saw us. Gave us high fives (? but appreciated) and played with the kiddo for a couple seconds. Asked what the issue was, I explained, and then he started looking on his iPhone at what I can only assume is some high-tech top-notch App for medical professionals. He wrote out a prescription for Mryewoiruewoighnaiwo and said “anything else?” *FACEPALM* Uumm.. don’t you want to see the poop samples that I brought for you to check out? Nope. Do I need to restrict any food or milk? Of COURSE not. His bum looks awful and is splotchy and spotted, what about that? Keep doing what you’re doing. I leerily looked at the prescription, asked what it was and what it’s for. It’s for a stomach bug, it will kill it. Anything else?

That was our visit in a nutshell but I really promise you that it was not much more than that. I immediately gave Kyle The Look. He knew. I wanted a second opinion, or at the very least, I was not going to fill this stupid prescription. An antibiotic? For some bug? Do you even know what kind of bug it is, if it even IS a bug? He seriously did not even ask anything about the frequency or consistency of the poop. Okay, I GET that it is the only symptom, and that other than that my boy is fine, but it IS out of the ordinary for this kiddo. I don’t know what I went to the clinic expecting. But what I am not comfortable with is tossing some random antibiotic into my ONE YEAR OLD and being done with it.

I feel like I need to explain myself and defend myself, and I KNOW I DON’T, but I will anyway. I think that yes, antibiotics likely are necessary. But with that being said, they are CERTAINLY not as necessary as the frequency with which they are prescribed. In fact, I feel like loading my boy up with the probiotic drops we’ve got in the fridge, to further boost the good bacteria in his body, thereby hopefully helping to fight off the bad bacteria causing the poopsplosions… if that is what is causing them. We are pretty cautious about what we put into our own bodies, into the boy’s body, and into Lily’s body. So I was not happy.

We stopped by a pharmacy so I could ask some questions about the prescription. She seemed rather confused as to why it was prescribed, and explained that it is a very harsh medication, with harsh side effects. It is an antibiotic that kills “some bugs.” Exactly, right? SOME. So worst case scenario, the bug or whatever he has, is resistant to this Mruioewfuewiofuoi, and so he ends up with a horrid stomach ache, and persistent diarrhea and diaper rash. Joyous day. I told her I wasn’t comfortable with it if it wasn’t necessary, and because the poo seems to be sort of subsiding as the day goes on, I didn’t fill it. She thought that it was a good idea as well, and if things really DID get worse in the next 24ish hours, I could always fill out, or even take him in to the ER where they would likely do a stool sample and further assessment to determine really what was going on with this little one’s intestines.

I feel disheartened and frustrated by the experience. I probably shouldn’t because I mean, I know that doctors and any health care professionals really, are not all mighty divinities who know everything and are the cure-alls to all our problems. Oh HELL no. But I like to have a little faith sometimes. Boost my faith, won’t ya? Show me that you are not all evil. I mean, I know that, I really do. We do have a family doctor and have been quite happy for the most part with our experiences with her, so I’m not completely “against” doctors or the world of modern medicine in general. But it is not the be all end all in all cases, absolutely not. Whether you are dealing with an ailment, an illness, a condition, or something wonderful such as pregnancy, birthing, etc… get second opinions peeps. Research. Educate. Know your stuff. Know your rights. Do not let someone do something to your body with which you may not be comfortable before you bulk up on some information, education, knowledge. Knowledge seriously IS power, and that can go both ways and be either a super positive and empowering thing, or used to someone’s advantage and switched around so that power is knowledge, in which case – not cool.

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Loot Bag.

Two completely different things for this lonesome, tiring Thursday night

This?  This is perfect.  And cute.  And romantic.  And hilarious.  I. LOVE. IT.

And this (post linked below), well… let’s just say, I needed this today.  Like, really bad.  I’m a sucker for uplifting posts.  I’m a sucker for posts that make me think, hey, you ARE really a pretty cool parent.   You love your son like no other, even though he might drive you up the wall somedays, the love, luuuurve, is still there, full-force, never fading never ending.  And you’re doing everything right and how it NEEDS to be done for you and your family.  Don’t worry ’bout the naysayers or the others.


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To me, autumn has always stood for ‘change’ or at least the strong desire for change.  I get antsy at the end of summer, knowing fall is coming.  Fall always meant transition in terms of the school years.  I’d start grade 1, then 2… then high school… then university, then so on.  The first fall not going to university was weird, because I felt like I was playing some weird form of hooky.  Typically I want to do things in fall like take up a new hobby, change my sense of fashion, get a new hairstyle, or do something drastic.

This year, we’re going for low-key.


