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2/2 – The 2nd 3

I feel like I am going to put a big jinx on everything that we have accomplished up to this point by saying what I am going to say next, but because I am brave and courageous I am going to say it anyway: months 4, 5 and 6 were easy-peasy in comparison to the first 3.  Oh isn’t that lovely, just after I typed that, I heard a mysterious screaming noise coming from the boy’s room.  Lovely is right.  I have come to dread the evenings again, and we were doing so, so, so well.  Sigh.  And so we march on, and another hurdle we will conquer with our fists held high.

4 months old

I guess I shouldn’t say easy-peasy, as month 4 was still winding down from the chaos of the previous months.  Month 4 saw several 2am car rides as well, which were enjoyed by all, even Lily.  I have never seen someone get as pumped for a late night car ride as her.  Oh my babies.  Basically we spent the month of March attempting to level out the wild crying activeness of the boy, and eventually, they settled down.  Cade had his first ride on a Greyhound bus, which went off pretty smoothly, thankfully.  It was actually quite peaceful, just being able to chill out with him in a vehicle, pick him up if he needed soothing, and feed him as need be.

Month 5 saw big changes in regards to Cade’s motor abilities.   Our little baby who just looked around and took in all the new sights now started to physically take in all the new sights, wanting to grab at them and shove them in his mouth.  This happened more so towards the end of the month, and the middle of month 5 saw a huge milestone in the life of Cadester – he started sleeping in his crib at night and during the day for his naps.  One Saturday eve, when Kyle was at soccer, I was lying in bed with my boy attempting to watch some NetFlix and hopefully have him fall asleep next to me.  After 2 hours of him lying there, calm though, he still had not fallen asleep.  That should have been my cue to try the crib, but intead, we persevered and we both eventually dozed off.  The next night, I suggested to Kyle that we should give the crib a try.  We had tried dozens and dozens of times, but Cade was never ready and would scream bloody murder as soon as his head hit the crib, even if he was fast asleep when we put him down.  So, the night of March 20, we went about our evening routine, nurse, bottle, bath, book and bed.  We aimed for a bedtime of 8PM, hoping earlier would mean better chance of crib sleeping success.  Turns out, it may have.  We laid our little guy down, patted his bum, popped the soother in his mouth, and he drifted off.  An hour passed, and Kyle and I were amazed.  Another hour, and same thing.  Granted, we had to get up several times that night to pop the soother back in, he slept in his crib from 8pm – 8:30am, minus getting up to eat two times.   I was curious what the next day’s napping schedule would bring, but it went off without a hitch.  Our boy was READY!  And mama was sad, because it meant no more naptime cuddles or no more bedtime cuddles.  Well, at least not for a little while until he got used to the crib being his bed.  If he wouldn’t have been ready, we wouldn’t have pushed it, but I truly believe it was just ‘his time’ to sleep on his own.

5 months old

I must say that month 5 was full of big things for this little guy.  First off, he decided that everything he saw, he had to touch, attempt to grab, and then shove in his mouth.  This started earlier than month 5, but was really exacerbated in month 5 and taken to a whole new level, and this has just gotten progressively crazier.  I can barely drink a glass of water without him grabbing it out of my mouth and putting it up to his mouth.  Reason #5328573289572389 why I love my boy, because he is hilarious and persistent.  He fights for what he wants.  Atta boy.

Cade had his first taste of ‘solid’ (read: pureed) food on March 29, which was homemade pureed chicken.  Pretty sure more ended up on the bib, on his face, on his hands, and up his nose, than in his mouth, but it was fun and it went well.  He figured out pretty quickly how to open his mouth for the spoon, and in fact, wanted to do it himself, which I partially obliged to until he nearly shoved the spoon down his throat.  After the introduction of chicken went off without a hitch, we proceeded to make some more food and introduce slowly, allowing for a few days in between so as to notice any adverse reactions.  To date, Cade has tasted avocado (loves), sweet potato (loves), beef (meh), carrots (loves), rice cereal (likes quite a bit), banana (loves), as well as small tastes of apples and peaches from using his ‘safe mesh feeder’ where he just sucks on the fruits through a mesh cover, so he can taste the juices.


