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More First World Problemos.

Tired.  Drained.  The season is changing and so my mind is in constant over-drive, needing a shift, wanting a shift, but still being entirely satisfied, not even just content, but happy with my life and the turns it has taken.

These sorts of great feelings though, are obstacles to blogging.  At least blogging late at night.

And those sorts of feelings, are exactly what has inspired this post.

And then I found this on Erin’s pinterest and things just came together nicely, and I thought, you know, this image is all that is really needed:

Very similar to my white whine post from days ago.

What are some things you have thought or said recently, or pretty consistently, that would qualify?  


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Totally did this and did not publish.  Woops.  So I haven’t posted every day but technically I have.  Just not published.  Sigh Sigh.

Anyway this is my favourite treat as of late and is super duper easy and not THAT unhealthy, plus kicks the sweet cravings like that.

*picture stolen from Pinterest, so not my fingers shazam*

Take a banana, cut it in 4-6 chunks, depending on banana size.  Melt about 1/3-2/3 carob or chocolate chips and 1/3-2/3 peanut butter (we used the natural stuff for an extra dose of health.  Roll those bad boy bananas in the delicious melted mix, and then put them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Sprinkle coconut on  top and freeze for an hour-ish.  I read somewhere that the banana would taste like vanilla soft serve and I don’t know if it does or if psychologically I just psyched myself up for that, but, it kind of does.  Magical really.

This would be a good treat for kiddos, adults, and even poochies.  Dunno bout yours, but my canine companion loves bananas, probably her favourite food, as well as for her birthdays we often make her a ‘cake’ with natural peanut butter (just peanuts) and carob in place of chocolate, so this stuff is totally doable.  Birthday banana bites anybody?

Enjoy my friends.

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It’s fall and I need an overhaul.

I saw this lovely idea on Pinterest last night, and since I’m in a “it’s autumn and I need CHANGE” state of mind, of course I
had to do it.  It was simple enough, cheap enough, and just so cute and hip looking that I couldn’t pass it up.
I think these will do for now, but I might want to swap for different pictures, do a bit of a different contrast/light balance
next time around, and what have you.  But I think these will look good above our couch, which is where I’m envisioning
them and so excited to pick them up.  However, the Shoppers photo lab tells me it will be 5-7 days before they area ready.
Seems a bit of a stretch to me, so we’ll see.
I’m seriously finding SO much good stuff on Pinterest.  I highly encourage everyone to at least check it out.  In fact, why
don’t you check out my boards that I’ve got going on.  I haven’t pinned too much stuff yet, but there’s a few neat things
that I am anxious to try.

There’s a couple dressers that we have that are old and I am totally sick of, but it’s not in the cards right now to be buying new stuff.  I’m wondering about somehow refinishing them.  Before I go any further, I will have you know I am totally NOT crafty, like, at all.  I mean, I could be if I actually tried, but I haven’t tried and so I guess I just say I’m not.  However, I’m not, or wasn’t, a runner, either……


My next project I want to attempt is this lovely, minimalistic-inspired wreath that I just think is so cute and trendy

Those adorable white things?  LIMA BEANS!  Glued onto a styrofoam wreath, and then spray-painted so the glue spots are concealed.  You can also use acorns (the beans not the actual acorns) and then the wreath has a brown base.  It would be perfect and adorable for fall.  I’ve always wanted a wreath on my door.

Okay, and one last crafty thing because this looks like something that is doable, easy enough to be successful at, budget-friendly, and… plain and simply awesome.

Using Paint + Glaze To Create an Antique Look

Basically, you can go from this:

To this:

All Things Thrify looks like a fabulous resource for home decor/accessories on a budget.

I’m really craving a thrift store shopping adventure to pick up some items that could possibly transform or that I could possibly transform into something magical.   This places needs a bit of a pick-me-up, and I’d say it’s about a good time for that.  Not only that, but the last time I ventured into a thrift store, I came out with a satin scarf (think: something your great-grandma would wear on her head) that I like to use as a make-shift hairpiece, a shirt that worked for a 1950’s/60’s “outfit” and that could work today too, and some killer wedge espadrille sandals.   I’m in need of some new clothes, and again since we’re talking budget, what better place than a thrift store to find some gently used, nicely broken in, and stylish gear?  I’m trying here, I really am!

Since we’re on the topic of cheapness and home decor, what are your favourite frugal decorating tips?  

















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Top 10 Lists

I’m a huge fan of lists, reading and writing them.  They’re easy to read, easy to write, concise, and to the point.  They’re great for those times when you can only spare a few for a quick update, or you can only spare a few for a quick review on something that doesn’t require more than reading a quick rundown of things.

Can you all help me put together some lists I can do?  I’m all for doing top 10 lists for any and everything as long as I have a wee bit of experience with it and can pull something legit together.  It would be unfair to you and to me for me to whip something up that I am essentially clueless about.

