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1) Every Sunday, I will post an answer to a question from a reader.   You can ask me questions on Facebook or by commenting on my blog.  The question I choose will be random – I will put the questions in a hat and pick one out; that will be the question I answer.

2) Once I answer a question, I will visit your blog or your Facebook and ask you a question in return.  I will also link to your blog when I write the answer to the question you asked.

3) I don’t know if this is exactly a rule, but I will encourage my regular readers who have blogs to also participate on Snoopy Sundays.  Let’s make this fun, shall we.

4) Questions can be relating to anything, although try to keep it somewhat appropriate.  I cannot police how you interpret appropriate, so be nice.

This question again comes from Elizabeth (c’mon people!  ASK ME STUFF! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOWWWW!) What childhood memories are you excited to share with Cade when he’s old enough?

This is a tough question because there are so many awesome things about my childhood that I want to do with Cade.  I don’t know if there is one or if there are a couple that really stand out, because honestly, there were a lot of things in my childhood that I am excited to pass on to Cade.  I remember being a child and having my grandparents take us around driving to look at the Christmas lights every Christmas.  We would usually get a hot chocolate or a sundae or some other treat from Mc.Donald’s, and then we’d cruise around Yorkton, checking out the festive lights.  As we got older, we complained about going, but looking back now, what a beautiful time to bond with our grandparents that was.

We spent a lot of time out at Good Spirit Lake camping when I was younger, and I definitely want Cade to remember days of ‘growing up at the lake.’  As we got older, in the evenings, I would walk around with our other family friends’ kids that we typically camped with.  We’d think it was so cool to walk to the beach at night, and meet up with other kids our age.  It was so much fun and there is nothing quite like walking on a beach at night, smelling the crisp air and campfires.

Another memory that seems somewhat trivial but I remember it so very clearly, is how when I was a bit older, (10ish maybe?) our family started this Friday night routine.  Every Friday night our family and another family (the one we always camped with) would go to Bonanza for supper, and then we would end up at either our house or their house.  The adults would sit around and visit and do whatever adults do, and us kids (their 2 girls, my brother and myself) would all play video games, board games, hide and seek, ‘house’, Barbies, watch movies, etc.  It was super fun and we’d usually end up falling asleep and then our parents would carry us out to the vehicle.  It was nice looking forward to that every Friday.

Okay and one more memory – I loved having a bunch of built-in neighbourhood friends!  That was the best, and we lived on a fairly quiet crescent and so we were able to always be playing outside in the summer and winter.  Winter we’d build forts and play street hockey, and summer we would play kick the can, ride bikes, play street hockey, and hide and seek.  My favourite was getting a ton of people together outside and playing hide and seek.  This was always awesome when we’d have birthdays in the summer for my brother – his birthday month is May – because our family would be over and then that just means more people!  I would love to live on a small, quiet street where there are other young families so that Cade has nearby friends and they can do these kinds of fun things.   I’m sure it is a little bit different in this generation and being in a bigger city, but I see some children on our street who are always playing outside together and it just takes me back to when I was that age.  So much fun.

Okay, ONE more memory!  I always remember having super fun birthday parties.  I don’t remember what we did for each year, but they were always fun and everyone always had a good time.  Also related to this, I remember having ‘year-end’ parties in grade 6 and 7 I do believe.  It was super fun and it was tradition for my friends to bring their books over and we’d have a big bonfire and rip them all up and burn them.  Honestly, I don’t remember what else we did at the year-end parties, but I remember having lots of people over for them and again, them being a good time.  I’d love to do this for Cade when he’s older, but I feel like it may be different for girls and boys.  I hope he is not embarassed of us as his parents and lets us do these kinds of things for him!

Remember to post more questions so that I at least have A question for next Sunday!  xoxo!


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Childhood Lists

I was browsing through websites and old pictures, trying to trigger my mind to WRITE, already, damnit – WRITE.  I found this Listography website, with ideas for generating lists, for (I’m assuming) people who don’t feel like generating whole paragraphs of meaningful, thought-induced words.  If you haven’t already figured it out, they’re made for people like me in moods like my current one.

So I found some childhood lists and I found some childhood photos and what goes together better than precisely matched words and snapshots?  The answer is nothing, really.

Kids I Knew

  • I remember in grade 7 or 8 going to school with a guy who was in his 20’s, or so he said.  He also told us he drove to school and since it was an elementary school he said he had to park in the teacher parking lot.  I remember when we had to do our speech project (write a speech about an interest and deliver it to the class) his was really funny but I can’t pinpoint what it was.
  • In elementary school we went to school with a girl who couldn’t play in band because she played the flute or clarinet and whenever she practiced at home it attracted the snakes to their house.  I remember distinctly always thinking this was sad.  And odd.  I didn’t know better at the time.