Cade had his first HUGE shopping trip over the Easter weekend in Edmonton.  I did not expect him to be the trooper that he was (I shouldn’t say that, he is an amazing little boy and I thought things would be ok, but I knew we would be going shopping crazy and I can’t even handle that let alone a 6 month old boy who needs naps and down time more than I do!) but he showed us all up and braved the 9 hour shopping day with all of us, Lily included, since she was puking the night before and the morning of, we didn’t want to leave her alone because we were worried.  So in her travel bag she went, and both the sibs got to hang out with us for the day, checkin’ out West Ed Mall, South Commons and Ikea.  Nine pure hours of shopping and Cadester barely fussed once.  I was seriously amazed but moreso I was proud of my little guy for being such a trooper.  He is a shopper at heart, oh yes he is. Kyle, look out, ’cause now you’ve got two of them.

Cade had his first swimming adventure at the beginning of April, when we went to the Shaw Centre with our little munchkin.  It was super fun, and so nice to be in water with my boys.  Water is so relaxing and so natural, and Cade seemed so comfortable being in it.  He loves his baths, so it only made sense.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the kiddie pool, I think because it was a bit chilly, but he absolutely loved the family hot tub, which was set to bath water temperature, and had jets.   What can I say, I loved it too.


The relationship between Cade and Lily has just continued to grow and grow.  He watches her everywhere she goes, every move she makes, and she is pretty actively into what he’s doing too, but mostly I think because she knows that his spit up makes for good treats for her.  Yup, I know, its not the most pleasant thing ever, but it’s pretty funny.  Lily has come to recognize when we start burping him, that his burps often mean spit up will come, and she is on her toes.  He gives her treats and and he doesn’t even know it.  However, while she loves his spit up, she is not the biggest fan of his grab & ingest behaviours.  She has figured out how to dodge his flailing arms and legs so she doesn’t get booted or grabbed.  The other day, Cade actually got a good grab of Lily’s fur, and while she frantically tried to get away, he pulled tighter, and the menace-like grin and laugh on his face got brighter.  It was quite hilarious, though I felt bad for the little gal.  Once Cade is an appropraite age, I’m excited to teach him how to treat animals and what the correct way to engage with them is.


In April, we made the decision to switch to cloth diapers, based on environmental impact, chemicals in the diapers, as well as finances.  We’re still using disposables as we’re building up our stash of pocket diapers (we’re at 16 now, woo, with 2 diapers from eBay enroute).  Soon, we’ll be able to mostly use cloth, with a few disposables here and there, and do laundry every 2 or 3 days.  We purchased a couple different brands to try, and have purchased a few of one particular brand that we like.  They are so darn cute, and we really feel a lot better about having our babe’s bum draped in chemical-less cloth diapers, and in turn, not throwing out a bajillion diapers that will sit in the landfills.  We’re leaving a legacy behind for our little boy and his grandchildren and so on, I guess you could say.



6 months old

Month 6 has seen Cade develop a growing disinterest in nursing, except for his middle of the night feeds where when Kyle is prepping a bottle, I breast feed my boy.  I am not sure what it is, actually scratch that, I am the mama, I am pretty sure I know what it is, but can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is.  I think it’s more of a combo deal, he knows he gets the bulk of his nourishment via the bottle, which comes out faster, he gets distracted when nursing, and since it’s not constant, fast flow of milk, he is more likely to turn into wandering eyes. 

So 6 months, eh?  Where did the time go, I have no idea.  I couldn’t tell you.  I guess we were busy, though some days I feel like we just did the same thing as the previous thousand days.  It’s all good though, because if I had to choose between doing the same thing over and over by myself or with my babies, I would obviously choose with my babies.  I cannot even verbalize how much I love my boy and how much he has changed my life for the better.  The photo above is one of my favourites, taken today.  It speaks so clearly about our family.  There you have Kyle and I smiling at our boy, who is grabbing for my glasses and Lily, simultaneously, while Lily is barely hanging on, trying to escape from the Wrath of Cade.  I love us and I love what tomorrow will bring.  Happy 6 months, my boy, you are beautiful.  xoxo.