The new template.  I checked out the new templates on WordPress, and this one specifically called out to me.  In a month, maybe it won’t, but for now, I’m all about the simplicity, the minimalistic approach.  There’s a few different things with the template – mainly being that blog subscriptions, recent & top posts, categories & tags, and archives are now at the very bottom of the page.  Other than that, I like how it’s streamlined.  I’m a fan of tweaking, and so I’d like to eventually tweak the template to my liking.  I love making new headers, so that might be something I attempt as well.

This weekend has been a busy one so far, and so my posts are always scrambled, ramshackled posts put together at the very end of the night, into the wee morning hours.  Not productive for my creative needs in the least, but it is what it is.

The biggie of the day, aside from the cake batter frozen yogurt topped with a whole shwack load of goodies from Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar, is that my boy is TEN MONTHS OLD.  So insane.  So bizarre.  So surreal.  He has been earthside longer]

than he has been wombside and that?  THAT is just, wow.  I still have days where I look at him, smiling, rolling, climbing, crawling around and think to myself, fer real?  You are mine?  Forever and ever?  How did I get this lucky?  How did I score this amazing life?  Of course, there are days where I look at him, screaming, crying, fighting sleep SO very VERY hard, and standing/climbing/sitting when he is supposed to be sleeping and think to myself, fer real?  You are mine?  AND YOU WON’T SLEEP?  NOT EVER?  How did I get this tired, this sleep-deprived?

But so yes, a whopping 10 months old he is, which, as I mentioned a couple posts ago, means we’re only 2 months away from Doomsday, rather, this mama’s return to work.  Can’t focus on it, can’t focus on it, can’t focus on it.  For now, I shall and I must and I will enjoy my boy to the fullest extent possible.   I just hate feeling like the next 2 months have to be solely spent preparing him for daycare, ensuring his sleep is top-notch, and ensuring he is ready.  I get that those things are important, but seriously, I’d rather be laughing and putting funny things on my head to entertain my boy rather than stressing out over ensuring that such and such “habit” is kicked because gosh forbid he carries that particular “habit” with him to daycare.  Double sigh.   HE.  IS.  A.  BABY.  With baby needs.  And really, my priority, is meeting those needs.

I ain’t no sucker, I’m just a mama.

Happy 10 months to my precious, <3

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It’s So Much More Than Just The Thighs.


I’ve thought to myself many times, will my son ever forgive me for some of the pictures I post of him, publicly, on the Internet?  Will he care that his most beautiful, most precious baby thighs are slapped here, amongst a few late-night words, not ONLY for the sake of a post, but for the bulk of a post, at least?

There’s really so much more to it than that.  I’ve often wondered to myself, should I be blogging so much about my son’s life, should I be plastering his photos for all the world to see?  I’ve thought about it so much, and really, that is a post for another day.  I’m curious about other mama’s bloggers perspectives on this, and if they have certain personal ‘rules’ they abide by.  I mean, obviously there’s some things I just wouldn’t blog about.  But I have blogged about our take on circumcision, for example, and our choices and decisions around that.  Will he care, when he’s 10 and essentially everybody knows about his most precious boy parts?
The ethics of it all.  Not even just that, the morality, humanity aspect of it too.  I obviously would never seek to exploit or harm my child, or to damage him, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically.  I want nothing but the best for my baby.  By exercising my creativity and my quest for inner peace and spirituality, am I harming my son’s sense of self in the process?  It’s really up for debate, and I don’t think there is a right answer.  I do think there are lines that need to and should be drawn, and I think as he gets older, we will figure out exactly where and how those lines need to be drawn indeed.  But for now, this face-less photo of the cutest baby thighs I ever did see.  It’s late, and I am partially posting just to post, but mostly, I am posting because this is something that I’ve thought about incessantly and I don’t want to forget about it.
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Baby! xo!












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Me and the Fluff.

If I can say this without sounding like the total nerd that I am (it’s true) then I have accomplished something great, but I’m afraid it likely won’t happen, so here goes nothing:  I am addicted to cloth diapering.  Maybe that’s more ridiculous sounding than nerdy, because how the heck does one be totally full-throttle all into DIAPERS, the very thing that involves tons of baby poop and baby pee, and sometimes random food bits that haven’t completely broken down?  And sometimes, said baby poop goes out of the diaper, up the back, and onto everything in close proximity.  How does one truly love something that revolves around all that nasty?

(Apologies for the little hiatus; I was out gallivanting in the trees and the water and the sand and the bushes.)