I’ve got a few ideas I could do, and would appreciate some input.  I know this blog doesn’t have a massive fan base like some of the biggies I read, but I do know there are a fair amount of readers each day, so yeah, input?  Muchly appreciated and I will return the favour in one way or another.  And as a disclaimer that really ought to just be obvious enough, these lists would obviously be only in the form of Yours Truly’s humble opinion, not some academic evidence-based researched-the-crap-out-of study.  Ahem.


  • Baby Things
  • Breastfeeding Related Something or Another
  • Easy + Healthy + Wholesome Snacks
  • Ways to Love Yourself and Encourage Self-Respect
  • Bucket List
  • Blogs I <3
I’m feeling at a loss but I’ve always been a fan of lists, even if it is just so much as using bullets for random thoughts in a post.  I’m trying to nail this blog thing down.  It’s something I love.  I spend countless hours perusing blogs online.  It’s what I do.  I don’t watch TV, like, EVER, but instead, I’m a blog fanatic.  I’d love to get this thing off the ground, I just don’t know how.  I don’t really know what it takes or if I even have what it takes.  I know it doesn’t matter, because I’m essentially doing this for myself, but I love to do it for you guys too.  People are reading, I like to keep them entertained, grab them + pull them in, but mostly, keep them reading and reading and reading and sharing.  If you like something, you share it, right?  Maybe not.  Just like I love blogs, I love Facebook, and Pinterest (newfound love affair obsession oh em gee!) and I love to share things.  Social media and social networking is a powerful powerful thing and it is taking this day and age by STORM.  I’ve spent my days fighting against it, I’ve spent too much time wondering why it has to be this way.  Instead, I’d like to join the revolution, reach out to people in this way, and just embrace it.  I can still do things my way, be an individual, and have interests and values that are important to my family and I and still be “plugged in” and “connected” right?  Where am I going with this?  Again, it’s late.
Ok, so.  What are things you’ve Google’d that you would have appreciated just finding a nice, concise, honest top 10 list for instead of thumbing through crappy articles to find a half-ass answer?  

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Okay so last night I talked about a boy that keeps me up all night, and wouldn’t you, as soon as I hit Publish, we were alerted to an awake boy in the next room via… CRYING.  Womp womp.  So that was nearly 1am, and he was up until nearly 4am, on and off, but mostly, on.  Sleep is the hardest thing and because I’m already pushing it in terms of I SHOULD BE IN BED RIGHT NOW, I’m not going to go there right now.  I’m feeling sad right now about formula and how manipulative the companies are and of course reflecting on my love-hate relationship with the stuff.  I’m feeling sad thinking that formula causes my boy intense gas pains that wake him up and throw him into a mad, hard-tummy, bloated, needing to burp, screaming toe-curling scream madness.  I feel sad that formula claims to be age generated what with their ‘follow-up’ formulas, and stage 1, and stage 2, what have you, but HOW can it be, HOW can one type of formula be perfect for a newborn AND a 10 month old, that I just do NOT get.  Argh argh argh.

Moving along now, because if I go there, I will GO there, and I’m not feeling like that’s my best plan of attack for trying to get a decent sleep in tonight.  So for now, I’m going to be light.  Geez, this month thus far has consisted of light hasn’t it?  I guess that’s sometimes what a sleep-deprived mama needs, is some light.


If you join, you should follow me.  I don’t have any boards created or anything pinned yet but I plan to get on it.  Although, I will say, I am slightly fearful of the hold it will have on me, the intensity with which it will consume my boy’s nap-time hours which should be my clean-time hours.   It seems like such a cool, revolutionary online community and I am only a little bit excited by it.

Basically, you find cool stuff online, and instead of simply bookmarking it, you ‘pin’ it and it grabs the photo and the source, and you add a little blurb and stick it onto one of your ‘boards.’  So for example, if I’m into party planning, and I like to read blogs related to this, and I see a really cool cupcake stand or party theme decor and I want to remember it and group it with all my other party related stuff, I would pin the picture, and it would stick it on my board with all of the other neat ideas I’ve found.

*An example of a random Pinterest user’s boards from a Google image search of Pinterest 

SO COOL, and it is just SO fun to look at other people’s boards and what they’ve pinned.  I haven’t played around with it much or browsed the site all that much, but there’s a nice little search bar at the top of the page, and you can put anything in and it will give you a bunch of ‘pins’ people have added to their various boards.  I love it and I think the concept is brilliant.  Why did we not think of this sooner?

So let’s all get Pinterest’ed in this and create some really fun boards.  I think you can even have collaborative boards where more than one person can pin things, and you can re-pin, and comment on people’s pins, etc.  What else is cool about Pinterest that I need to know?



September 4, 2011 at 10:41 pm 2 comments

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