These are a few of Cade’s favourite things…

Month 4

  • Sucking thumb and fingers
  • Rolling over from tummy to back
  • Chillin’ out in my Ergo baby carrier

16 lbs 8 ounces

Month 5

  • Chewing his feet, fingers, toes, and virtually anything he can get his hands on
  • Sofie the Giraffe and Lily are probably his besties
  • Loves his Lamby lovey and Sleep Sheep, they are his sleep companions that replaced mama and dad
  • Solid foods!  Chicken, avocado, rice cereal, sweet potato…

18ish lbs

Month 6

  • Solid foods, more n more… beef, carrots, banana
  • Being busy and never ever sitting still, that is my boy’s main motive right  now
  • Jumping jumping and jumping in his ‘jumperoo’, related to the need to mov
  • Non-stop til-you-drop shopping (okay, maybe not his favourite thing, but he was a trooper, so it kinda counts)

19 lbs 8 ounces and 26 inches


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1/2 – The 1st 3

The first three months of Cade’s life were probably the hardest, most emotionally and physically draining months of my life.  I can’t imagine they were a walk in the park for Cade, either.  I think he struggled immensely with the 4th trimester, and I don’t think my little monkey really loved being apart from this mama.  I don’t blame him, would you?  Cozy, warm, serene, aquatic, and constant nourishment vs. cold, noisy, bright, and a fight to feed.  Take your pick.

Not even 24 hours old

Month 1 was full of excitement and disappointment.  As I’ve been very open about my breastfeeding struggles, that’s where the disappointment enters the picture.  We struggled and struggled, and we tried and tried.  We also persevered, despite an extreme amount of tears, anxiety, and at times, stress.  We battled with silly nursing aids, tubes, syringes, herbs, and medication.  We fought sleep so we could feed constantly.  We had wars with the breast pump that was just oh so mechanical.  In the end, it was far too much, and we switched to a new routine of a nursing session and then a bottle session.  It worked and it’s still working, though my sadness is again coming back for a visit as I sense my boy self-weaning.  That’s another story for another day, though.  Don’t want to get too sad all up in here.

The first 4 days were rough.  My boy was being starved and we didn’t even know it.  Well we did, we knew something was up, and eventually pinpointed it after my boy had lost a ton of weight, did not produce the appropriate wet and dirty diapers, and came down with a nasty case of jaundice.  At that point we had to introduce formula, which was my worst enemy turned… simply just enemy.  We have a love/hate relationship.  My boy was losing weight and was extremely hungry despite constant feeding, so formula was the better option out of starve or formula.  Once he began an appropriate intake of calories, he was happier and did not scream for all hours of the night, every night.  Thank goodness.  I really should have kept track of how much sleep we actually got in those first few days (or weeks, months, even), because I know it was minimal.  There were days where I wondered how we’d survive, and looking back, I’m so proud of all of us for making it through, but mostly Cade.  My little boy persevered, grew, and has kept on growing into such a very content and happy, though sometimes very serious, little man.

Cade loved being swaddled in the first couple of months.  It came down to being the only way he’d sleep, and eventually, one of the only ways he’d sleep.  The other way?  In The Arms.  He was an arms sleeper for probably close to 3 months.  An arms napper and an arms night sleeper.  This made for a very tied down mama and a very tied down daddy.  But even better, it made for a very happy and very secure and loving little boy.  And that’s what really matters when it all comes down to it.  We co-slept from the time Cade was about 6 weeks old up until March 30, so just over 4 months old.  It worked for us – it wasn’t our first plan, but now, I am so glad we did it, and I miss the days of snuggling with my boy.  (Since he’s come down with another cold, the first of which he caught when he was a tiny 5 weeks old, we’ve been doing a lot more snuggling in this household, of which none of us mind one bit.)