I will tell you why, in my ode to this very bizarre phenomenon, it is not so much a phenomenon at all.  We started to switch to cloth diapers in April, when the little one was about 5 months old.  I had seen a friend’s status update on Facebook talking about their switch to cloth diapers, and that sparked a whole discussion on the fluff, and how it’s never too late to switch.  I’m sure there were some people who thought we were crazy for wanting to take on cloth.  I wondered if I was crazy, too, but that’s because I knew little about using cloth diapers.  Turns out, a little Googling goes a long way, and I was absolutely swamped in the world of fluff and the lingo surrounding.  AI1’s, AI2’s, pockets, prefolds, fitteds, covers, diaper pail, wet bag, liners, hybrids, FuzziBunz, bumGenius, you name it.  I was slightly overwhelmed, but continued trucking.  I’d do all the research and reading of particular brand reviews, and report back to Kyle.  We decided to pick up a couple different kinds at a local baby store, and we haven’t looked back since.  

But, but, but… the POOP!  It’s a little intimidating for some I’m sure, but I wasn’t really nervous about it because heck, we had been dealing with poopy diapers all along, so it couldn’t be that bad, could it?  I was right – it wasn’t.  By the time we had switched fully to cloth, the little one was eating a lot more solids, and so the poops were corresponding.  We hadn’t invested or created a diaper sprayer, so we were on our own to tackle the poop.  I remember the first time we had to change a poopy diaper.  It was a family affair, and we were both in there, and if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure Kyle volunteered to clean the diaper.  Aw, such love.  But you know what?  It really wasn’t that bad.  Most times now, we can just kinda shake the poop off the diaper, into the toilet, and all is well.  Occasionally, we have to do a bit of a dunk and swish with the diaper cover, but that’s it.  You can even use a flushable, biodegradable liner that all you have to do is flush!  Those add up the costs (only a tiny bit) so we avoid them but use them for when we’re out and about, or someone else will be changing the boy’s bottom.  I feel like I need to go into a long-winded explanation of how to do it, but that’s really it, there’s not much more to it, and it’s really not complicated.  Bonus: if your baby is exclusively breastfed, breastfed poop is water-soluble, so you just have to wipe your baby’s bum, toss the diaper into your wet bag or diaper pail, and off you go. 

There’s so much laundry though, isn’t it just way too much work, and you’re using all that water and energy anyway so you’re not really helping out Mother Earth… I’ll be honest, this argument kind of bugs the crap out of me.  The first part, I get, yes, the laundry seems daunting, but for real, the diaper load is probably my favourite load of laundry to do.  And since we use pocket diapers (a cover, with an opening at either end which you just stuff a microfiber, hemp or bamboo absorbent insert into), often Kyle and I will just sit in the evening, chatting, or watching a show, and stuffing diapers.  It becomes second nature after awhile, and then you have a clean and cute little stash of fluff for the next couple of days.  The laundry really isn’t that bad, it’s as easy as flipping the wet bag (we choose to use a waterproof, zippable wet bag to hold our dirty diapers, and then the bag just goes in the wash too) inside out (so you don’t even have to touch the dirty diapers if you don’t want to) and flipping on the washing machine.  Yeah, it sure is stinky, enough to knock you over, but if you can hold your breath (if you really need to) for 5 seconds, then you’re good to go.

The argument about energy output and water usage, however, irks me.  For one, we line dry outside or inside wherever possible.  We have never once put the covers in the dryer, because sun is the best stain remover ever, and also, we are preserving our diapers this way.  We do dry the inserts, however on really hot days, I’ll toss them outside to dry too.  The energy consumption with disposables, however, is never ending.  The fuels, water, energy, plastic, and human-power used to create, package and transport the diapers to stores, and then to a landfill, where billions of poopy diapers sit for hundreds and hundreds of years does not compare to the recycle factor and reusability of cloth diapers, in my humble opinion.  This isn’t even taking into consideration the bajillions of disposable wipes that are used.  We were using cloth wipes from when Cade was about 3 weeks old, due to a bad diaper rash and sensitive skin, so it only made sense to take it up one more notch.  Here’s a fun little tool to calculate costs of disposables vs. cloth, including water and energy usage.

I don’t consider myself a hard-core environmentalist, but we’re working on it.  Using cloth diapers has totally motivated and encouraged me to choose greener options in my every-day living.   For instance, I got together with a couple of friends and we whipped up a batch of calendula/coconut oil/beeswax/tea tree oil diaper cream (cloth diapers = NO zinc-oxide based creams!!!) that also doubles as an awesome moisturizer skin cream, and it feels awesome to live my life in such a way that is even just a tiny bit more self-sustaining.

I’ve also got a DivaCup on the way, which I ordered half price yesterday.   I’m beyond excited about it, because I’ve been wanting one for awhile, just haven’t taken the plunge.  That was totally the push I needed, I guess.   I want to expand my green knowledge, take it to the next level, and keep on keepin’ on.  I want to be more friendly to my body, friendly to the earth, and friendly to my little guy’s health, and in turn, teach him to do the same.   Hell, I wish I could sew, because I’d love to be able to sew our OWN diapers.  Perhaps one day.  I’ve been doing reading about the No ‘Poo method, making own laundry detergents, and of course cleaning supplies, which we already often do.  Vinegar and baking soda work wonders, however, I’m not gonna lie, I love the smell of some of those nasty chemical cleaning poisons, so I think I ought to invest in a few essential oils to toss in my baking soda and water mix, to freshen things up a bit.  

