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Mother Nature

I’ve been stumped.  Don’t know what to write.  Don’t want to write.  Writing is boring.  I’m boring.  I’m busy.  I have tons to say.  I have too much to say, where do I begin.  So naturally I took the easy way out and pulled out my inspirational block. I flipped open to one page and the spark word was Conformity.  I decided that wouldn’t work for me.  Perhaps out of spite?  Perhaps.  I randomly flipped the pages again and came to a topic which caught my interest, and that was Write about your most intimate experience with Mother Nature. Ahhh, perfect.  Spring is just around the corner and all I want to do is be outside and hence my memories are tied to those when I was outside.  This topic couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

In September of 2007, Kyle took me to Wanuskewin Heritage Park as I had never been there and he spent the summer there doing an Archaeological Field School.  It was the most perfect day for us to explore the park – the sun was shining, there was a very light breeze, and the sky was a brilliant sort of blue.  Kyle was Mr. Expert on the sites and history of the park.  He showed me buffalo kill sites, the medicine wheel, and the site where they did their digs and found various tools and bones.  We walked throughout the whole park, breathing in the amazing air that floated amongst the trees, plants, and pre-contact sites of the Plains People.  He took me up a hill – an incline at the time of which I cursed silently – and we stood on the edge of the cliff and took in the breath taking panoramic prairie view.  We had a random take a photo of us – and interestingly enough we used it on our wedding invitations.

Throughout the couple of hours that we spent at the park, I remember feeling at ease, peaceful, and for some reason – nostalgic.  Not that I had any memory of living on the land – but it was like I could feel the energies of those that did.  I remember thinking how connected to the land people were (and still are – just not exactly here) and how they lived off of it so gracefully.  I remember thinking about how in certain First Nations cultures women are considered extremely powerful when they are menstruating, and in some cultures are separated from the rest of their family and community when they are on their moon time.  It is not proper for them to cook, prepare food, smudge or exert themselves in any way (cleaning, etc.) as they are seen as too powerful and sacred.

I remember being on my moon time when we went to Wanuskewin, and I remember feeling deeply connected to the site and to the energies that I felt at the park.  I remember being thoroughly present in nature and in my relationship with myself and with Kyle.  I remember sitting on the cliff, talking about our hopes and dreams and goals.  I remember planning our wedding – how we wanted that ever so sacred day to play out, and at that point establishing that we wanted part of it to be outside because we are so connected to the earth and in turn, to each other.

“Traditionally, the Moontime is the sacred time of woman when she is honored as a Mother of the Creative Force. During this time she is allowed to release the old energy her body has carried and prepare for reconnection to the Earth Mother’s fertility that she will carry in the next Moon or month. Our Ancestors understood the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of reconnection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility… Women honor their sacred path when they acknowledge the intuitive knowing inherent in their receptive nature. In trusting the cycles of their bodies and allowing the feelings to emerge within them, women have been Seers and Oracles for their tribes for centuries” (



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Dog Park Picture Praise Post.

I never grew up with pets (aside from a black fish that we named ‘Blackie’ whom died during a convenient Fish ‘n’ Chips meal, not even joking – I wish I was).  Getting Lily was somewhat of a spur of the moment event in our lives.  I remember we decided on a Wednesday we were going to be getting her, and we got her on a Sunday.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent scouring the Internet for tips on welcoming a new puppy into the home, how to crate train puppies, and what kind of food our dog should be eating.  Sunday, we cleaned the house so it was spic and span for our new member of the family, and by cleaned I do indeed also mean puppy proofed.
Looking back, I knew next to nothing about raising a dog.  I wasn’t quite sure how to enforce rules, even though when we got her she was under 2 lbs.  After we got Lily, I read 3 Cesar Millan books, following every word of his like he was royalty, or some spiritual being.  I’ve learned tons about dog psychology – but I still feel like I know nothing.  It’s a huge topic and I am constantly craving to know more.  For somebody who is so into how human beings work and develop relationships, it doesn’t really come as any sort of surprise that I feel the same way about our next best friends – the trusty and ever so loyal canines.

The bond between human and dog is obviously a profound one.  How many people grew up with dogs and went on to be dog owners themselves?  It’s incredible.  I never understood this bond either until we got Lily.  At first, I think I likely made a tiny mistake of humanizing her into my “cute little baby.”  But really, with that face, that’s one of the hardest things.  EVER.  The most fascinating thing to me is the amount of trust she placed in us and us in her.  It’s amazing to be at the dog park or somewhere new to her, and have her come bolting up to us and gently take her place behind us, her confident pack leaders.  She knows where to seek comfort, she knows where to seek shelter, and she knows where to seek food – the basics for survival.  This to me is incredible and so very, very beautiful.

In reading Cesar (and various other articles in regards to dog training, dog psychology, energies) I can respect this bond so much more when I allow myself to treat her as a dog and not as the “cute little baby.”  Deep down she may be that “cute little baby” (c’mon – let’s face it) but in order for her to feel comfortable, confident, and respect us as her pack leaders, we can’t treat her as one.  It’s been very beneficial for Kyle, Lily and I to realize this, and to live our lives accordingly.  It has only increased and intensified the bond that we all have, and helped to further build the trust upon which our relationship was created.


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On January 1, 2010, I started a very thorough, detailed journal.  I have been noting when I go to bed, when I wake up, what foods I eat, a brief outline of what I did that day, and a longer blurb about my overall moods (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) experienced that day.  I will also be charting when the new moon/full moon occurs and when the first day of my menstrual cycle is.  I want to attempt to recognize solid patterns – the patterns that make up my whole entire being.  I want to see at what point in the month am I intellectually the sharpest.  I want to understand which foods affect my gut-rot.  I want to know when my creativity and spirituality is being thoroughly nurtured and fueled.  I already am quite aware of my menstrual cycle but I want to be able to understand how it is interconnected with every other part of my being and with the lunar cycle as well.  At this point it’s fairly trial and error – I’m seeing what works for me.  In a month I may think this is stupid and abandon all pen and paper activities related to thorough journaling.  Or, the better option of the two, I will realize how beneficial this is to me and my relationships with others.  I kind of have this thing where I suck at sticking to habits, and I know that’s because I lack motivation after something becomes “boring” – it’s similar to why I cannot watch stand-up comedy and why shiny squishy things are sometimes EXTREMELY interesting.

And on that note, with my whole new journaling endeavours as well as my renewed commitment to this blog, I have decided that this is connected to my journal which is connected to me.  And so photos and words it is.


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the only good thing about the impending winter season.


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a visual.


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symmetrical shoes.


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summer peeking trees.


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