1 month old

Cade’s first smile came on December 2, the day before he was 1 month old.  It was not even 7am, and Cade was lying happily in his crib after a feed and a change.  My mom and I were talking to him and he flashed us the most precious little smile ever, he just beamed, which of course made us extremely giddy with delight.  I quickly ran and woke Kyle up, but of course, as Murphy’s Law always wins, when he came to wait for another smile from our little monkey, Cade decided smile time was over.  Sigh.

Cade’s first ‘roll-over’ from tummy to back was on December 27.  Kyle and I witnessed it and of course cheered like it was the greatest thing that we had just witnessed (which at the time, it certainly was.)  After that, he didn’t roll over for a really long time, probably until about 4 months old when he started rolling over lots.  Another milestone for the boy was when he started to ‘talk’ a lot, which was at about 3 months old.  He coo’ed and “yelled”, particularly when he was hungry or tired, he was sure to let us know.  He also would smile tons at his polka dot decals that were above his change table.  He LOVED them and was always looking at them, smiling at them, and occasionally he would “give them a talking to.”

2 months old

Cade and I spent most of our days chilling out at home, since it was often too cold to go for walks.  You know, Saskatchewan winters and all.  We did a lot of playing, a lot of cuddling, and a lot of talking.  We also listened to music every single day, because who wants to watch crappy daytime TV when you can listen to shitty hip hop?  Does it get any better than that?  Oh, I also should mention we did a lot of socializing, and still do.  Being that I’ve got… 2 hands full of mama friends on maternity leave with me, we’re kept busy.  We’ve done lunch dates, coffee dates, “play” (read: mamas talk and babies chill out, mostly sleep) dates, and we also took a ‘Stroller Fitness’ class at the Field House in January, which was super fun, despite Cade’s consistent screaming fits, which resulted in me using our trusty and awesome wrap to participate that way.  We were both much, much happier.  And I was able to keep my sanity!

Starting in January, shortly after Cade was 2 months old, we started a ritual of super late night car rides.  Like, I’m talking at times, 2am car rides.  It was sometimes our only break from screaming, our only chance to talk to one another without Cade crying in between us.  We’d grab a tea and a hot chocolate from TH’s and cruise the quiet city.  It was relaxing, though I have no idea how Kyle managed to do that and get up at 7am for work (luckily since Cade was up all hours, he’d sleep in, and so I did too).  We tried everything to try and combat cryfest 2011.  We switched to lactose free formula and a lactose-free diet for yours truly, we used probiotic drops (BioGaia, I think it actually may have helped), and we also did a nice swaddle-soother-side position-shh’ing white noise-swinging/rocking combination for sleep, which also helped our little one not get so riled up.

January was a tough one, as it often is in terms of anxiety and depression due to horrid temperatures, however, that was coupled with a colicy babe, and a perineum that didn’t want to heal.  It made for a sad and emotionally fragile mama, though with a lot of talking, reading, and writing, those days are mostly behind us.  I cannot believe my little boy is so happy and content.  There were days where I thought, alright, I’ve got a miserable little guy forever, let’s do this.  Fortunately and thankfully I was so wrong and I’m so glad for that.  I have got nothing but a happy little guy.  Heck, he smiles and jumps even when he’s sick.  I can’t top that.  The 5th trimester (‘cept, not really, because it was much smoother) was just that – progressively got easier, less cry-y, and happier overall.  We even got a chance to breathe a couple times!

3 months old

Cade and I are super thankful to our friends and family because they are amazing and helped us to trudge through some of the roughness of the first three months.  We probably only would have scraped by if not for them, but instead, we passed with flying colours.  A support system is a must, people.  I really am clueless how single folks do it, or folks who’ve got simply, no one.  I mean, they do it, and I really ought to give credit where credit is due – PARENTS ARE AWESOME PEOPLE!  They (we) are amazing and we can learn so much and thrive in times of madness, who would’ve thought?