Games I Played

  • Nicole and I ALWAYS played ‘school.’  We’d take turns being the teacher, and it always went this way: the teacher and the student would always find out they were long-lost cousins, making for a very momentous reunion.
  • I absolutely loved playing ‘house’ and I loved being the teenager who went out and did fun things and went on dates.  When I played Barbies, another childhood fave, I was always the teenager or young adult who dated hot dude Barbies and then made out with them Barbie stiff-body style.

I remember always developing some sort of club in elementary school, clearly inspired by The Babysitters Club.  One club actually lasted fairly long and we had a secretary, treasurer and all.  We brought a couple dollars to each meeting and choreographed a dance for our parents, which we put on in Amanda’s basement.  We ordered pizza with our club earnings, however we didn’t have enough so our parents had to foot the rest of the bill haha.  Also important:  for our dance/club night for our parents, we bought red leggings and white t-shirts with the names of cities on them.  Bizarre. Music I Liked or Remember

  • I LOVED the New Kids on the Block and I remember watching videos where I flipped out after receiving NKOTB memorabilia for a birthday gift.  I think I shrieked and squealed “JOOORDAAAAN!!!!”  He was my favourite.  I had the Jordan Barbie doll which the plastic hair and then the ‘artificial real’ rat’s tail braid hair.  I had NKOTB sheets, NKOTB tapes, NKOTB t-shirt (which OH MAN do I wish I still had) and NKOTB sleeping bag, amongst other things likely.
  • In a lot of my childhood videos, in the background there’s music blasting.  Not blasting, but my parents loved music hence where I get my musical interest from.  So thankful for that.  I know for sure that in one video you can hear Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” and in another video The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian”.  There’s even footage of me dancing in them.  Whoooooah.  And I wasn’t even drunk!

So aside from lists let’s talk about the similarities from childhood me to present me.

Exhibit A: I likely have worn an outfit similar to this, though maybe not so much in the present but a few years ago.  White tights?  Uhm, totally want to score me some of those.  And those bangs I have definitely had within the past two years. Why my now green eyes look so blue, I have no idea.

Exhibit B: I have had fringe/wispy bangs like this in the past couple of years.  All of my hairstyles in present day are subconsciously inspired by pre-school me I’m pretty sure.  And the ribbon in my hair?  Approximately a year ago I bought a ribbon-y type headband from Dollarama because it was cute.  Am I regressing?  No way.

Exhibit C:  NO, not the tube top, though I did rock one in my private backyard for this past tanning season.  I’m talking about the red from head to… well, not toe, booty?  I wore booty shorts as a wee baby?  Too funny.  I loved red from the start apparently.  And I’m sure if some type of shirt came out like this in tank-top style, I’d more than likely wear it.

Exhibit D: PEARL NECKLACE!  Haha.  Starting about 4-5 years ago, I bought cheapy Value Village pearls and loved them.  I still do just don’t wear them as much.  I then branched out and got black ones, however nothing like the true opalescent beige.  When Kyle and I got married, I wore my grandma’s vintage pearl necklace and earrings that she wore when she got married – and now I have inherited this set and wear it frequently.  So so cool.

Exhibit E: Okay, so I TOTALLY wish I could say I still have those popsicle shades or some like it, but I definitely don’t.  Reminder to self: e-bay those babies!  I would most definitely sport those at the beach or while camping.  So hip.  Trendy.  Whatever.  I think though in this picture I was posing and pretending to sleep for the cuteness factor of this picture being snapped.  I’ve done it in the near past when Kyle has been taking a picture of Lily and I.  Or even when Kyle isn’t taking a picture but he comes to bed.  I pretend to sleep to see how sweet and lovely he is to me when he goes to bed.  It’s been confirmed, the answer is VERY SWEET AND LOVELY LOVE IT AW.

Exhibit F: LEGGINGS!  Colourful!  Falling asleep in the middle of something, and I’m certain this wasn’t a fake posed sleeping photo.  Though I’m not so sure I’d dare wear this outfit today, I did recently go through a “wear the craziest wackiest dress you can find phase.”  So, it’s pretty relevant.  And it’s really not far from being realistic the fact that I’m surrounded by music, books, dolls* and stuffed animals* however the doll has now been replaced by Kyle and the stuffed animals by Lily.  Can’t complain.

So as much as my life is different, it’s a lot the same, and it’s interesting to see that 20 some odd years later I’m not THAT much different of a person… but yet I am.  Weird how life works isn’t it.


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a prairie winter afternoon.


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