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Not trendy.

I wouldn’t say my clothes are super ugly or anything, but I am totally out of the what is nice what is trendy what are the hot looks loop.  I feel like I haven’t bought myself new clothes in a very long time, and to sum it up, I kinda feel a bit like a slob.  I also feel like it is finally time to ditch the skinny jeans and find something a bit more flattering.  Oui?

Ok wait, wait wait waaaait.  Before I go any further, can I preface this post with a Hold Up, this may be kind of materialistic (again) and righteous and greedy and so extremely self-absorbed (most blogs are?) and judgey-based?  Okay there I did anyway.  Disclaimer is out there, moving along now.

When I go out in public, I don’t want to look like a slob.  I don’t want to look like one of those I became a parent and now I don’t take care of myself folk.  And we all have seen some of those, and I’m sure they are great amazing super nice people and all but… I like to feel good about myself and I like to look nice and those two for me, go hand in hand.  And lately, well that feeling ain’t always right there for me.  It’s spring, and with weather changes and scenic changes comes me wanting to change my whole look.  I want something drastic.  I want to get rid of all of my clothes and start from scratch, although financially that is not going to happen right now.  I want different hair (thankfully a haircut today will half solve that) and I am sick of having black hair except I am a little tiny bit attached to my black hair.  I’ve always known that hair dye is bad news in terms of chemicals, cancer, toxins and what have you, but after having a clear visual of it on this website, I am paranoid and scared to dye my hair again and am thinking of trying out the henna hair dye from Lush. Or else just going au naturel, though that totally results in super ugly hair for awhile, which will not help in the feeling un-slobbish department.  Though it is summer and I can rock a hat oh yes I can.  And I am on maternity leave so I don’t have to be TOTALLY presentable all the time, really.

Oh yes, and the clothes issue.  I need new clothes, need need need.  I barely have any summer stuff and a girl needs summer stuff, whatever that stuff may consist of.  Again, I have no idea what I should be wearing, what are the hot looks, what are the amazing looks that will flatter my body.  Can someone help me and be my personal dresser and style adviser, please and thank you?

My son totally dresses way better than I do.  I can dress boys but I can’t dress myself?  That is downright pathetic.

What are your favourite looks for spring and summer?

I don’t really have a problem with shoes in the summer, thank god.  I sport my Birkenstocks all summer long, day in and day out.  I live in them and couldn’t be happier.  I think they are a timeless piece in my wardrobe and I will continue to buy them until the day I die.  Occasionally I will toss on a pair of flats, but the comfort factor of some flats just isn’t there.   Though I will say flats are a necessity in my wardrobe, especially for spring and fall.  Summer is time to air out the feet and the toesies (oh god I have clearly been spending most of my days speaking to an infant).

I read somewhere that the capris trend this summer is more like a ‘flood pants’ trend and capris are supposed to be worn longer to be more trendy.  Might as well jeans then, no?  I don’t want to say I am only all about trends, because as the topic suggests, I am not really a ‘trendy’ person.  I sort of just do my own thing.  I like to have some trends but then throw my own ideas into the mix, so I guess I just need a few staple items that will work well for me.

And I’m rambling.  And I suppose this is a good time to say goodbye.  That and I can hear my my precious little boy waking up.  Can’t wait to go and be greeted by those cute little nap-warmed flush cheeks.  Such love.


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A Boy & His Bestie.

I’ve written about Lily and I’ve written about Cade, but I haven’t really touched on the two of them together, as a team, a unit, a companionship.  It is absolutely precious and sweet and I need to write about it because tonight really clarified in my mind what their relationship is about, or has been about up to this point.

These two little monkeys have a very special effect on one another.  That effect is the Calming Effect.  Just like soothing, swaddling, swaying, and shh’ing noises are said to activate the calming reflex in babies, I do believe that Lily and Cade activate that calming reflex in each other. 

Tonight, as usual, we were all eating together at the table as a family (typical picture: Kyle and I across from each other, Cade in his high chair at the ‘head’ of the table, and Lily somewhere on the floor waiting for any food that may fall, particularly Cade’s pureed chicken).  Cade started to get irritated (tired, annoyed, wanting to move around I think) and so Kyle got up to start the bath.  Cade was fussing about, making noises, and just seeming really annoyed.  Lily hopped up on Kyle’s chair (because she is a person, clearly) and the moment Cade caught sight of her, he basically froze, stopped making any fussing noises, and just watched her and stared at her, with the calmest most content look on his face ever. 

I said to Kyle, “come look at this, they have such a calming effect on each other.”  And of course, he agreed, because they totally do.  From when we brought Cade home from the hospital, Lily has been in love with him.  Before we brought him home, we had my mom bring back a little hat that Cade had worn when he was first born.  It had his scent on it, and we wanted Lily to get used to this new little person’s scent.  I never saw how Lily reacted to the hat, but my mom and Kyle did, and she was enthralled with it.  She didn’t rough house it, but she was sniffing it and pawing at it constantly.  When it was put up on the table, she was crying at the table, because she knew it was up there and she wanted it.  When Kyle and I came home from the hospital, we had a strategic plan to introduce Lily and Cade to one another.  We had picked up special treats for Lily and a special bone, and we gave her lots of affection, praise and treats when she would come by Cade and be a ‘good girl.’  When we brought Cade in the house and he was still in his car seat, Lily was a little bit skeptical.  Every time he flinched, she had a bit of a freak out and backed up quickly, growling as she did this.  It didn’t take long though, and she was wanting to be near him all the time.  In the first couple weeks, she would constantly jump up to be by us while I was breast feeding him, and she often would sit on the nursing pillow, or right beside us.  It was too precious for words.