Ok, back to the fluff.  But, I heard you have to change the diapers way more, and I heard that cloth diapers leak a lot, don’t they?  Oddly enough, I found this link today that brings me to a point I wanted to touch on.   Yes, you do have to change cloth more frequently, especially if your little one is a heavy wetter.  But with that being said, I am totally okay with it for the reasons the writer listed in the aforementioned post.  I am not cool with my little boy sitting in his own urine for hours.  That seems mean and unfair to him, and so, changing more frequently is okay with me.  Does changing diapers ever get old?  Yup.  It sure does.  But you get used to it and you move on.

As for leaks, we had a lot of leak issues in the beginning, which is why I always tell people who are thinking about switching to cloth, to bear with the cloth!  You’re likely to run into some issues, so give yourself an adjustment period.  A couple troubleshooting measures we did were, abolish the use of dryer sheets on our other laundry.  They are a big no-no for cloth diaper loads, but the residue from the sheets can stick to the inside of the dryer and coat your diapers, so we just did away with them on a whole and gave our dryer a good wipe down with water and vinegar.  I think they may have contributed to some repelling/leak issues in the beginning, and even if they didn’t, abolishing the dryer sheets was a good step in the right direction anyway.

Another adjustment we had to get used to was ensuring the diapers were on properly and tight enough.  You might seem like you are putting them on too tight, but if there is too much gaping or loose pocketed areas, material can bunch up and poke through, wicking out moisture faster that you can say leak.  This is one reason why we prefer the snaps over the hook & loop (velcro) style.  Snaps seem to heed a tighter and more snug fit, and also, the little one hasn’t yet figured out how to undo the snaps. ;)

I love to talk about cloth diapers, as you can tell, and so anyone that is even remotely thinking about doing the switch, I always corner them and blather on.  It’s probably a cloth diaper turn-off, in reality, but I like to spit out all the knowledge I have gained from doing research in hopes that I can convert someone else.  There are so many positives that we have discovered, and Kyle and I are both super into it.  We’re saving a crap load of money, we never have to purchase disposables ever again if we don’t want to, you always have a diaper on hand, and if you’re running low, it’s as simple as running to the laundry room and tossing a load in, the environment will thank us and the little one, we can use the stash we bought for our next baby as well, you can customize your absorbency, our boy’s sensitive skin is looking mighty fine and the red, raw, rashy looking bum is few and far between.   Not only that, but the odd time that we use disposables now (we’ve got a tiny little stash left from when we stocked up during my pregnancy), I can’t stand it.  I can admit it, I’m a diaper snob.  Sigh.  But they just smell so raunchy, and they’re so crinkly, and white, and… just not cute in comparison to the fluff that my boy’s bottom is usually adorned in.  Did I say I’m a diaper snob?

One time when I was talking about cloth with someone who was thinking of switching, she tossed out the “wow, that’s awesome, you are such a good mom” card.  Guh.  Thank you, thank you, that’s very sweet, but… and listen up, I’m going to say this loud and clear, my goodness as a mother is not determined by the diapers my boy wears.  Honestly, I may be a diaper snob (only within the confines of my own family), but I do not think using cloth makes me a good mother.  Really, I don’t.  Do I think I am a good mother, why yes I do, but not because of the diapers we use.  I could use Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers, or Huggies, or Pampers, or homemade cloth diapers, FuzziBunz cloth pocket diapers, or Bummis prefolds, and still be a terrific mother.  We use cloth because 1) it is affordable and we’re on a tight budget 2) we feel that it is better for our precious Earth, and 3) we feel that it is better for our precious boy.   It is a personal decision that we have made and decided is the right choice for the boy and for us as a family, and we’re totally happy with that decision.  I don’t care if you use disposables or if you use cloth or if you practice elimination communication.  I believe that you are doing what you feel is best and what is going to be the best choice for your child and your family, and that is why you are a good mother, a good parent.  With that being said, I’d love to keep talking up the fluff and convert you.  And no, I’m not crazy.  I’m not out of my mind.  It’s really not that bizarre of a concept, and I will do anything I can to normalize it so that more people will get on board.  Like I said, I don’t care how you diaper, but I love talking about cloth and so if you’re wanting to switch, what that means is I will have one more person to blather on with about cloth, and to me, that’s wicked.

Have a happy hump day my dear readers.  I know you are out there.  Let’s talk about things you do in your life that are ‘green’ or ‘crunchy.’  <3 

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