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Photo a Day May: You – 6.

So some may say I cheated today. But I still took a picture, though it was a picture of a picture.  But, I took the challenge of ‘you’ today to another level. Because you, to me, could mean myself or someone I refer to as you. My boy, my lover, my pooch, etc. But nope, its me. Just rewind by about 26 years.  And seriously though, my son and I are twinsies.  He gets a lot of his features from me (could that be why he is often referred to as she or her?) and a lot of his expressions from ‘dad-E’.  Precious is as precious does.  Hope you are all enjoying the photo challenge as much as I am.



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Goodbye Facebook, Hello World.

Just a quickie update – Facebook and I are going to break up for a little bit.  Not sure how long, and I will expand on my justification (not that I need to) at a later time, but this is what I need to do. The main thing thats irking me right now is that I am having a hard time clicking deactivate, which REALLY bugs me.

I have apparently no time for this blog anymore but all the time in the world for Facebook. Not cool. For so many so many so many reasons.

This blog generally makes me feel warm and fuzzy and good, and I need some creative soul searching and not soul sucking in my life. 

So my hope for now is that you will see more of me here and less of me there. 

In the words of my precious, “Ba!”


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C25K: Week 8 Day 2

Well my friends, we’re nearly there, and this run was a bit of a downer.  I shouldn’t say that, but it was rough.  I did the same route I did on my 25 minute run, and only increased the run by about 2 blocks, which I know is better than nil.  Especially considering the circumstances surrounding this run.   I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before, due to Cade having a super rough night, likely due to sprouting 2 teeth in 2 days.  I did my run not even 30 minutes after I ate supper.  We actually attempted to go before supper, but 2 minutes after going out the door there was a MASSIVE down pour that would’ve drenched us in a block, so needless to say, the Lil’ster and I turned around.  We had to rescue the diapers too because they were outside “drying.”  Yes.  Drying.  In a downpour.  Makes so much sense.

So we pushed on, and right from the beginning, I had a terrible negative mindset that rushed over me and tried to dominate the run.  I confess, I totally almost let it.  I was going to let it run me over, and then I would just run the next morning, however, I conquered thee and pushed on, pushed past it.  I had to.  I couldn’t let myself NOT do it because deep down inside the sometimes super nasty discouraging but mostly encouraging motivating depths of my soul, I knew that I. COULD. DO. IT.  And I so did.  I wouldn’t say I killed it, like I killed day 1, but I, err…. slaughtered it.  It just didn’t die.  (Oh my god, that’s so morbid.  I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.)

One thing that is really shocking me about the C25K program is that I am still enthused about it, enthralled with it really, and excited and anxious to take on each new week, each new run.  I think because it constantly keeps me motivated and believing in myself.  And I’ve said it before (honestly, the C25K people should like, pay me for all this advertising ;) but the program is so do-able and SO challenging that it doesn’t get boring at all, it doesn’t get too hard that you get discouraged, but it stays consistently challenging so that you are always pushing yourself, taking your self and the beliefs about yourself to new levels, new heights, really.  That’s the best thing about it.

I’ve lost between 8-10 lbs, depending on the day and when I weigh myself.  I’m pretty stoked about that actually.  Running is a thinning agent, I guess?  I’ve totally readjusted my eating habits too (still have to blog about my issues with food, NOTE TO SELF!) and I think that absolutely helps.  What’s the percentage of importance placed on diet and exercise in terms of weight loss?  I heard 20/80 or something, but every resource tells you different things.

Some of my favourite things to eat right now are: quinoa mixed with a bit of olive oil, red onion and feta (OMGOMG), tuna wraps on those fancy shmancy lettuce leaf wraps, so light, fresh and tasty (this ain’t your regular tuna wrap, I’m talking sri racha sauce, light mayo, light ranch, celery, onions, cucumbers, red/green/yellow peppers, tomato, mushrooms, sprouts, pickles, light cheddar cheese), chicken/spinach/strawberry/red onion/feta salad with Fig Balsamic dressing (so sweet, smooth and that bit of bite from the balsamic).  Every day I have a 1 litre water bottle that I typically fill up about 3 times.  I think that has totally aided the weight loss process too, as I am ensuring that I am sufficiently hydrated each and every day, and it makes it easier when I don’t have to be running to the fridge a million times a day, because a girl gets lazy, you see.