As Cade has grown, Lily has become that much more accustomed to having him around.  She spends a lot of time in front of the heater in his room, and if I am changing him or playing with him in his crib, she is jumping up on my leg and scratching at me, because she wants to come up and see him.  That sometimes doesn’t last long, as he has started to grab for her fur and face, and kick and flail his legs around, and if she is in the crib with him or on his change table, she is likely to get booted in the face, at which point she looks at me as if to say, “what the hell did you bring me up here for, GET ME DOWN.”   Not only that, but I think Lily loves having Cade and I at home with her all day long.  We’re good company, and now that it’s nice out, we’re good walking partners for her, too, and her for us. 

Cade has become so much more interested in Lily as he is getting older.  If we’re playing or chattering away and Lily walks by (which she typically does because wherever Cade and I are, she is right there, proof is in the pictures – she’s either right there or lurking in the background), Cade just watches her every move, and starts to reach for her.  It is so very sweet and it makes me so excited for him to grow up with a puppy and for her to grow up with a baby-toddler-child.   Lily has just become this super obedient pooch (most of the time, except when she goes into stubborn mode, which is often actually seeing as she totally as a mind of her own, love my babes to be assertive).  And don’t get me wrong, she has always been a really good dog, but she’s just calm, and part of that could be that she is getting older, but still she is a youngun, full of energy and spunk.  I really truly do think that Cade’s spirit is so wonderful and positive, that it calms her right down and keeps her in check.  And I think that the same goes for Lily’s effect on Cade.  It works both ways and I love it.

I cannot wait for these two stinkerbums to grow old together.  I never grew up with a pet and so I think this is a very special bond that I am very excited to see develop more and more.  Lily is protective but not over-protective.  When Cade was colicky and cried a lot, Lily would always look at me when he was having a crying spell, all like, “DO SOMETHING!”  I think that she ‘gets it’ to the degree that she can, as a dog, one who does not speak english but understands it to a point.  I think that she does see Cade was a pack leader, at least partially.  I am looking forward to teaching Cade how to treat animals, and what better way to teach him than to have a built-in guinea pig who will be such a very good teacher as well?  I am looking forward to the days when Lily will likely bed-hop from our bed, to Cade’s little toddler bed, snuggled up with him until she has to go out to pee and will hopefully know best to wake us rather than Cadester.  I am excited for Cade to be sooo excited to see HIS puppy Lily, and maybe not be able to quite pronounce the tricky “Lily” sound at first.  I can’t wait for the puppy hugs and kisses that Lily will give to Cade, and Cade will graciously receive.  I am so excited to see these two grow up together, to see the lessons that Cade and Lily learn from each other, and the lessons that Kyle and I learn from having a little boy grow up with his best friend.

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Mother Nature

I’ve been stumped.  Don’t know what to write.  Don’t want to write.  Writing is boring.  I’m boring.  I’m busy.  I have tons to say.  I have too much to say, where do I begin.  So naturally I took the easy way out and pulled out my inspirational block. I flipped open to one page and the spark word was Conformity.  I decided that wouldn’t work for me.  Perhaps out of spite?  Perhaps.  I randomly flipped the pages again and came to a topic which caught my interest, and that was Write about your most intimate experience with Mother Nature. Ahhh, perfect.  Spring is just around the corner and all I want to do is be outside and hence my memories are tied to those when I was outside.  This topic couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

In September of 2007, Kyle took me to Wanuskewin Heritage Park as I had never been there and he spent the summer there doing an Archaeological Field School.  It was the most perfect day for us to explore the park – the sun was shining, there was a very light breeze, and the sky was a brilliant sort of blue.  Kyle was Mr. Expert on the sites and history of the park.  He showed me buffalo kill sites, the medicine wheel, and the site where they did their digs and found various tools and bones.  We walked throughout the whole park, breathing in the amazing air that floated amongst the trees, plants, and pre-contact sites of the Plains People.  He took me up a hill – an incline at the time of which I cursed silently – and we stood on the edge of the cliff and took in the breath taking panoramic prairie view.  We had a random take a photo of us – and interestingly enough we used it on our wedding invitations.

Throughout the couple of hours that we spent at the park, I remember feeling at ease, peaceful, and for some reason – nostalgic.  Not that I had any memory of living on the land – but it was like I could feel the energies of those that did.  I remember thinking how connected to the land people were (and still are – just not exactly here) and how they lived off of it so gracefully.  I remember thinking about how in certain First Nations cultures women are considered extremely powerful when they are menstruating, and in some cultures are separated from the rest of their family and community when they are on their moon time.  It is not proper for them to cook, prepare food, smudge or exert themselves in any way (cleaning, etc.) as they are seen as too powerful and sacred.

I remember being on my moon time when we went to Wanuskewin, and I remember feeling deeply connected to the site and to the energies that I felt at the park.  I remember being thoroughly present in nature and in my relationship with myself and with Kyle.  I remember sitting on the cliff, talking about our hopes and dreams and goals.  I remember planning our wedding – how we wanted that ever so sacred day to play out, and at that point establishing that we wanted part of it to be outside because we are so connected to the earth and in turn, to each other.

“Traditionally, the Moontime is the sacred time of woman when she is honored as a Mother of the Creative Force. During this time she is allowed to release the old energy her body has carried and prepare for reconnection to the Earth Mother’s fertility that she will carry in the next Moon or month. Our Ancestors understood the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of reconnection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility… Women honor their sacred path when they acknowledge the intuitive knowing inherent in their receptive nature. In trusting the cycles of their bodies and allowing the feelings to emerge within them, women have been Seers and Oracles for their tribes for centuries” (


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a visual.


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i hate mondays.


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