These are a few of Cade’s favourite things…

Month 1:

  • Swaddling, warmth and cuddles
  • Sleeping and eating
  • Music, car rides, and movement
  • Following objects with his eyes

8 lbs 3 ounces

Month 2

  • Sleeping with mommy and daddy
  • The froggy position against mommy or daddy’s chest
  • Car rides, rocking, movement and cuddles
  • The decals on his walls, Lily, and his play mat

12 lbs 13 ounces and 23 inches long

Month 3

  • Strong neck and head support
  • Looking around and checking everything out
  • Eating, eating and more eating
  • 2am car rides to combat non-stop cry fest 2011
  • Sleep Sheep white noise ‘machine’
  • 70’s music station on Galaxie
  • Sleeping only with mama or dad, and napping only with mama or dad

14 lbs

Besties from day 1 (this picture was taken at about 5am)

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Childhood Lists

I was browsing through websites and old pictures, trying to trigger my mind to WRITE, already, damnit – WRITE.  I found this Listography website, with ideas for generating lists, for (I’m assuming) people who don’t feel like generating whole paragraphs of meaningful, thought-induced words.  If you haven’t already figured it out, they’re made for people like me in moods like my current one.

So I found some childhood lists and I found some childhood photos and what goes together better than precisely matched words and snapshots?  The answer is nothing, really.

Kids I Knew

  • I remember in grade 7 or 8 going to school with a guy who was in his 20’s, or so he said.  He also told us he drove to school and since it was an elementary school he said he had to park in the teacher parking lot.  I remember when we had to do our speech project (write a speech about an interest and deliver it to the class) his was really funny but I can’t pinpoint what it was.
  • In elementary school we went to school with a girl who couldn’t play in band because she played the flute or clarinet and whenever she practiced at home it attracted the snakes to their house.  I remember distinctly always thinking this was sad.  And odd.  I didn’t know better at the time.

Games I Played

  • Nicole and I ALWAYS played ‘school.’  We’d take turns being the teacher, and it always went this way: the teacher and the student would always find out they were long-lost cousins, making for a very momentous reunion.
  • I absolutely loved playing ‘house’ and I loved being the teenager who went out and did fun things and went on dates.  When I played Barbies, another childhood fave, I was always the teenager or young adult who dated hot dude Barbies and then made out with them Barbie stiff-body style.

I remember always developing some sort of club in elementary school, clearly inspired by The Babysitters Club.  One club actually lasted fairly long and we had a secretary, treasurer and all.  We brought a couple dollars to each meeting and choreographed a dance for our parents, which we put on in Amanda’s basement.  We ordered pizza with our club earnings, however we didn’t have enough so our parents had to foot the rest of the bill haha.  Also important:  for our dance/club night for our parents, we bought red leggings and white t-shirts with the names of cities on them.  Bizarre. Music I Liked or Remember

  • I LOVED the New Kids on the Block and I remember watching videos where I flipped out after receiving NKOTB memorabilia for a birthday gift.  I think I shrieked and squealed “JOOORDAAAAN!!!!”  He was my favourite.  I had the Jordan Barbie doll which the plastic hair and then the ‘artificial real’ rat’s tail braid hair.  I had NKOTB sheets, NKOTB tapes, NKOTB t-shirt (which OH MAN do I wish I still had) and NKOTB sleeping bag, amongst other things likely.
  • In a lot of my childhood videos, in the background there’s music blasting.  Not blasting, but my parents loved music hence where I get my musical interest from.  So thankful for that.  I know for sure that in one video you can hear Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” and in another video The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian”.  There’s even footage of me dancing in them.  Whoooooah.  And I wasn’t even drunk!

So aside from lists let’s talk about the similarities from childhood me to present me.

Exhibit A: I likely have worn an outfit similar to this, though maybe not so much in the present but a few years ago.  White tights?  Uhm, totally want to score me some of those.  And those bangs I have definitely had within the past two years. Why my now green eyes look so blue, I have no idea.