So to end fitness blog with Trista day 235135, I want to say, thank you to all for encouraging me and supporting me in this journey.  It’s an amazing one that is almost (sadly (!?)) done, but not complete.  It has merely opened up many more doors for me, for my family, and for that I am eternally grateful.  4 more runs to go!  I will see YOU on the finish line.  And you, too. <3

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The Lil’.

Aside from Kyle, this sweet little pup above is the love of my entire being.  Lily brings me such extreme joy (with the occasional dash of madness) to our lives and I could not imagine my life without her now.  I never had pets growing up, and so this was definitely a new experience for me.  It’s so amazing to see her progress over the last year – going from an insanely energetic 1.8 lb ball of the softest fur ever, to a 5.5 fully grown little monkey.  She could play and run and walk all day if I or somebody else (human or canine, it really doesn’t matter to her) was up for the challenge.

I’ve learned so much from her it’s unreal.  To be honest, I didn’t really know anything about dogs before we got her.  We found out we were getting her and then 4 days later, she was ours.  Those 4 days I researched and researched and googled every aspect of puppy training I could think about.  And then came the Cesar Millan obsession.  Lily (and Cesar, indirectly!) has taught me that my energy plays an incredibly crucial role in ensuring she has a fulfilled life.  When I’m anxious, she’s anxious.  When I’m high energy and hyper, she is too.  However – it doesn’t ALWAYS work the other way – when I’m calm and wanting to relax, she doesn’t always want to do the same.  Hence the madness.  As I blog, apparently in a relaxed state, she is laying on her side, like a tantrum-infested child, snarling and growling at Tony (Jenna’s dog) to play with her and give her the attention that she feels she is entitled to 24/7.

She has taught me patience and she has taught me how to LOSE my patience.  Luckily, she’s increased my patience rather than the opposite.  At times, it was a close call.  All those “I’m going to stand at the door and bark at you to come in, but then never come in, and when you reach down to pick me up I’m going to dart and bark some more” moments certainly did not help with that piece.

She has reinforced to me that physical affection – especially kisses – are extremely crucial in one’s day and need to be given LOTS in the morning, LOTS at night, and LOTS after you haven’t seen someone for a while (read: 5 minutes).   Aside from this – when she is hyper she is the farthest thing from cuddly – and she has shown me that when you have energy, USE IT damnit!  Don’t sit around being all touchy-feely, go do something fun.  Go for a walk, a run, or better yet – chase a tennis ball around the yard like it’s going out of style.

Similar to the non-cuddler characteristic that she displays, she shows me that you don’t have to love everyone and it’s good to set boundaries for yourself.  If you don’t want to hug somebody and cuddle and be affectionate – then don’t.  And if you do, then it means THAT much more when it’s genuine.

Also along with this – take time to lounge, take time to relax out of your busy day, take time to bask in the sun naked!

Lily has taught me to always be conscious of what I am projecting to other people.  It’s kind of like that quotation “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Dogs live in the moment, and we should too.  Dogs require exercise, discipline, affection – IN THAT ORDER – (yes I read a LOT of Cesar) and whereas we may not require that order, we require all three of those pieces – and because our dogs do too, we need to radiate positive energy and exercise our dogs, ourselves, and our souls.  An exercised dog is a happy dog, and at this point in my life – an exercised me is a happy me.  I am thrilled to share my life with Lily and Kyle and I wish I could read this to Lily and she’d know what I am saying – because I owe her that much at least.  But you know what, dogs aren’t people – and so a walk would suffice.  Or even better – I could read this to her and she will feel my energy, my positivity, my genuine gratefulness.

Oh and did I mention yet that I am known as that crazy dog lady at work?  Unspoken – but it’s there.  I know, shocking.


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