Exhibit B: I have had fringe/wispy bangs like this in the past couple of years.  All of my hairstyles in present day are subconsciously inspired by pre-school me I’m pretty sure.  And the ribbon in my hair?  Approximately a year ago I bought a ribbon-y type headband from Dollarama because it was cute.  Am I regressing?  No way.

Exhibit C:  NO, not the tube top, though I did rock one in my private backyard for this past tanning season.  I’m talking about the red from head to… well, not toe, booty?  I wore booty shorts as a wee baby?  Too funny.  I loved red from the start apparently.  And I’m sure if some type of shirt came out like this in tank-top style, I’d more than likely wear it.

Exhibit D: PEARL NECKLACE!  Haha.  Starting about 4-5 years ago, I bought cheapy Value Village pearls and loved them.  I still do just don’t wear them as much.  I then branched out and got black ones, however nothing like the true opalescent beige.  When Kyle and I got married, I wore my grandma’s vintage pearl necklace and earrings that she wore when she got married – and now I have inherited this set and wear it frequently.  So so cool.

Exhibit E: Okay, so I TOTALLY wish I could say I still have those popsicle shades or some like it, but I definitely don’t.  Reminder to self: e-bay those babies!  I would most definitely sport those at the beach or while camping.  So hip.  Trendy.  Whatever.  I think though in this picture I was posing and pretending to sleep for the cuteness factor of this picture being snapped.  I’ve done it in the near past when Kyle has been taking a picture of Lily and I.  Or even when Kyle isn’t taking a picture but he comes to bed.  I pretend to sleep to see how sweet and lovely he is to me when he goes to bed.  It’s been confirmed, the answer is VERY SWEET AND LOVELY LOVE IT AW.

Exhibit F: LEGGINGS!  Colourful!  Falling asleep in the middle of something, and I’m certain this wasn’t a fake posed sleeping photo.  Though I’m not so sure I’d dare wear this outfit today, I did recently go through a “wear the craziest wackiest dress you can find phase.”  So, it’s pretty relevant.  And it’s really not far from being realistic the fact that I’m surrounded by music, books, dolls* and stuffed animals* however the doll has now been replaced by Kyle and the stuffed animals by Lily.  Can’t complain.

So as much as my life is different, it’s a lot the same, and it’s interesting to see that 20 some odd years later I’m not THAT much different of a person… but yet I am.  Weird how life works isn’t it.


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A HUGE thank you to Krista @ oceanaria for helping me out with setting up my webpage for selling my photographs and inspiring me to do so. Go check out her amazing prints that she has up for sale! A HUGE thank you as well to Megan @ customacrylics for being a fabulous office buddy and friend and giving me that extra dose of motivation needed to just do it.

So with that being said – please go check out what I’ve put together – if you have questions about anything let me know via e-mail or Facebook or here or whatever is most convenient.  Also – if you want to order a print and it doesn’t need to be shipped, the cost is $15.   And I cannot let it go unnoticed that my partner in life and crime (Kyle, of course) and all things in between has been the solid foundation for me through this and everything.  He even helped me to set up Simpleviewer because my anxiety made it difficult – or should I say lack of patience combined with the most moody time of the month for me made it difficult.

Tell your friends, tell your pets.  This is a new endeavour for me, one that I feel somewhat shy and extremely modest in.  It’s an adventure and I feel excited at starting something new, a new challenge, a new project.  I am all about projects lately and can you tell it’s almost spring?  I am gaining a bit more of my drive back.  Finally.  I was beginning to wonder.



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I’ve been sort of MIA as of late, well as of the last post really.  There’s three main themes to why I’ve been MIA:

1) I got a Wii for my birthday.

2) Lack of motivation/seasonal-induced blahness.

3) Books/dogs/sleep aka, the other stuff that fills my days.

I’m trying to figure out a solid way to sell some prints, an online order form of sorts as Krista did.  I’m going to consult with her regarding her expert creative sales tactics.  I also work with a very positive, very inspirational young woman who has started to sell her artwork and has obviously had an influence on me doing the same.  I’m wondering about this watermark biz – it looks sort of tacky, gawdy, with (c) sprawled all cross the photos.  I am so non-professional about all this selling stuff but I probably am not totally convincing anyone that investing in some of my prints is a great idea, but I promise to you it is.

It’s all about me learning, and I’ve got to start somewhere.  I’m being honest – I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know a whole lot about business ethics/etiquette, but I’m figuring it out.  I want to spread the love, share the joy, and aside from how I already do that (positive nature, compassion, listening), I want to share it on a more universal level, I want to share a piece of me I’ve never really shared before.  Because I’ve been too scared, too afraid of judgment.

I have this vision when it comes to selling photos, promoting my art.  I feel really weird to say ‘my art’ because it’s more of just, this is what I do, this is how I see the world – which I guess essentially is art.  Though to be completely honest I am not entirely sure what art is.  I’m sure that’s an ongoing dialogue based on who you talk to.

Anyway, I envision vintage wood frames with most of my photos – though a plain thick black frame would do as well.  Perhaps a nice thick mat around the photo, to put an emphasis on framing it.  I picture them in offices – to promote a calm energy, a relaxing work environment.  I imagine having an artist statement that captures me, my work and my reason for doing what I do – art-related or not.  I picture business cards, designed by yours truly.  And obviously as a framework, the grounding for what I do, I picture the camera as my eyes, and a fraction of my heart, my soul, as what the camera, my eyes – produces.
PS: The Wii is awesome.  Boxing gives me a workout, Mario is equally fun and frustrating, and I am done with winter and anxiously awaiting spring-like weather so I can go for romantic warm evening walks with my loves in the form of a) human and b) canine.


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Doin’ my thang.

Pretty much a year ago to the date, I created a folder on my computer titled “Photography to Sell” because I was in a mood where I felt motivated and wanted to give the whole doing-my-own-thing project a shot.  Fast forward a year and here I am, not having even touched that folder.  I read Krista’s blog the other day and she totally inspired me because she’s going to sell some of her photography as well.  (PS Go check out her lovely blog/photography/self)  I don’t know if I am stepping on anyone’s toes as far as sales go in the blog world, but I kind of have a If I Don’t Do It Now I Won’t Do It mindset at the moment

So, I’m going to attempt this.  Who knows.  I might be shit out of luck and secretly you’ll all snicker behind my back about what I’m doing.  I really don’t care, I’m doing this for myself not anybody else, right?  Well not entirely, of course.  Not that I wouldn’t love to see some of my photos grace your wall, of course, and share my art times with y’all.  Everyone has got to have some sort of a start.

I did some research on prices, postage, how to send these so the photos won’t get ruined, and I’m going to start out with a price of $20 per 8×10 photo.  That includes shipping, tax, everything.  (If I don’t have to mail it to you, it’s $15) This whole pricing thing feels strange.  Aside from garage sales, I’ve never had to deal with setting prices.  I think that is reasonable as it covers postage, costs for printing at a photography shop here in the city, a wee bit for my time, and then a little wee bit extra.  Either comment or e-mail me at or Facebook me or whatever your preferred communication is and we can set something up.

I have other photos that I haven’t put up yet.  I’m going to start with these 9 – they’re some of my faves.  Happy looking.  For now I’m going to go listen to DJ music with lazers, organs and appropriate beats.  Saturday!


January 23, 2010 at 6:37 pm 2 comments

Time Lapsed.

It’s been a really really long time and I feel like I failed myself and my desire to nurture my creativity.  I want to pursue this, I want this to turn into something.  I just mean something for myself, for my friends, for my family, but yes mostly for me.  Winter has come and it’s lingering around, like that annoying mosquito in the room.  I want it to be gone, I want my drive back.  I want to start this back up again and I haven’t taken any new photos really at all.  I’m lying – I have, but not to the standard that I set for myself when I initially started this blog.  I’m really going to try and I guess I’ll consider this as a second attempt.  Later y’all.  Enjoy the run.

January 8, 2010 at 11:00 am 1 comment

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